Solving QuickBooks Problems on 64 bit Vista

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If you are trying to run QuickBooks on a 64 bit version of Microsoft Vista you will most likely run into problems. In this article I’ll show you how to get around the most common problem – QuickBooks crashing when you reconcile or send forms by email. This article was updated on 3/24/2009, with significant changes from earlier revisions.

Note that this article addresses issues specifically in the 64 bit version of Vista – if you are having similar problems with Windows XP or 32 bit Vista this information won’t apply. We also are not addressing issues of using QuickBooks 2006 or older versions on Vista – that is another issue entirely. And, finally, note that this article has been revised multiple times – as we learn more, and as Intuit makes changes – so some of the earlier comments that people make might not make sense (as they refer to older revisions of the article.

Update 01/04/2010 – if you have QuickBooks 2009 R10 (or later) or QuickBooks 2010 R4 (or later) another problem is introduced relating to PDF drivers – with a different fix. See this article for details.

Update 12/6/2012: See this article on QuickBooks and PDF drivers for the LATEST NEWS on how to fix PDF problems.

Problems with PDF’s

QuickBooks saves a number of things in PDF format. Two common places (there are others) are when you email an invoice or other form (the invoice is saved as a PDF attachment to the message) and when you reconcile your bank accounts (the reconciliation reports are saved as PDF’s). QuickBooks uses a PDF “driver” that they install in your system that handles the conversion to a PDF file.

The problem is, the driver that Intuit has included in QuickBooks is designed for 32 bit systems, and on many 64 bit systems this driver fails. There are a variety of symptoms depending on how your computer is set up. The most common symptom is that QuickBooks would just freeze when you reconcile an account or email a form. Some people may see different errors.

I’ll outline several ways of fixing this problem. You may find that one method works when the other doesn’t. ALSO note that for each of these methods, installing an update to QuickBooks will usually bring back the problem and you’ll have to do it over again. Last Minute Note – if you have QB Pro/Premier 2009 (US) or Enterprise 9, the “R7” update being released the week of March 23 is fixed so that it will NOT bring back the problem!

QuickBooks has published a Knowledge Base article about this in their support web site – article 1007856. This KB article changes periodically as they refine their answer, and if you go there you may see some slightly different information (it is hard to keep up with their changes). The information I have below is illustrated with screen shots and perhaps a bit easier to follow. In addition, I’ve come across some variations that they might not describe.

So let’s start with some notes and comments:

  • If you have installed QuickBooks 2007 on the computer, and then either QuickBooks 2008 or 2009, there is a conflict between the versions. If you have this situation see Intuit Knowledgebase article 1011094.
  • If you are using the FaxTalk Communicator software you will find a conflict with QuickBooks. The solution is to remove this software.
  • Intuit’s solution has you start off by doing a “repair” of your QuickBooks installation. For most situations I’ve found that this is not necessary. The problem is not a damaged installation, it is an improperly installed driver (the “repair” will reinstate the error). However, if you want to do this, see KB article 1010399.
  • These steps will not work if you are using QuickBooks 2006 or older. Those programs are not Vista compatible and you will have multiple problems with them on Vista.

What is Intuit Recommending Today?

This is very confusing to me! Their recommendations seem to be changing daily – and I’m having a hard time keeping up. My article here might not be in synch with their recommendations, as I don’t check their KB article every day. Also, I’ve found that sometimes they publish a fix, then they remove it when they find that there are other problems.

I also have found that some of their explanations don’t always work for all users (which is probably more an issue with Vista than Intuit). I list two methods below.

Method 1 is a minor variation of what QuickBooks has recommended for most of the year. However, on March 11 2009 they replaced their recommendation with a different approach, which I outline  (which I refer to as Method 2 here). Then, on March 13 2009 they removed that updated method, and restored the Method 1 approach on their web site. I believe that they will be putting Method 2 back on the web site again very soon.

Over the past few months my description of Method 2 has changed. This involved downloading a new driver. Prior to March 2009 I had people downloading a driver that was posted by Ben Gomez, and Intuit employee, in the Intuit Community forum (thanks, Ben!). In March Intuit posted a new driver and method in their KB article,with a more up to date driver (the first was version 2.51, the second was version 3.03). This approach worked for some people when Method 1 didn’t work. Then, in the middle of March, Intuit removed this driver and went back to a variation of the older method (Method 1, essentially). I’m not sure why. LATEST NEWS – I received another updated driver, which I’m posting here – at this time (March 24) it hasn’t been posted yet, but I believe it will be there soon. My thanks to Alex Wall for his help with this.

Solving the Problem: Method 2

Why am I starting with “Method 2” – because originally this was NOT my recommended method, but with the latest update I recommend that you start with this. I’m keeping the same “method” numbering so that the comments that people added in the past continue to make sense. Start with Method 2.

Please note that this method may only work with QuickBooks 2008 and 2009, and Enterprise 8.0 and 9.0. If you have the 2007 version (or Enterprise 7.0) you should probably use Method 1 as described later.

Run this procedure when you are logged in to your computer with administrator rights.

Download an updated PDF driver from this link:

Save this to your computer, perhaps on your desktop, or your My Documents folder. Run the program – this is a “zipped” file, you want to click the “unzip” button. It will create a folder in the location you choose (usually attached to the folder you saved the downloaded file to). This is the 3.03 version of the Amyuni driver.

Open that folder, run the Install.exe program that you find there. This will install a new driver.

When the install is complete and you click “OK” you may get a Vista warning saying that the installation might not have installed correctly. Just click the button that says the program installed correctly (or the “cancel” button).

REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER at this point. If you don’t, the changes might not be fully implemented, and QuickBooks might still not work correctly.

This is supposed to be all that you need to do (although you should check the Adobe note that I have added to the end of this article). However, I found that there were still some problem sin my system, that can easily be fixed.

Select the Control Panel from your Windows menu.

Select Printers from the Control Panel.

Note that the QuickBooks PDF Converter may be selected as the default printer. This is a problem.


Right click on the correct printer and select it as the default printer. Anything but the PDF Converter!

That should take care of the problems. If not, review the next section, Method 1, which takes a manual approach to resolving things.

Solving the Problem – Method 1

This is the original Intuit recommended method, and is still the method you should use if you have QuickBooks 2007. For later versions I recommend trying Method 2 first.

We will create a new local printer port and attach the PDF driver to that port. Please note that you need adminstrative rights to the computer system. Most people find that this works very well, but Vista is a very tricky operating system and this method doesn’t work for everybody.

  1. Log in to your Vista system as a user with administrative rights.
  2. Select the Control Panel from your Windows menu.
  3. Select Printers from the Control Panel.
  4. Locate the QuickBooks PDF Converter in the printer list, right click on it to get a menu, select Run as administrator, and then select Properties.
  5. In the Properties window, select the Ports tab, then click the Add Port button.
  6. Select Local Port and click the New Port button.
  7. Enter PDF1 for the new port name, and click OK, then close the Printer Ports window. PLEASE NOTE – the recommendation that I give above worked for me, and has worked for MANY people. However, the latest notes from Intuit have changed this and they now recommend using NUL: as the port name. This should not make a difference. However, one person (that I know of) was having trouble with the standard recommendations I make here, and changed several steps. The changes worked, but it isn’t clear which of the changes made a difference. ONE of those changes was to use NUL: as the port name, and the”:” at the end of the name was important. Again, I didn’t need to do this, but it may make a difference for you.
  8. Check the box by thePDF1 port then select the Advanced tab.
  9. Select the Amyuni Document Converter 300 from the Driver dropdown box. The Print directly to the printer option is selected, which hides a feature you must change. Select Spool print documents and then un-check the Enable advanced printing features box.
  10. Select Print directly to the printer again. Click Apply and then OK.
  11. In the Printer window of the Control Panel make sure that the proper printer driver is selected as the “default” – not the QuickBooks PDF Converter. This is a step that Intuit left out in their article.
  12. Reboot your computer – the changes won’t take effect until you do.

For most systems this will resolve the problem and you will be able to reconcile and email. However, in some cases you may find that you need to clear some additional settings. In my system I did not need to do EITHER of these steps, but some users find that it is necessary. The additional steps are:

  1. Right click on the Windows taskbar and select Task Manager. Task Manager
  2. Select the Processes tab, find spwWOW64.exe, and click the end process button. End Processes
  3. You will need to reboot your computer after this step.
  4. If you run QuickBooks and get odd “printer error” messages, you may need to reset your QuickBooks printer preference file. Note that by doing this you are resetting any special printer settings you have set up for any forms. Most people don’t use this feature a lot, so it isn’t a big issue. However, by renaming this file (instead of erasing it) you can always reclaim the file if there is information you need. Note that this file will be created when you next run QuickBooks. To do this, locate the file QBPRINT.QBP, which is in your c:/program data/QuickBooks/2009 folder. Note that this is a “hidden” folder, you may need to change some folder options settings to see it. Also note that the year will depend on the year of QuickBooks you are working with. Rename this file to QBPRINT.OLD, so that you have a copy of it for safekeeping.

Adobe Reader

If you are using Adobe Reader there is one last thing that you should check. Run Adobe Reader and select “Edit”, then “Preferences”. Select the “Internet” preference and un-check the “Display PDF in Browser” option (it might already be unchecked, if so then let it be). Save the preferences.



Hope that this works for you! It should – both methods worked for me. Some people have found that this does not work – it may be due to not flushing the printer buffer (the step using Task Manager) in their cases. I have not been able to pin down the reason. Also, as I said earlier, you will have to go through these steps again if you install an updated version of your products.

IN ADDITION – in the release notes for QuickBooks 2009 R7, Intuit states that the R7 release fixes this problem. I have not FULLY tested this – but it is looking good. I had an installation that was patched to have the correct driver, I installed the R7 update manually, and the system STAYED PATCHED – so I didn’t have to redo the work. What I cannot test at this time is if the R7 update will FIX and system that ISN’T patched.

My thanks to Intuit and both Ben Gomez and Alex Wall for their support.

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  1. Benjamin Gomez says:

    Thanks for mentioning me in the article.

  2. GM says:

    thank you so much this post was really helpful.

  3. Gina says:

    The problem that I am having is on OS XP, not Vista. While attempting to print a previous reconciliation report in Quickbooks 07 [banking>reconcile>locate discrepencies>previous reports] the program states that it has encountered a problem and must shut down. Any fix?

  4. Charlie says:

    Gina, that is a different issue. Do you have Adobe Acrobat installed? If so, what version? and did you get an error number of any sort?

  5. Mike says:


    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! This problem has been driving insane and your step by step solution complete with screen shots is one of the best examples of a practical, easy to follow online fix that I’ve found in a long time. Many thanks!!!

    Mike in Orlando

  6. Kelly says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was so frustrated every time I went to reconcile (and we have 5 companies so I have to do it a lot)… This was so easy to follow and worked like a charm! I am very grateful!!

  7. Jill says:

    Thanks SO much for this solution–the first one worked for me!!

  8. Thank you! I was about to pull my hair out! Your first solution solved my problem.

  9. Shannon says:

    Thank you! This has been one big frustration, and your fix solved my problem perfectly and your directions were so easy to follow. You are great!

  10. CB says:

    THANK YOU !! The first solution worked perfectly.
    I also used this method to change the pdf printer information for Intuit’s TURBOTAX PRO. Perhaps it will also be helpful for anyone who may use the Personal Edition of TurboTax for 07 and 08.

  11. Charlie says:

    My thanks to everyone for the kind comments. Please note that this information was all derived from information in the Intuit support site as well as the Intuit community forums – I’ve just summarized it here and made it a bit more “visual” with examples.

    I’m very curious as to why Intuit doesn’t fix this in their installation program – it should be possible. The problem has existed for quite awhile, it isn’t a new issue with the 2009 release…

  12. Keli says:

    My problem is a little different. In the reconcile window- cash amounts show up that shouldn’t. Some quirk, the cash amount come from random invoices. Can this be solved with the same solution?

  13. Charlie says:

    Keli, that won’t have anything to do with this particular fix. That is something you probably should ask in the Intuit Community forums at

  14. Amber Hancock says:

    I can’t get the solutions above to work for me. When I create the new port (PDF1) and reboot, that port no longer exists.

  15. Charlie says:

    Amber, there isn’t much I can say without having my hands on your computer. Being able to create the PDF1 port is a basic Vista task. As long as you have full Admin privileges, and you don’t have an issue with a security program of some sort, that should work.

  16. Amber Hancock says:

    I assumed it was an issue with Admin privileges. I was at first trying it by right clicking and ‘run as administrator’. Then read up on activating the administrator account, and tried logging in that way, but always, after rebooting, PDF1 is no longer an option in the list of ports.
    I have no security programs running, other than AVG antivirus.

  17. Charlie says:

    Amber – Vista has many quirks (although many were fixed with the last service pack), and Vista 64 has even more. I’ve not seen the problem you describe myself, so I don’t have a ready answer, unfortunately.

  18. Amber Hancock says:

    Thanks for your help. I’ll post the solution when and if I find one!

  19. Charles says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just got a new laptop for my business and had this issue. I spent hours and almost considered paying Intuits expensive support to help me fix the issue. Thanks again and have a good day!


  20. Alex says:

    Thank you so much for taking your time to create this! The first method worked for me.

  21. Dorothy says:

    I have to say that this was the best and easiest information to follow. I thank you so much for making it so simple. Wonderful stuff.

  22. This was very helpful. I have been wracking my brain about a solution. Thanks a lot.

  23. Dennis Roberts says:

    Yep…after two hours on the phone with Intuit support…this is exactly what they told me to do. And it fixed the problem.

    I wish I would have found this site a couple days ago. Great info.

  24. Misty DeCourcey says:

    I was having this same problem running QB2008 on a Windows XP 64bit. Tech Support walked me through a similiar solution (after 4 unsuccessful). My email is working, but it is taking about 5-10 mins. for an email to complete. QBs is just frozen while it is doing this. This is very aggravating and I was hoping someone knew of a better fix or if this solution will work on XP? Thanks

  25. Charlie says:

    Misty, I’m sorry, but I don’t have a 64 bit XP system (nor do I have any clients with that) so I’ve not been able to look at the issue there.

  26. Viva-Revol Corp. says:

    Very Helpful. I solved exact same problem based on this note.


  27. Red says:

    THANKS!!!!! Better than Intuit!

  28. Melissa says:

    Hi there- I was laying awake trying to figure out what on earth was wrong with our program when I decided to go online and do some research on it. We have a new Dell computer with Vista at my husband’s shop and I am experiencing the same problems described here. I don’t know if it is 64 bit or 32, but I am crossing my fingers that these steps work for us. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for publishing such helpful information. 🙂

  29. Charlie says:

    Melissa: Open the Control Panel in your Vista system, find the “System and Maintenance” icon and then click “System” (if you have a “classic” view then you’ll go straight to “System”), and on that page down a ways you will see the label “System type” which tells you if it is 32 bit or 64 bit.

  30. Michael Casillas says:

    Amber and Charles, Hey I had the same problem as Amber is describing. What I did was to create the PDF1 with the instructions in #2 and then put everything onto the LPT1 port. PDF1 kept saying nothing to configure however, LPT1 is already configured. I also cleared the XP compatibility so its full vista. Took 5 days repeating the instructions to think of the LPT1 change (really an accident)but everything is running perfect now!! Thanks for the instructions. Good Luck:)

  31. Charlie says:

    Thank you, Michael. I’ve not tested this to see if there are any side effects (since I didn’t have the original problem that Amber mentioned), so I’m not endorsing this at this time. But if it works for you, that’s great!

  32. Melissa says:

    YOU ROCK!!! Worked like a charm on the first try. Success sending email invoice- thank God! Makes things so much easier!

  33. James says:


    I’m buying a new laptop and ready to take the Vista plunge. Do you know if the 32-bit Vista Business OS will help to avoid the issues arising with QB 2008? Main app’s I need to support are Office Basic and QB. Thank you, sir.

  34. Charlie says:

    James, I use Vista 32 with QB 2008 myself and it works quite well. There can be some issues but no more than you would find with Windows XP.

  35. Lynn says:

    Is it possible to install Quickbooks pro 2004 on vista 64? I do not need to connect to the internet through quickbooks.

  36. Charlie says:

    Lynn: I wouldn’t recommend it. Pro 2004 is not Vista compatible. Some people have success in getting it to run by setting the “XP compatibility” feature on, but there are many people who have a lot of difficulty in getting it to work. And that is relating to 32 bit Vista – I’ve not talked to anyone trying it on 64 bit Vista.

  37. Joe D. says:

    This was very helpful. Had this problem out of the box with 2009 Premier and brand new laptop with Vista 64. However, the saved PDF is pushing the right side columns to another page, despite landscape being selected the the preview indicating it fits. Can’t believe we just paid $350 for this upgrade and Intuit wants to charge us to get it working properly on a new installation. Yikes!

  38. Becca says:

    I want to add my personal thanks! This problem rose suddenly for me two weeks ago and has been making my job so much more difficult! I did the first list of steps and it fixed the problem immediately. Thank you!!!!

  39. Gary says:

    Well, I love to tell ya, Vista 32bit and 64bit are quite stable. Yes, there were many compatibility issues with third party software but remember, maintaining compatibility is up to the 3rd party software company and not Microsoft.

    If something doesn’t work the way it is supposed to in Vista then it is Microsoft’s fault but if a third party software doesn’t work because it is not updated, then that is not Vista or Microsoft’s fault.

    To date, ALL the software that I use has been updated to work with Vista 32 and 64 bit. Including- Microsoft Small Accounting, Peach Tree and most office related products. Amazingly, most new game titles work with 64 bit vista – no small accomplishment.

    Please don’t say “I wouldn’t have bought” because YOU didn’t buy it, someone else did. Someone else could jsut as easily have said, I wouldn’t have bought Quickbooks.

    You also said, “there are multiple compatibility issues with 64 bit systems that you don’t see on 32 bit systems” well, please read what I said above. I have resolved all compatibility issues AND it is very important to migrate to 64 bit because Vista – and probably all future software and OS’s – requires much more memory to run quickly.

  40. Charlie says:

    Thank you for your comment, Gary. There are several ways that I can respond.

    On one hand, it doesn’t matter WHO is to blame, Microsoft or others. My point is that there are many problems with trying to run a business with 64 bit Vista. As a business owner I just want my system to work the way it should, I don’t care if it is Microsoft’s problem or someone elses, I need it to work. I have run into numerous problems with 64 bit Vista systems. QuickBooks is one, but I also have several Microsoft products that don’t run as well on 64 bit as they do on 32 bit. However, the issue is not blame – a business needs to run the software it wants to run, and if you have 64 bit Vista you are more likely to have problems these days. Doesn’t matter which party is to blame, if it don’t work it don’t work and you have a problem. So my general response is to recommend, at this time, that people avoid 64 bit Vista.

    If you know that all of your required products run on the 64 bit system and that your hardware fully supports it, then by all means it makes sense to use it. But if you aren’t sure, then be careful.

    I generally use 32 bit Vista in my systems and I rarely run into issues where I find that a 64 bit system would perform better for me. But, then, most of the software I run is not designed specifically for 64 bit systems. It usually runs under 64 bit Vista in a 32 bit compatibility mode.

    I should note that the software that my company writes does work successfully in 64 bit Vista – I do understand that it is the software developer’s responsibility to make this happen. But until the time comes that everyone does this, you need to be cautious!

    I’ll note that the first 64 bit system I purchased (from HP) came with 32 bit Vista installed, HP didn’t have all the drivers ready at that time to work on their own 64 bit system. So let’s throw in the hardware manufacturers in the mix too. They need to have their act together.

    The articles in this blog, and in my comments, are my opinion on things. People are free to disagree, and if I make an error I’m happy to hear about it and will do my best to correct it. I value your comment and respect your opinion – it just doesn’t happen to fit what I see in my office.

    And I cannot fully understand why Intuit hasn’t fixed this issue in their newest release, when it has been around awhile!

  41. Lisa Moskala says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so glad I found your blog. It works beautifully. I truly do appreciate people like you that offer solutions with layman’s terms.

  42. Faye says:

    In response to Lynn about installing Quickbooks 2004 on Vista. I did and I got everything working except the help. If you install it on Vista, you probably will not have help. The older Quickbook versions use Internet Explorer 6 for the help. It cannot use Internet Explorer 7 for help. I ended up loading XP pro on my Vista machine. It took a while to get the drivers right but was well worth the time spent. Vista was crashing 8-10 times a day before Quickbooks was installed. I couldn’t deal with an unstable system equivalent to Windows ME. As one person noted if it doesn’t work-we have a problem. It doesn’t matter who is to blame!

  43. John says:

    Hello, I’m having problems extracting the Amyuni converter in method 2. After I extract the file onto my computer and run the ‘install’ icon, it says: ‘Printer setup failed. The system cannot find the printer file specified. Error code 1797. The printer driver is unknown.’ I’ve re-downloaded several times and still same problem. Has the link changed? Much thanks in advance!

  44. Charlie says:

    John, did you try the first method? Did it work, or not work?

  45. John says:

    Hi Charlie, wow, thanks for the quick reply! Yes, I did try the first method. So long story short, I followed your intructions last week and everything worked beautifully. Log on today, and Quickbooks2009 froze up when I was trying to email an invoice. So, I reset everything so I can go back to follow your instructions again, but this time when I get to extracting the Amyuni 2.5 converter, there is only an ‘install’ icon (no ‘setup.exe’). After installing, I get the message above about ‘Printer install failed..’ Not sure why it’s not finding the driver, or if the correct link has changed?

  46. John says:

    Charlie, update: I closed Quickbooks and re-opened the application. Then tried Method 1 again… and *presto* now it’s working. This Vista 64-bit thing sure is temperamental. But one thing is for sure, YOU were a tremendous help! I was about to pull my hair out last week before I found your blog.. MUCH THANKS and happy holidays!!

  47. Charlie says:

    John, glad it worked! Vista (32 or 64 bit) can be very frustrating at times.

    The zip file should still be valid, I just downloaded it and it is the same as before.

    My instructions for method two mistakenly said “setup.exe” when it should have said “install.exe”. I have corrected that.

    I believe, although I’m not certain, that the installation error you saw with method two has to do with re-installing with that driver – you can only do it the one time. Trying a second time fails with errors. I don’t have multiple Vista 64 systems set up to test (nor do I have it set up in my VMWare Virtual Workstation system) so I can’t test this repeatedly. Sorry about that!

  48. Jane Clement says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have searched the internet trying to look for solutions for my QB PDF Converter problem and have tried just about everything. This one worked like a charm. I can’t thank you enough.

  49. Lisa says:

    You are AWSOME!! I recently had to purchase a new computer. Windows Vista 64-bit was the only choice and no more downgrades to XP. With the new computer, came the purchase QB Pro 2009, after being told that’s all that would work with the new OS. Frustrated by having the problem of QB not responding with doing bank reqs, I searched and found your instructions. This has fixed the problem. The address is in my Rolodex file and it will be shared it with everyone who needs it! Thanks so much. You’ve saved my sanity…

  50. Charlie says:

    Thank you, Lisa, and thank you to all of the people who have commented.

    I want to take this moment to suggest that you subscribe to this blog, either via RSS (if you understand that) or via email, by the links at the top. I won’t use your email address for anything other than sending you a notice of new QuickBooks articles. If you subscribe you will get notices about new articles that I post – I aim at one per week. Keep up to date on what is going on with QuickBooks!

    And please feel free to click on any of the sponsor links – that is how I fund this site…

  51. Debbie says:

    Thanks so much. It worked first try! So much more helpful than a 20 minute wait on the phone support line with Intuit.

  52. Josh says:

    I just got off the phone with Quickbooks support. I had to go through several different people but finally got an answer that worked. Two items that you need to do for QB 2009 and Vista 64 bit.

    1. Go to In the search bar type in 1007856. This will tell you the same as the above article but with one extra step. You have to end a process. It details how for you.

    2. Go to control panel. Switch to classic view. Click on folder options. Click on the view tab. Check Hidden files and folders – show hidden files and folders.

    Go to start menu. Click on computer. Click on c:/ Click on program data. Click on Intuit. Click on Quickbooks 2009. Rename QBPRINT.QBP to QBPRINT.BAK It will ask you if you want to proceed, even though renamed files may not work. Click yes.

    Hope this helps

  53. Charlie says:

    Thank you, Josh. The QB support documents on this have been evolving over time. My original article contained the methods that worked for me. Intuit recently updated their document to add some steps that some people need – you added another step that others might need (many do not). I’ve updated my article to include the new information.

    Thank you for pointing out the updated document from Intuit.

  54. Mary E Sanchez says:

    How can i email from quickbooks pro 2009 on Vista 64

  55. Charlie says:

    Mary, if you have your Vista PDF driver set up properly, Vista 64 form emailing works just the same as in the 32 bit version, I believe. I don’t have Outlook installed, so I can’t test that, but I was able to email using the Intuit email server just fine.

  56. Becca says:

    I had to come back – the first procedure fixed the problem for me with Vista 64 and QB Pro 07 – but after hearing about the awesome deal on QB Pro 09 from your newsletter, we got upgraded, and the email/pdf form problem returned. I was able to get it resolved with the second set of steps, the first didn’t do it this time. So once again, I’m here to say THANK YOU!

  57. Karen says:

    Thank you sooooo much for this solution. I have been working on this all day and finally found the right answer. You are a blessing!

  58. Robert Hamilton says:

    Resetting the properties on my PDF Printer Driver completely fixed this problem on my Vixta x64 system. I am using Simple Start 2009, and am not able to reconcile without having to kill the program.

    Thank you so much !!!!!

  59. Leonard says:

    Thanks so much for this write-up. It fixed my QB2007 + Vista 64 problem. I am VERY appreciative. Happy New Year!

  60. Margie says:

    Thank you soo much, about a month ago we upgraded to quickbooks Pro 09. Thanks to your website i didn’t have to call customer support BUT…… last week quickbooks had an update and i think it reset what I fixed. Is this going to happen every time quickbooks installs an update?

  61. Charlie says:

    Margie – it looks like most (if not all) updates are going to reset this feature to some degree. I had to redo it after the R5 update just recently.

  62. hotCombs Rep says:

    Thank you so much. I did Method 1 and it works! Gosh, I am so thankful. You are truly a blessing

  63. carol says:

    I used method 1 and it works great one time. The next time I print the reconciliation, it locks up again. I have to go redo the second part of Method 1 and also change the default printer away from the Quickbooks PDF converter. …Is there a way that I can fix so that I don’t have to go through the fix every time I do bank reconciliations?

  64. Charlie says:

    Carol, I’ve not see this happen other than when applying an update to QuickBooks, so I don’t know what to say, without having my hands on your system to examine it.

  65. vernon says:

    I just upgraded to QB Pro 2009 and was able to get the PDF issues taken care of (thanks to your suggestions here). However, one thing that still doesn’t work (on my Vista 64-bit system)is the actual emailing of forms when I select the preference option for emailing through my email program. My default email program is Windows Mail, although I also have MS Office (including Outlook) on this computer. What appears to be happening is that QB is trying to send the message to Outlook and nothing happens because I don’t have any accounts set up in Outlook. The QB help system just says your default email program has to be “profile configured” as the default mail program. I can’t find any way to force QB to use Windows Mail instead of Outlook. I can use the alternate method of sending the forms through Quickbooks and that is how I know the PDF converter is working, but I would rather get the first method working properly.

  66. robert says:

    Hi, I have just upgraded to 2009 pro and have not been able to resolve my issues with above instructions. After going to control panel and following above instructions I never do see the new printer driver to even be able to mark it as the default. Even after uninstalling and re-installing 2009 the quickbooks pdf driver shows 1 document which is always shown as “deleting”. The only printers i can see on control panel are my printer, the microsoft xps document writer, and the faulty quickbooks pdf converter. I cannot print or email invoices. I have another computer with 32 bit XP pro and everything works fine but I want this to be the main computer for QB. What am I doing wrong, you seem to be helping alot of people on here. It seems that every new version of Quickbooks I get the problem list gets longer and longer. This may be my last after almost 10 years of using it.

  67. robert says:

    sorry, I AM running 64 bit Vista on the problem computer (although I believe quickbooks is the problem, 2009 came out AFTER 64 bit Vista).

  68. Catherine says:

    I had the problem with QB 2008 running Vista 64. My computer would freeze and keep getting PDF converter message. Was on for 2 hours with QB tech, upgrade to QB 2009 and still they could not solve the problem.

    Went to live community for help, I followed the instruction laid out and now I am able to email to my customers with my computer freezing.

    Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate this.

    Happy New Year!!!

  69. Charlie says:

    Vernon: I believe that once it sees Outlook it will only work with Outlook and the QuickBooks email server. I only have that configuration right now so I can’t test otherwise.

    Robert: You don’t want the PDF printers to be your default, you want your regular printer to be the default. Did you try Method 1 by itself? That works with the QB PDF driver – if you see it with the “deleting” note then you’ve possibly missed a step in the first method, as that is what you will see if the error hasn’t been corrected.

  70. SteveL says:

    Thank you for the very clear explanation about how to fix this QuickBooks 64 bit Vista problem, especially with the screen captures. It worked perfectly.

  71. vernon says:

    I called QB support for help on this and got the usual runaround (their wanting to charge me for support because they thought this was not a QB problem). I unloaded on them when they tried to tell me Windows Mail was not supported. I said “why then does your help menu say emailing forms is possible via QB Mail, MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express and Windows Mail?” At that point, they emailed me an instruction on how to set Windows Mail as the default mail program in Vista. However, I already knew my system was set up that way, so I made no changes in Windows Mail. Before calling QB support, I had changed the QB preference for sending forms from Outlook to QB Mail to make sure I could at least send a form via QB Mail. A strange thing happened at that point. I went back into QB to check the email preference (Edit, Preferences, Send Forms). It was still set to QB Mail. Although I had not changed anything in Windows Mail, now Windows Mail was showing up as an option instead of Outlook. Is that strange, or what. Anyway, I selected Windows Mail instead of QB Mail and tested it. Works fine now! Maybe this will help some of you out there. I don’t know how it happened, but if you are having this same problem, you might try changing the Send Forms preference to QB Mail, try sending a form to yourself, then check the preference setting again to see if it now recognizes your default mail program. If it does, change the setting from QB Mail to your default mail program and send another test message with a form attachment.

  72. Robert says:

    Charlie, Thank you so much!! It took me ALOT of fooling around, but I finally got my PDF files working in QB 2009 Pro. I ended up using method 1 with the extra 2 steps of ending the splwow.exe process in the task manager. Then of course I downloaded update 5 and had to do it all again. You have been way more helpful than the quickbooks staff with this issue. Like I said before, my experience with this 2009 version will definately have me thinking Hard!! before any future version upgrades.

  73. Charlie says:

    Robert: This isn’t a QB 2009 issue – the problem exists with QB 2007 and 2008 as well. The latest I heard is that the developer of the PDF driver is working with Microsoft to determine why this problem occurs in 64 bit systems. They claim it is a Microsoft problem. In any case, this is not a QB update issue, it is a Vista compatibility issue – and those are hard to work out sometimes.

  74. Donna M says:

    Hi Charlie, I loaded QB Pro 2009 on Vista 64 updating from QBPro 2006 I had problems w/the PDF and followed the insturctions on QB’s site, like the ones you have listed but ended with the “End Process” I now do get my PDF but it locks up saying “going on Line” I then have to go to my Control panel printer and cancel the action of connecting. Once I do that my quickbooks sign on screen will come up and let me login to send the email PDF’s I then log in and the emails will send. (please remember that I cancelled them from the PDF Converter) I can not get them to send with out doing this step. When I used my XP QB 2006 it would convert them and put me right to my sign on screen. I also saved as a PDF and had to do the same (cancel the convert) and then attach to an email. Any additional help would be appreciated.

  75. Carl P says:

    I had (very) old QBooks 6.0 from 1996 or so, but when I bought a new 64-bit Vista Ultimate computer, I had to upgrade to QBooks Pro 2009. I had the same problems everyone else had – the program just freezes up after completing a bank rec – I could close the program and open it back up and see the bank rec was processed and completed (I usually don’t ever try to print bank recs), but it seemed like a poor way to do things.

    I just did Method 1 and I’m good-to-go. Thanks so much!

  76. Robert Johnson says:

    We upgraded to a new computer with Vista 64 bit. We’ve always printed checks using Versacheck. The checks won’t print on the 64 bit machine, the printer window just shows an unspecified error. We’ve upgraded Quickbooks to 2009 Pro and Versacheck to 2008 Platinum.

    Can anyone help?

  77. Charlie says:

    Donna M: Did you try renaming/deleting the QBPRINT.QBP file? Also, I assume this is when emailing – are you using the Intuit email server, or Outlook? You may have a separate issue from the PDF situation, it may be your email setup. Hard to say from here.

    Robert: Have you tried talking to Versacheck about this? I don’t work with them, so I can’t say much about that issue.

  78. Donna M says:

    No I did not rename/delete the QBPRINT>QBP file. I use the QB server to send the invoice/emails not outlook. I guess I will try that (but a little scared on deleting files) I am one that is used to getting a Program and it working correctly out of the box vs this messed up situation with QBPro.PDF. Sure wish they would just have a patch to install to fix the program it would help us Novice people out. I guess I will make the plunge and hope I dont make a bigger mess than I already have. Charlie thanks so much for replying you are the best!

  79. Charlie says:

    Donna, if you rename the file (as recommended in the article) instead of deleting it, then if something isn’t right you can always restore it. Note that when you run QB after renaming it, QB will create a new copy when you try to print. It is very safe, but it always pays to be cautious. It most likely won’t make a difference, but it is possible. The printer routines are being used regardless of how you send things, as the program is “printing” the PDF attachment.

    You may also want to think about the “second method” I outline, although it is a bit more technical.

    And I can’t say if any of this will work, hard to figure these things out through postings like this, without my hands on the computer.

  80. Gene Latray says:

    I have just purchased a Vista 64-bit machine and am attempting to transfer my files from my Quickbooks Contractor 2007 on my old XP SP2 computer. The “stuff” seems to be there (although I can’t see it anywhere) but when I try to open anything the response is that I need to Set Associations in the control panel for my files. I have spent hours calling/asking/searching for help. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance,

    Gene Latray

  81. Charlie says:

    Gene, that is a bit off topic here. However, did you “install” QuickBooks on Vista, or just try to copy the program file? And how did you move the company file over? I would recommend doing a backup (QuickBooks backup) on the XP system, then a restore of the QBB file on the Vista system – it will ask you where to save it, then you would know where it is. You shouldn’t have to worry about File Associations then. Note that if you restore the backup this way there might be another step to take to restore everything (logo on templates, loan manager files, stuff like that) as I describe in

  82. MelissaD says:

    Thank you so much. I have been working with QB for years and have never been so disapointed with the frustration of this reconcilation problem. Your solution was simple to understand, and it works!!!!!! Hopefully I won’t have anymore QB issues, but if I do I will look you up. Once again THANKS.

  83. Gene Latray says:

    I did install Quickbooks on my Vista machine; backed up the XP and tried a “restore” on the Vista. I had to run it on the Vista machine using the “run in XP mode” option…totally forget what I did to do that now….should I just uninstall Quickbooks and start over? Thank you so much for your time, I really do appreciate it!


  84. Ira says:

    Can’t thank you enough for posting this. I would have had to pay my IT dude $65 to fix this for me; and instead I followed your clear advice and fixed the problem in 5 minutes myself. Here’s what REALLY pisses me off: you’d think the geniuses at Intuit and Microsoft would have figured this problem out before publishing this version of Quickbooks, instead of wasting everyone’s time thinking that there is a problem with their own computer/printer/software!! I mean, these Inuit and Microsoft IT guys make A LOT of money and live in beautiful homes in northern CA, so you’d think they’d take their jobs a little more seriously before putting out a semi-defective product! Oh, wait a minute: I am also describing the mind-set of the Detroit automotive industry too, I guess. No wonder why this country is in deep doo-doo. Anyway, thanks again Charlie!

  85. Gene says:

    I went ahead and removed Quickbooks, restarted, reinstalled, restarted, updated, restarted and restored my XP files, activated and voila, it’s beautiful! Everything is there and I’m rolling!

    thanks for your time!


  86. Gene says:

    Sorry about the multiple posts but I thought I would mention that quickbooks won’t run properly when I double click the icon. I have to right click and run as administrator….other than that it works great!


  87. Charlie says:

    Ira, I should note that (1) I live in Northern CA myself, (2) Microsoft engineers live mostly in Washington State, and (3) fee free to send me the $65

    Gene, if you have to run as the administrator, something is still not set up correctly in your system. However, (1) it is very hard to figure out that kind of thing through a blog like this, without being able to see your system, and (2) If you have it running, and you aren’t having other problems, then I’d stick with what you have going now!

  88. Bob says:

    Charlie, have you found a way to get the QB on-line Time Tracker program to work with 64-bit Vista?

  89. yehuda says:

    I cannot create local port named pdf1,i get a message “pdf1 is an invalid port name”.

    I cannot email from quickbooks.

  90. Charles says:

    Thanks, method 1 worked for me. This has been the easiest fix, with the great step x step instructions, since I started my arduous journey in transferring to a new computer after the crash. Nothing but trouble with all my old 32 bit (inc. QB2009) on the new Vista 64. Thanks again.

  91. Pete says:

    Thank you so so so so much for your help!!! Worked like a charm!!

  92. Steve Center says:

    I also am having a problem emailing my invoices. I’m sorry I didn’t get to read all the post above. I’ve been just about everywhere in quickbooks ( I thought) to finish getting my answer. I did get quickbooks to work again after freezing up. I went through one of the processes mentioned above. That got me to where I actually thought I had emailed my invoice, but I got a message saying,” The message could not be sent. The authentication setting might not be correct for our outgoing email server. This is as far as I’ve got. I’ve went to help, and several other directions, but have not recieved the right answer yet. Could you help me, I’m getting tired and it’s getting late, and I need to email this invoice:) Thanks..

    • Charlie says:

      Steve, that sounds like an email problem, not a PDF problem – separate issue. Unfortunately, that isn’t something that I could diagnose through a blog conversation like this. The best I can offer is paid support – contact me through the email address in my profile – but I can’t promise that I can fix that (and it would have to be during business hours, sorry). You can also try the Intuit Community forums, but that can take time (and you may still not get satisfaction). It is something where we would probably have to connect to your system to at least see what is going on…

  93. Steve Center says:

    By the way I do have a 64 bit system…Steve

  94. Beverly G. says:

    You not only ROCK, you are the MAN! I thought I was going crazy(ier) and was ready to toss Vista (and my new computer)out the window! Thanks for the great and easy to follow info/instructions. I searched and searched on the Intuit site and luckily it drove me to you. Method 1 worked like a charm; easy to follow since I’m not technical. You are now in my FAVORTIES – hummmm . . . maybe my favorite – guru.
    Thanks a bunch

  95. uh oh. before i found your blog i deleted the QB PDF printer from my printer options. i want to run the first ‘fix’ you mention above but i can’t click on my printer. do you have any recommendations?? thanks!

  96. i don’t have a disc b/c QB installed it as an update to my previous versions. i think it was all done on line. i actually thought i’d get a disc but maybe i ordered the wrong thing b/c all that came in the mail was an instruction booklet.
    when i tried to do the repair my only option in the program features was uninstall and i was a little nervous to do that without the physical disc in my hand. am i missing something?

    • Charlie says:

      It’s a bit difficult to give you specific advice to your situation through a blog like this – as I don’t know the specifics of your situation. Typically in recent US versions of QuickBooks if you select the “uninstall” option the program will open up an offer you a choice of repair or uninstall. Depending on what product you have, you can download QuickBooks installation programs from this web site:

      But without looking at your system it is hard for me to give you recommendations for your particular system.

  97. paul says:

    Thanks for the instructions but neither method work for me on my 64 bit system.

    The Amyuni drivers fail to install every time I try. I get “Error Code: 2 The system cannot find the file specified” and “Error Code: 1797 The printer driver is unknown.” (twice)

    I’ve checked the printers control panel and the Amyuni driver is not installed. I’ve tried hitting F8 when I boot to allow unsigned drivers to be installed. Nothing works.

    Any ideas?



    • Charlie says:

      Paul: Vista 64 is very picky about a number of settings. Unfortunately, I can’t debug the problem in your system via a blog posting like this. As you see from the other comments, the procedures I outline here work for MOST people. In those cases that it doesn’t work, something else is interfering, and it is going to be something specific to your system. It is unusual for the first method to not work. The best I can say at this point is to be sure that you are using an admin login to Vista, and perhaps temporarily turn off any Internet Security or firewall products you have installed in case they are interfering.

  98. Gator Tail says:

    Thank you so much for the help. I have been fighting this for months. Thanks again. If you are ever in south Louisiana dinner is on me.

  99. Kim says:

    Thank you for the FREE advice! I called Intuit and they wanted to charge me a service call. I’ve been using Quickbooks for years, so I knew it wasn’t anything I was doing wrong. You have an invaluable website and I appreciate your assitance. Method 1 worked for me and your step-by-step instructions were very easy to follow. Thanks again!!!

  100. Cathy says:

    You are amazing! My husband was having the same problem after installing Quickbooks Pro 2009 on his new computer running Vista 64-bit. Your method1 worked like a charm and we NEVER would have figured this out on our own. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions.

  101. Mike says:

    Thank you, Thank you!!!! The first solution worked perfectly, you’re a lifesaver!!!

  102. Daniel says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. First step worked perfectly.

  103. Jenny says:

    Amber – did you ever find a solution to this problem? My printer ports keep disappearing too. I have spent HOURS on the phone with tech support at Quickbooks, Toshiba, and Microsoft. I have QB Pro 2008 with Windows Vista 64 bit.

  104. Tiffany says:

    I did all three of the solutions you posted. . . I was very optimistic to be finished with this reconciling problem, as it has been an entire year now! I tried to reconcile after restarting my computer following the download and install of new the driver and STILL I cannot reconcile appropriately. Any further suggestions? PLEASE HELP 🙂

    • Charlie says:

      Tiffany, without access to your system, there isn’t much more that I can say at this point. Vista systems are very picky, there are a lot of places where problems can occur.

  105. Tiffany says:

    thanks for your time. I really appreciate it 🙂

  106. Heidi says:

    I can’t believe fix 1 worked!!!!! Praise the Lord! I have been suffering with this since July 08! The one tip I’d like to add is: Be sure to have Outlook already open when you try to email invoice. It still seemed to hang and time out when it tried to open outlook and send. Worked like a charm with outlook opened prior to trying to email invoice. Thank you sooooo much you are truly amazing!

  107. Steve says:

    Is there a 32 bit soltuion?


    • Charlie says:

      Steve, the PDF driver that is installed works fine on Vista 32 bit systems, under normal circumstances. I don’t have to change anything to get it to work here. I’ve not heard of a problem with reconciling hanging things up. For Outlook integration, it usually has to do with how your “send forms” preferences are set. If you have problems with the PDF driver in 32 bit Vista then you have something else going on in your specific system. Reinstalling/repairing the installation often helps. Without knowing what exactly you are running into there isn’t more that I can say…

  108. Sir,you are a genius sent from God to save me a bundle. (I was about ready to call Intuit to fix this annoying problem.) My husband now calls me the Queen of Google for finding your site but I give you all the credit. The screen pictures are excellent and your directions are so clear. Thank you. Thank you.

  109. Emma says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been trying to work out this PDF converter thing for two days now. Your way cleared the problem right up :))))))))

  110. trevor says:

    I am running quickbooks 2004 on a new computer that has vista installed, however i cannot save any of my invoices etc to a .pdf doucument. it is killing me please help

    • Charlie says:

      Trevor: You aren’t going to have a lot of success with QB 2004 on Vista – the 2007 version is the first one that is Vista compatible. Some people have been able to run older versions on Vista by running it in XP Compatibility mode – but even with that there will be things that won’t work. The PDF drivers in QB 2004 are not Vista compatible drivers.

  111. Jessie says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU….just the first step worked for me.

  112. James says:

    Your tip is awesome and worked great under Vista 64-bit. Here’s a new problem that I wonder if you’ve encountered: I upgraded Vista 64 to Windows 7 Beta 64-bit. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anyone to support beta operating systems, but now when i try to send an invoice it gives me “Activation Error Printer not activated, error code -20.” I have the printer configured as described in this article.

    • Charlie says:

      James, the last thing to get worked out in a new release of an operating system is the drivers. I’ve not tried loading any Windows 7 betas yet, but I’m guessing that these drivers just aren’t compatible. In fact, I would have considered placing a large bet that the Amyuni PDF drivers in the current version of QuickBooks wouldn’t be compatible with Windows 7 Beta.

      Sorry I can’t be more encouraging – but you really shouldn’t be using the beta version for a production environment.

  113. Rhonda says:

    Thank you so much! Worked like a charm.

  114. Sean says:

    I have tried both methods 3 times and am not having success. The best I could get was an error message when I left the PDF print driver as the Default Printer.

    Vista 64bit with QB Pro 2008. Everything else works fine, but I can’t send my invoices and estimates.

  115. Sean says:

    Also, using the 2nd method. Choosing configure port tells me there is nothing to configure.

  116. Sean says:

    I don’t know how, but it’s working now. So thank you.

    • Charlie says:

      Well, Sean, that is one of the mysteries of Vista. I’m glad it is working for you now, which I could say why you had trouble.

      Keep in mind that you may see the problem come back when you get the next update to QuickBooks…

  117. Rosewood says:

    I have had this problem with quickbooks for ages and tried this port name fix a long time ago. I still always get the error that I have specified an invalid port name.

  118. Bonnie says:

    I used method 1 and was able to finally! email out a paystub. However, when I went to open the paystub attached to my email, it required a password to open the pdf file. Any ideas on that?

    • Charlie says:

      Bonnie, that is a new one to me! However, I don’t usually work with payroll, so I can’t say much about that. Can you try a test invoice to see if the same thing happens?

  119. Bonnie says:

    Argh! I just went back in to re-email the paystub and it’s giving me the same darn error.

    Problem: Your forms were not sent because QuickBooks could not create the necessary PDF files.
    Solution: You should be able to solve this problem by exiting and restarting QuickBooks, and then sending the forms again.”

    Well, we all know that’s a bunch of malarkey.

    I just tested an invoice and it went through with no problem. The pdf file was created and I was able to open it as an email attachment.

  120. Bonnie says:

    Yes, I rebooted. I was able to successfully send one emailed paystub (with the exception of not being able to open the file) and I can send invoices with no problem. I am no longer able to email paystubs.

    I guess I’m one of those it doesn’t work for… I’ll figure out a workaround.

    Thanks anyway.

  121. Rosewood says:

    FYI: When you create the port make sure you add a : after it, as in NUL:

    Also, for QB2009 there is an install.exe in the qb program files folder that installs the PDF converter printer.

    running install.exe worked for me finally.

    • Charlie says:

      Rosewood – in my system I didn’t need the colon after the port name, and the PDF1 name worked well. I’ve not tried it with NUL:, but if it worked for you, that is great! As far as the install.exe in the program folder – are you talking about the program folder after you installed QuickBooks, or in a folder on the CD? That in itself shouldn’t make a difference that I can see, although I’ve not played with that. I would think that it would reinstall the flawed driver setup, although I’ve not tried this. I also note that the Intuit KB article doesn’t mention that (nor do most people need it). But, there are people who can’t get it to work with the standard instructions, so I’m glad that you have posted your comment here. NOTE to all others – I’ve not tested any of what Rosewood has mentioned here.

  122. Dennis P says:

    I have a Vista Home Premium 64 bit HP computer that is running Quick Books 2009 Pro. The issue I have is that I am unable to run a reconcilation. Each time I attempt to run it the Quick Books program just quits. It stops and must be closed. The only method to do anything else is to restart the computer.

    I have given up with Intuits support method. That is the worst thing to attempt. Can anyone point me to the correct method to resolve my issue?

    • Charlie says:

      Dennis – have you tried to repair the PDF driver as described in this article? That could help – as reconcilation requires the fix on your kind of system. It is not clear, though, if that is the entire solution to your problem. Fix the PDF driver first, then see if reconciliation works. If not, then create a “test” company from scratch, enter some transactions in a bank account, and try reconciling that. This will help determine if it is the company file itself (some damage of some sort) or the installation itself.

  123. Dennis P says:


    Your solution worked fine. I just had to do one more step. If you use a new HP computer it comes with a PDF print program installed. This program allows you to print anything to a PDF file. I had to uninstall this program and then I went to Microsoft’s site and installed the save to PDF adin for Microsoft Office 2007.

    After all this the reconcile feature worked just fine. Thanks for the help and solution.

    Dennis P.

  124. Micki Cross says:

    First set of instructions worked for me. THANKS!!!

  125. Clark Tyler says:


    I am have a problem with my QB Premier 2009. I have this installed on a vista 64 and XP 64. I am set up for 2 users and my loan manager has stopped working on both machines. This is still not resolved and I also have had an error on opening QB on the vista machine. QB help window error after I cancel the error message out it will then open QB.

    • Charlie says:

      Clark, I can’t help with that based on what you have provided. You need to find someone who can look at your system directly, either in person or via an Internet connection.

  126. Bill says:

    I am really new to QuickBooks and am using Simple Start 2009 Free Edition with Vista Home Premium.
    Quickbooks sends my emailed estimates to Outlook, which is not my default email service. My email service is part of my browser ( How can I fix this? Thanks.

    • Charlie says:

      Bill: Your only options are Outlook or using the Intuit email server. There isn’t a way to use your browser based email system. You can either use the Intuit email server (and have a bcc copy sent to your email address for tracking purposes) or you can print the form to a PDF file (using a PDF driver of your own, not the Intuit one) and then sending it yourself as an attachment

  127. Dwight says:

    thanks – I had to download the Amyuni fix, too, but now I can send invoices and reconcile on the new Dell 64-bit Vista machine – thanks again!

  128. Wendy says:

    THANK YOU! I was about to go out of my mind with this new 2009 Quickbooks Pro!

    You are a lifesaver!

  129. JAR571 says:

    Thanks for the help. After 3 hours on the phone with HP and microsoft this fixed my problem in 10 minutes. Truly awesome!

  130. Kay says:

    Many thanks! Method 1 worked. Setting up our new computer (64 bit Vista) was a real pain (two old printers were not supported). We had to upgrade to Quickbooks 2009 (from QB 2000), then our old Excel wasn’t compatible with new QB, so had to upgrade that. Finally I got everything going and I went to reconcille our three companies and QB locked up. Very disappointing. After much silent cussing, I found this wonderful website and solution. Again MANY THANKS!

  131. Dana says:

    Paychecks/payroll stubs not printing on WIndows Vista 64 bit Quickbooks priemer 2007…What do I do. I had the PDF problem and fixed it with your above suggestions, what do I do a/b this new problem?

  132. Dana says:

    I had the problem you mentioned above and it was fixed (New Port settings). I don’t believe this is a payroll problem… I was able to print checks/stubs on my XP version. I only encountered these problems when switching to a new computer with windows vista. I get a “Thunking spool”??? message and then NOTHING will print- I have to reboot computer to go back to original settings (PDF1-new port setting) I hate windows vista! I will tell you exactly what message is, let me try again and I will let you know.

  133. Dana says:

    This is the window error message I get when printing paychecks/paystubs “Thunking Spooler APIS from 32 to 64 process has stopped working-a problem caused toe program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available” After I get this message, when I try to print ANYTHING, invoices, etc, I am port error or told I need to reinstall printer driver. When I reboot computer, all will print. I guess printer “problem” is fixed when port settings are back in “order”. If you have a fix for this, please let me know. This is strictly a VISTA 64 bit -YUCK 🙁 – problem…

  134. Gina says:

    Thank you – you are a genius!! It worked on the first time. Like everyone else when I purchased a new computer it had VISTA so I had to upgrade to QB 2009. I have had this problem for 2 1/2 months. It really put me behind on my jobs> Thank you again.

  135. FRANK says:


    • Charlie says:

      Sorry, Frank, I don’t have a recommendation for a registry cleaner. As for the HP device, you will find that HP has excellent tech support – look at their web site to see if they have a specific driver for 64 bit Vista (some devices don’t have 64 bit compatible drivers)

  136. FRANK says:


  137. Lancorp says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this very useful information. I was finally able to email invoices out of QB PRO 2008 and my Vista 64 system! Thanks again!

  138. Sanjay says:

    I called Intuit technical support on this issue and they wanted to sell a support plan to fix this. I came across this article and was happy to make the recommended changes which resolved the reconciliation and the printing process. Thanks a bunch.

  139. Adrian says:

    Thanks so much. I just got a new computer with Vista, and I’ve had more problems with QB in the last month than in the last six years. Seems to work great now.

  140. kgibney says:


  141. Seaboard says:

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. You saved me not only the headaches that this problem was causing, but also from lining the pockets more of Intuit who only want to charge me for tech support on their own problem after buying their software for over $400. Got the usual telemarketing comment from the Customer Support guy after I told him I was not paying $79 more dollars for support, he said “my boss is not around I could put you into support for %34.99 instead”. WHAT A JOKE OF A COMPANY.

  142. Gary says:


    I just had to add my thank yous to your ever growing list. Your information really saved me a lot of confusion. Thank goodness your site came up in a google search. You are a life saver!

  143. Judy says:

    I have the same issues with quick books and I have tried to do the fixes you have suggested. after the first one when I went back into quick books it still would not work and then I found that I could not do a back up copy of the company with out it not responding! I did not have this issue before and I really need to get it resolved!! Any suggestions? I have thought about trying to uninstall and reinstalling quick books what do you think? Please help I am at a loss!!!

    • Charlie says:

      Judy: It is difficult to debug these kinds of things through a blog like this. Do you have a 64 bit Vista system? If not, this article doesn’t apply to you.

      If you cannot do backups (etc.) then you have a different problem than what is discussed here. There can be many reasons. A typical first step in resolving things would be to do a “repair” install of QuickBooks, through the programs section of your control panel. This assumes you have the 2007 or later US version – if you are on Vista and have something else, that may be the reason…

  144. Derek says:

    Charlie – my thanks in addition to the millions above who this has helped out. My Fiance’s laptop (XP) died and she was forced to replace with Vista. When she couldn’t send invoices she just about flipped. Thanks to your instructions I was able to get it working again … with a twist.

    She is on QB2008, Vista64. Method 1 worked immediately with a couple differences. First I ended up having to re-enable (online) the PDF Converter as it kept going offline. Second, the changes were effective without rebooting. And here’s the rub – rebooting wipes out all the changes and they have to be reimplemented each time. Trying the other methods didn’t help (same issues with the port), and I seemed unable to get the 64bit driver going (it installed, but QB was still recreating the QBConverter printer and using it although I’d changed the printer designation within QB).

    There are prior references to the ports disappearing but I didn’t know any resolution (a lot to read through here!). I am running the config changes as Administrator. I will go back and reset to LPT1 to see if that helps as per one of the other posts here. Thoughts?

    • Charlie says:

      Derek: I’ve heard of some situations like yours, but haven’t heard of a reasonable explanation. Without having my hands on a computer exhibiting this, I don’t have a way of figuring out what is going on. My system doesn’t exhibit this behavior. However, I’m working with QB 2009, not 2008 at this time. Let us know if you find anything – and tell us what make/model of computer you are using. I believe that there are major issues with drivers from certain vendors, as I have seen multiple 64 bit Vista systems coming with a variety of drivers that are not 64 bit compatible.

  145. Latee Brown says:

    I was having serious difficulties trying to get the QuickBooks PDF Converter to install in Windows 7 Beta from QuickBooks Pro 2009, but I thank God for helping me get it working by using knowledge from this post and knowledge that I was blessed with from troubleshooting a totally different problem in the past with Windows 7.

    The Answer is in a post on the Intuit Community page as:

    How to Install the QuickBooks PDF Converter in Windows 7 (Beta) –

    • Charlie says:

      Latee: Thank you for pointing out that link. HOWEVER, I would not recommend that anyone use Windows 7 Beta for any production use. It is just out there for people to test, no guarantees that it will work. Don’t use it for your business environment…

  146. Nate Miller says:


    I used your steps before and they worked great! Thank you so much for the help. I recently installed update R6 and now i am unable to create PDF’s again. Have you seen this? I am running vista 64bit with Quickbooks Enterprise 9.0. Can you help.

    Thank You

    • Charlie says:

      Nate: Each time you get an update, as it stands now, you will have to go back through the steps to re-establish the settings. The install program in QuickBooks will set things back to the way it expects them to be, which doesn’t work in Vista 64.

  147. Derek says:

    This is on an HP Pavilian dv6-1235dx laptop. I’ll keep looking for solutions.

  148. ben says:

    Does this work for a vista 128 bit system as well?

  149. Birgit says:

    WOW – thank you so much for the fix #1 worked great.

    I am unable to import transactions from my bank, AMEX, etc. My bank can see that the file downloaded but QB 2009 says “there are no new transactions today. please check back tomorrow.” Is this a 64-bit Vista issue too or something else?

  150. Dan says:

    We tried all of these, and thank you for putting them up, but we still couldn’t get an estimate to email. Finally tried running under the compatibility of xp (service Pack 2) mode, and it emailed right away.
    Might be worth noting.

  151. Andrei says:

    Problem fixed!

  152. Marc Altier says:

    Just wanted to say THANKS!!!! I could not save as pdf and could send an estimate useing quickbooks e-mail. Called Quickbooks and they said there was a tech fee for the fix. I explained that the software was purchased 1 month ago and there product should work with vista 64 or they should supply a patch, they said no. Next purchase will be peachtree

    Thanks Again

  153. Captain Kirk says:

    Thank you for your excellent and clearly illustrated solution to a 64bit Quickbooks dilemna that has been plaguing me for several days.
    I am a certified tech and pride myself on being able to troubleshoot just about anything. This issue would have driven me insane without your well defined solutions.

    Kudos to you my friend.

  154. NORMA says:



  155. Joe says:

    I have the same problem. Brand new computer with 64bit Vista running QB Pro 2009. I can not create a backup file…says ‘(Not Responding). I do not have a “Repair” option for Quickbooks from the Programs in Windows.

    Do you have anymore info. on this particular issue? I called Intuit, and they wanted me to pay $79 for a support plan.

    I have had a lot of problems with this operating system………

    Any help would be appreciated!!

  156. Joe says:

    This worked, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. On Vista x64 the first time following your directions!!! Intuit needs to take some lessons from you!!!

  157. jules says:


    the instal worked and great instructions, thank you. However the amyuni isn’t activated and requires an activation code why is that as no one else seems to have had that problem?

  158. Tyler R. says:

    I work as a sales agent with Quickbooks software and I had client having the same issue. I am a Pro-Advisor as well, I know how to use the program very efficiently, however when it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to I have to look for help from people such as yourself. After finding your link to this page in I refered our client to your link. They gave me great thanks for the fix to their issue, am passing the credit to where the credit is due!!!

  159. jules says:


    I tried them all. I have now even downloaded the 30 day trial with the water mark from amyuni but this won’t work either. However I have got a slightly different issue with that version in so much as the error is that it can’t connect to my email program.

    I have QB 2005 pro (UK)
    Vista is home premium, 32bit service pack 1
    currently Amyuni 300

    I have tried running QB in 98 or xp modes. I can save invoices as PDFs but I can’t email direct from the invoice

    • Charlie says:

      Jules, you are most likely going to be out of luck. The information in this article doesn’t apply to you – it works for Vista compatible versions of QuickBooks on 64 bit Vista systems. You are running a version of QuickBooks that isn’t Vista compatible, and you are on a 32 bit system. So none of the steps here apply to you. Your older version of QuickBooks isn’t Vista compatible and you most likely won’t be able to get it to work the way you want. Also: I’m not familiar with the UK 2005 version, but with the US 2005 version sent email through a service provided by Intuit. That service is no longer available for older versions of QuickBooks – they retire support for their products after three years.

  160. Ellen says:

    Thank you so much!!! You have solved a problem that was going to be the death of me! I am incredibly grateful for your insites shared!

  161. Leigh Ann says:

    I have been having the same type problems with Quickbooks 2009 version. I followed your steps for correction and am still not able to print paystubs. I can print paychecks but when I try to print a paystub, I get the error message “Thunking Spooler APIS from 32 to 64 process has stopped working” I then get a message saying that quickbooks will notify me when a fix is available. Do you have any suggestions? Seems that this is related to the PDF coverter issue that everyone is having
    Leigh Ann

    • Charlie says:

      Leigh Ann: The solution I outline here is specific for the internal PDF driver. If you are trying to print paystubs it is unlikely that you are using the internal PDF driver so you won’t fix that problem by following these steps. Unrelated issues.

      If you are trying to USE the QuickBooks PDF driver as a printer, by specifically selecting it when you print – DON’T. It isn’t intended for that kind of use.

      If you are printing to a regular printer of some sort, then you most likely have a printer driver that isn’t compatible with Vista 64 bit. You must have drivers compatible to the operating system. See a QuickBooks article on this at

  162. Craig says:

    WINDOWS 7 64X BETA BUILD 7000 Good news.

    After a bit of trial and error, I was successful in getting this the pdf converter to work. Everything you mentioned in Method 1 is necessary. The key for me was the “NUL:” in step 7, but I found it sets up in a quite different way.

  163. Craig says:


    Good news.

    After a bit of trial and error, I was successful in getting this the pdf converter to work. Thanks for the post.

    As a side note, Quickbooks 2007 runs great in Windows 7 (beta) so far. Fast and no problems at all.

  164. Jerry says:

    Wanted to thank you publicly for the solution to the 64 bit pdf problem in addition to my email to you. Is there really a credible explanation as to why Intuit support is so lame in helping their client base?

    Some years ago, I made the mistake of converting to Mac Quickbooks because I thought so highly of Macs and ended up junking everything because that version was so awful.

    Thanks again.

    • Charlie says:

      Jerry, as I understand it, the problem partly lies with Amyuni (who makes the driver), and Microsoft. At least in part. I’m told that a fix is being worked on for this, but it is complicated because it requires efforts from people outside of Intuit.

  165. Mark says:

    Charlie: a general thank you for the very useful information on this website. It is enlightening and inspiring.

    I’m running QB Premier 2009 on Vista 64. These PDF fixes seem to work fine. My only frustration at this point is that a 0KB file with the same name as the new port (PDF1, or in my case QBPDF) is inserted into the Documents folder. Is there a way to eliminate or relocate this?

    Thanks again,


  166. Candy says:


    I just got a new HP and was very frustrated with this QB problem. After typing my question into Live Community and coming up with your blog, I was so excited. Your steps were so easy to follow and it worked PERFECT. I just reconciled and printed a report without having to reboot my whole system. Thank you SO MUCH for your help to all of us out there!

  167. Michael says:

    Mr Charlie,

    Thank you for taking the time to illustrate the instructions for fixing the PDF 64 bit prob. Got this new 64 bit machine a few weeks ago and have been pulling my hair out trying to fix the PDF printer hanging up QB. Your well explained solution worked perfectly. Before rebooting…I made a point to bookmark this page so I could return….thus I suggest you add “Bookmark this Page” just before instructing readers to reboot.

    Michael R.
    Franklin, TN

  168. jim says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. It was a lifesaver when I found it shortly after purchasing a 64 Bit Vista computer and QB2009. I’ve returned to remember the steps after installing the latest update.

    In case it’s helpful to someone, I want to mention a couple very small differences in my experience compared to what you have posted.

    The first is that this time round (installing the printer a second time, after the QB update) when I tried to create the PDF1 port I got a message saying it already existed. On checking, I saw that that was true, the update hadn’t eliminated it, just deselected it in favor of QBpdf converter. I switched back and followed the remaining steps as needed (e.g. deselecting the “enable advanced printer options” was needed, but the Amyuni converter 300 was already selected).

    The other interesting part of my experience was that I had QB open as I did it, frozen, unable to do a reconcile report. As soon as I finished the printer configuration the program went ahead and created the report. No need to reboot or even restart the program! Maybe I just got lucky.

    Again, thanks for helping so many people, too bad Intuit doesn’t think that’s important.

    • Charlie says:

      Thank you, Jim. Actually, Intuit does think that it is important. They are working on a solution, but part of the problem has to do with some issues with the printer driver itself, which they purchase from another company. So the other company has to fix some things (and there is some argument about what is their problem and what is Microsoft’s problem), that has to be tested, then the fix has to be implemented in QB, and that has to be tested, so it is a drawn out process.

  169. Charlie says:

    NOTE: I have updated this article on March 13 2009. Prior to this date, “method 2” was different – it involved a download from a different site, that worked in a different manner. Any comments about Method 2 prior to this date might not apply to the current article.

    “Method 2” is updated to use a different driver supplied by Intuit – they posted this method earlier this month, THEN withdrew it because there were some things that didn’t work as well as they would like (I show how to correct the problems in the article). It is possible that Intuit will repost this fix, but at this time, who knows?

    I have tried the new “method 2” and it works fine on my system. It takes fewer steps than “method 1”.

    Hope this makes sense! Let me know if the rewritten article is clear or not.

  170. RP says:

    Thank you very much. Method# 1 worked. Thanks for taking time to contribute this solution. 1 down, few more 64bit vista problems to solve, Intuit should do a better job at supporting their products, something as simple as this should have been addressed by Intuit…

  171. frustrated scott says:

    I have tried both methods and have had no luck. My estimates print and email perfectly, however the invoice will do neither. If I try to print one invoice, it shows me that is processing about 3000 pages!!!! then locks up. i tried to recustomize my invoice, but that also locks up. I am using vista 64 and am in desperate need of correcting this problem.

    • Charlie says:

      Scott, if you can email some and not others, you aren’t having a problem with the issue I discuss here. I can’t say what is going on with your system as I have not run into it myself, I’d have to see your computer to be able to diagnose anything. Try locating the QBPRINT.QBP file and erasing it, then running QuickBooks and try printing the invoice. See if that helps (most likely not, but a simple thing to try). Also, see if the problem happens in a newly created “test” company.

  172. MJP says:

    C –

    THANK YOU SO MUCH – your time and attention to detail fixed by 2007 premier accountant on vista 64-bit.


    u rock!

  173. Carol says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH – your time and attention to detail fixed by 2007 Pro on vista 64-bit. I had to do each one of your Methods, but in the end, IT WORKED! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I can’t say it enough! And your directions were so easy to follow. Thank you, again.

  174. Dan Flanagan says:

    It worked for me on the first time. Thanks a gazillion for this tip!

  175. Kee says:


  176. Glad to the Quickbooks world has helpful people just like the uses of ACT!

    thanks much!

  177. Chris Hudson says:

    I have a new laptop with 64-bit Vista and run a 2006 QB Pro.
    Is there any solution for printer not activated error code 41 or 20. I downloaded a new PDF driver with no success.
    Do I need to bite the bullet and buy QB 2009?

    • Charlie says:

      Chris, I personally never recommend trying a non-Vista compatible program on any flavor of Vista. There are people who have found success (at least in the 32 bit versions), but there always is a compromise. Besides, the 2006 version will “sunset” later this year, most likely, and so you will be losing support for things like the email service, etc.

  178. Charlie, thank you so much for taking the time and effort to post this. Method 1 worked for me (w/o the secondary steps). Fantastic!

  179. chip says:

    Oh boy. Got prompted to update QB and after doing so couldn’t save to pdf. Uninstalled and reinstalled amyuni converter but now I’m stuck with the error message “Could not point to printer,” even though I have the above selected and it says ready. This has taken up my entire Sunday. Anyone with an idea how to end this very frustrating day?

  180. Bob N says:

    Thanks, it worked for me!

    I had to get a new computer that had Vista installed. The Intuit QB PDF converter did not work, neither did their knowledgebase fix(I may have done it wrong). Your method1 did not work. I think the problem was I could not select the 3.0.3 driver from my drop down list even though I have the latest version of QB2007,R11. So, I followed method 2 including downloading the new driver and it WORKS!!!!!

    Thanks again.

  181. Nancy says:

    Hello- Installed QB 2007 on VISTA 64-bit HP computer and transferred QB data. I have the reconciliation problem (freezing up) as stated here but have also encountered some minor glitches with some settings changing to a default, company logo not transferring, and within payroll payment window the type of payment setting (hourly, salary, bonus, etc.) had changed.
    Do you suggest I follow Method 1 above first to see if that takes care of everything or do I need to address other issues first?
    Thank you!

    • Charlie says:

      Nancy: The PDF driver issue is separate from the other issues you list, no connection. Go ahead and resolve the PDF problem at any time.

      The logo issue – assuming you made a backup on your prior system and restored it, the logo (in forms) isn’t restored to the proper place. You need to move it – see this article for information about restoring backups:

      I can’t say anything about the Payroll issue, I don’t work with payroll.

  182. Nancy says:

    Thank you very much! I have followed Method 1 and it was successful. Steps were precise and user-friendly. I’m anxious to reconcile the next statement.
    Thank you for the link regarding my QB logo issue…I’ll work on that.
    Again….thank you!

  183. Nancy says:

    Charlie…I’m back. Since the freezing at reconciling over the weekend my printer settings for other reports within Microsoft Word and Database are messed up. I am hoping it is a one-shot issue but I don’t know how to fix the settings. Any suggestions….many thanks.

    • Charlie says:

      Nancy: I’m sorry, this isn’t clear. Are you saying that you cannot print from other programs, like Microsoft Word? Do you have a printer driver installed for your printer, and are you selecting that printer when you print? Double check, also, that the proper printer is set as your default printer.

  184. Michael W says:

    i can suggest a reason why you are experienceing the relockup. Quickbooks has probably downloaded an update that it keeps trying to load, and fails. every time you start quickbooks, it attempts to ‘finish’ loading this update, thus resetting the printer settings. This may or may not be the case, but if you examine your update logs, you’ll probably find you have an issue there. probably need to run a backup, which should do a data integrity check, and you will probably have errors which need corrected…most common cause for an update to fail is a corrupt data base. check your update logs…and run a backup and let it do the data integrity check, and repair it if necessary.

    • Charlie says:

      No, Michael, that isn’t the issue here. None of my systems are set to automatic updates. The update logs don’t show any issues. Essentially, in QB 2007 and 2008, and 2009 prior to R7, the program has the incorrect settings for the driver (and in most cases, the older version of the driver from Amyuni that isn’t 64 bit compatible). The updates are “repairing” the driver and setting it back to the way the program thinks it should be. It resets everything to the older driver. You can look in the Control Panel and see that things are reset to the wrong settings. So you have to reestablish the proper settings. The R7 update (which I did manually, since automatic updates are not available at this time) has been fixed to include the proper 64 bit compatible driver and to properly handle 64 bit systems. This is based on my experience with the program, information provided to me by Intuit technical staff, and information provided to me by Amyuni technical staff.

      The problem that you are talking about is a real one but unrelated to this issue – and I believe that the update failure problem occurs in 32 bit systems, and XP as well. Totally unrelated.

  185. Nancy says:

    Thank you for the suggestions regarding my printer problem. I have rechecked my printer settings and made some changes and it is printing like it should now. I had thought it was connected to the freezing at reconciliation since it would never print. Guess all is well now.
    Thank you.

  186. Joe says:

    Thanks for the post. I have 2007 but didn’t have the printer in my list so I tried version 2. It worked! I did the reboot and tried again. Thanks for the help!

  187. linda says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! YES, I know I’m yelling, but I am so thrilled to have this frustrating problem fixed. I am doing the happy dance.

    Thank you so much. You are a genuine asset to the web community. Bless your heart.

  188. Mike Ace says:

    You know whats really odd is that mine was working fine for well over a year on vista 64 until 1 day it just stopped. not sure whats up with that but downloading the updated driver seems to have fixed it. good job on this page

  189. broxster says:

    Thanks very much – this fix worked for me!

  190. Joe says:

    Last week I got it to start working. Now I have a new error with sending invoices. “QuickBooks PDF Converter Activation Error – 20. You cannot print directly to the QuickBooks PDF Converter. Try using Quickbooks Save as PDF menu Option.” I have tried above fixes but not having any luck. Any ideas?

  191. Rex says:

    I would pay you if I could. Fantastic!
    You are worth more than their whole technical support team. I was just on the phone to them for 2 hours on this issue and they did not give a single good solution.

    Many Thanks!

    P.S. QuickBooks owe you alot of money because I was going to change software.

  192. Dee says:

    Thansk so much – this fix worked for printing but still cannot email invoices – any suggestions? I get a server busy erro message…. i have the 2009 pro which i just upgraded from 2007 – thought that might help the problem – thansk so much for your efforts. I too am very frustrated witht he lack of support and knowledge on behalf of intuit support

    • Charlie says:

      Dee: There are two methods of emailing from QB, using Outloook and using the Intuit Server. This is controlled by a preference setting under the “send forms” preference. If you have it set to Outlook, do you have Outlook installed? If you aren’t using Outlook for email, you want to look into using the Intuit Server.

  193. Tracy B. says:

    I was very excited to find a fix for this problem, but unfortunately after trying method 2, my Quick Books program will not open at all. It acts as if it is getting ready to and after several seconds it just fades a way and nothing. I think I will have to do a system restore. I did also try to implement the suggestions for method 1, but with Quick Books not opening, I will have to undo it all. Any suggestions? I use QB Premier 2008.

    • Charlie says:

      Tracy, if you have a 64 bit system, the changes outlined here should not have any effect on whether QuickBooks starts or not. There isn’t a connection that I can see, and I’ve not heard of anyone running into that kind of problem with this update.

      Rather than a system restore, try doing a repair of the QB installation, or uninstall and then reinstall, to see if that has any effect. Then you can try the other method. Also – did you reboot your computer after doing the installation steps?

  194. Tracy B. says:

    Thanks for the help! I think I just have one of those problematic Computers. I don’t know how or why, but after 3 tries of doing a system restore (all of which were considered to be unsuccessful, due to an unexplained error), QB is now opening and I was even able to reconcile. Maybe it was my prayers along with your step by step instructions. Can’t explain why QB wouldn’t open, but grateful it is now.

  195. RP says:

    Brilliant. Perfect fix.

  196. Kellie says:


    Hopefully you can help…I have spent 4 hours on the phone with QB to try to fix my problem and no one can help me. We just purchased and installed QB Pro 2009 R7 (most updated version). We are running it on our brand new computer (32-bit version of Vista). When we email invoices, estimates or reports (basically anything we convert to PDF to send via e-mail) QB will create the PDF as an attachment to our standard e-mail, but the PDF only has the boxes where the words/information would go. The words are not there, but the template lines are. I went through to see if it was a font or font color issue and added our logo at the same time, and now our logo will appear on the PDF with the template lines, but still no words. I have done everything from uninstall/reinstall QB and Adobe (version 9.1) to deleting qbprint.qbp, etc. Hopefully you will have help.

    Thank you,

    • Charlie says:

      Kellie, I don’t have an answer for you, without being able to see your system. Sorry, but I’ve not seen the problem you describe. It is hard to figure out these things without having hands on your computer.

  197. Tracy Pruitt says:

    I am still not able to email estimates from vista 64. I tried your steps but could not do the unzip one, can not find the file, please help

    • Charlie says:

      Tracy, I’m not sure what you mean by “can not find the file”. Could you download it? Or can you not download it? Some people are having problems with the download because of security settings in their Internet Explorer browser…

  198. Lee Ann says:

    I am an office mgr who inherited a old computer with QB 2003 and the template the girls changed to print correctly on continous forms, my problem is it prints fine from 2003 but when I switch and went to QB 2009 Pro it doesn’t print right and when I back up it tells me ” 1 field could not be read. This may be becuase the template type used to store this template is different from the template type being used to read it”….. I just wnat to be able to print the invoices on the same forms I always use , help !

    • Charlie says:

      Lee Ann: This isn’t a Vista 64 issue. I don’t have a specific answer for you – but I’ve seen some people discuss this in the Intuit Community forums, so you might look there. The jump from 2003 to 2009 is a big one, some data doesn’t always transfer. The simplest solution may be that you need to recreate the template with the new program. I’d have to have a copy of your database to be able to help much further…

  199. sheli says:

    I don’t know much about computers but heard when shopping for new computer bad things w/vista.I told Dell I wanted xp not vista they lied said all was fix, well for the last 5 months I have lived in a nightmare not being able to email export anything to my clients. Very embarrassing. I thank you so much. You have no idea the hours and endless times I would get kicked off. Thank you again.

  200. Thank you so much!! I recently upgraded my PC and installed Vista x64 and was quite annoyed (to be polite) when I found that my Quickbooks no longer worked properly. Stupid me, I actually contacted Intuit to see if they had a solution but was told that 64bit OS’s weren’t supported. I was also told that they wont be supported in the next version either. I knew the problem I was having was to do with the Amyuni PDF creator driver not supporting Vista and 64bit OS’s but wasn’t about to find an updated driver anywhere and Intuit wouldn’t supply one. Thanks so much for your detailed post and the link to the updated driver. I’m so glad I found it. I used Method 2 and it worked a treat. Thanks, thanks & thanks!

    • Charlie says:

      Anthony: Please note that the fixed driver is supplied by Intuit, and that the R7 release of QB 2009 should resolve the problem. So Intuit has been working on this.

  201. Charlie, I didn’t mention it in my first post, but I’m using the Australian version of “Quickbooks Accounting 2008-09” and even the latest release doesn’t support Vista.

    Also, something a bit strange… When I used your solution last night, the change worked fine (even after rebooting). Funny thing is though, after booting up the PC this morning and using quickbooks again it’s now decided not to work again. Hmmmm… I may have to look into it a bit further. Thanks.

    • Charlie says:

      Anthony, I have no experience with the Australian version of QuickBooks, which is very different from the US version. If they don’t support Vista, then the information in this article is unlikely to help you very much.

  202. Lee Ann says:

    Thnaks I will try it !

  203. Steve Willsey says:

    Thanks a TON for doing the homework on this issue. You were a big help! May you be blessed as you have blessed others!

  204. George Bury says:

    Finally, thanks a million for the assistance. Now I can get back business!!!! Thanks again and God Bless!

  205. Garry B says:

    This also worked for Quickbooks Premier Multicurrency Edition (2007).

    Thanks muchly.


  206. William says:

    Used your method #2 for my QB 2008 reconciliation problem. Thank you so much. Worked like a charm

  207. Tom says:

    I can’t thank you enough. I tried using the help within quickbooks and spent several fruitless hours. Thanks for the clear instructions!

  208. Me says:

    Thank you sooo much for having this article. I have spent so many hours and about $100 bucks on the helpline to try and fix the printing and none of it worked. Thank you thankyou thank you thank you !!!!!!

  209. Val says:

    Thanks for the tips! Method 2 worked for me, I have QB Pro 2008 and I an using Windows Vista

  210. Tom says:

    Well as I said 4 days ago, using both methods together seems to work but if the computer restarts, I have to go through the process all over again, each time. Any ideas?

    • Charlie says:

      Tom, I’ve seen a few reports of that, but I’ve never seen an answer. Without my hands on the computer it is hard for me to say what is going on – my system doesn’t exhibit that problem. Sorry…

  211. Lisa says:

    Thank you so, so much for posting this article. Your instructions were easy to follow and worked like a charm. I’m back in business!

  212. Very frustrated with this problem, not being able to email invoices. I went through all your suggestions and ended up having to do all!!!! your recomended fixes. In the end all is good it works. Thank You Steve Mangiagli

  213. Trish says:

    I have tried both of these steps along with some others at least a dozen times and I keep getting the same messages. It alternates between, can’t send because company data is in use or it says going online and then it just stops. I have asked everyone I know and I think I am going to lose my mind if I can’t find a solution. How DARE Quickbooks do this to people!!!!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I appreciate your website and for a moment I thought it had worked, but to no avail. If you have any other suggestions, I will do anything it takes. Thank you very much!

    • Charlie says:

      Trish, what you are running into has nothing to do with the issue that is discussed in this article.

      I can’t say much about the issue you are running into without knowing more about how your email preferences are set up in QuickBooks, and what kind of program (etc.) you are using to manage email, and more.

  214. Trish says:

    Oh, by the way I have 2 Vista computers and I’m using 2008 Quickbooks Pro. Thanks again.

  215. Bill says:

    I am trying to turn off the automatic calculation of Cost of Goods. Do I have to delete all the inventory? I would like to keep the inventory but not do the auto calculation.

    • Charlie says:

      Bill, this really isn’t related to Vista 64 bit driver issues – a bit off topic. You would be better off asking that in an inventory cost discussion or the Intuit Community forum.

      Are you talking about “cost of goods sold”, or the inventory asset balance?

      COGS is adjusted when you sell the item, if you have items set up properly. Inventory Assets are adjusted when you do any value adjustment (receive with bill, invoice, inventory adjustment) as QB is trying to manage your inventory valuation.

      The only thing you can do is to use a different item type (non-inventory part possibly), which means you can’t track quantity, or to have every transaction be done at a zero cost. Neither is very practical.

  216. Tom says:


    Thanks at least for responding. I guess I’ll keep following your methods until I can’t stand it any more and upgrade to the 2009 version. Thanks again.

  217. Trish says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I am using Quickbooks to e-mail, not Outlook. It works for reports, but not invoices. I even went into the QB website and downloaded all the latest updates that someone told me would fix it and nothing. Stills gives me all the same errors, PDF Converter, system in use and not responding. Thanks again for any help you can give me!

    • Charlie says:

      Trish, without having my hands on your system, I don’t know what else I can offer to you. It sounds like you have some problems that go beyond what is discussed in this article.

  218. Jerry says:

    Charlie: This is probably off the topic somewhat but : your fix worked great for us but I would like to know if the message created with the form to be emailed can not be created. Reason: began a fax to email service which charges per page and message page is really unnecessary.

    • Charlie says:

      Jerry, I’m not sure I quite follow what you are asking. You can get a PDF driver (rather than using the QB driver) and just print the form to a PDF file, that you can then send to your fax service?

  219. Aaron says:

    Thank you very much. You’re a really good dude!! =D

  220. steve says:

    I am running quickbooks 2008 on a vista 64 bit system and i am having trouble with email invoices. when i email an invoice quickbooks changes my default printer to the quickbooks PDF converter. I then have to manually change it back in the control panel to my correct printer. this happens everytime. Will this fix you posted correct this issue?

    • Charlie says:

      Steve: It might, but I can’t say for sure. I’ve not had that particular problem occur, so I can’t prove that it gets fixed. I’ve seen other people complain about that issue, but I don’t believe I’ve heard back from anyone about it being fixed or not.

      There certainly is a problem with the software you have, and this fix will resolve some problems. I’d say “go for it”, and let us know what the results are.

  221. Cliff says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I’m using QB 2007 running Vista 64 bit and went through all the options on Intuit’s site with no success. I googled and ran across your article and gave Method 1 (now listed as Method 2) of installing the newer updated pdf driver a go and it worked.

    Thanks for posting this!!!!

  222. Kris says:

    Thank you so much!! You just saved me many hours of headaches!

  223. Alex says:

    Another method that may work for you in this scenario (Quickbooks EasyStart and 64-bit Vista)if you need to email your invoices or reports, instead of pressing on the E-mail icon, click on print, and then choose any other pdf writer.

    I’ll bet most people also have scanning software installed and it worked for me to choose the ScanSoft PDF create printer, which produces a pdf file that you can both save and then send as an email attachment, and print in hardcopy as well if required.

    I was determined to get either method 1 or 2 to work and spent over an hour trying to achieve this but life has to go on until Intuit resolves this issue.

  224. Nikki says:

    THANK YOU!! I have spent the majority of my Saturday trying to save an invoice as a PDF, with NO luck. I followed your directions for Method 2 and it worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  225. Dave says:

    HOW are truly amazing. I was having the same problems with this 64bit vista version. You are a true God send in helping us all out. Thank you so very much….Do we know if there is any way to save invoices and reciepts as a PDF file with Quick Books simple start 2009? Thanks again Charlie

    • Charlie says:

      Glad I could help (feel free to click on some sponsor links, which is how we support our site).

      I don’t work with Simple Start – but you can get a PDF driver that you can install into Windows that works like a regular printer. I use Adobe Acrobat myself – there are several free PDF printer drivers around (don’t know about 64 bit compatibility). Then you can print anything to a PDF file, and attach it to an email you create.

  226. Dave says:

    Hey Charlie. You were so great in helping us out I was wondering if you might have an answer for this one. I got QB 2009 Simple Start on my new Vista 64bit machine. It didnt work right so I stumbled upon your forum here and you saved me with method #1. Quickbooks sent me the R7 upgrade and said it resolves problems with PDF..I installed it and everything seemed to work with e-mailing invoices and reciepts just like your method #1 did. I was under the impression, somehow we are able to save Reciepts and Invoices as PDF files. So far, I have not been able to figure out how..Do you have an answer? Thank you for your help Charlie. Dave

    • Charlie says:

      Dave, in Simple Start, get a PDF printer driver and just print to that. I use Adobe Acrobat, but there are free ones (CutePDF?? – not sure, haven’t used it, don’t know if it is Vista X64 compatible). Pro, Premier and Enterprise have a feature that lets you print the forms to a PDF file, but I don’t see that in Simple Start.

  227. Dave says:

    PS: PS Charlie, sorry it was method #2 that worked for me, not method #1. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

  228. Mary says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this information!!! It was much more helpful, and better explained than anything on the Intuit site. You rule!

  229. Trish says:

    I am taking a 2 day Quickbooks class and the teacher doesn’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about. At least on your website you list the problem with a solution that should work. Do you have any other suggestions, I don’t know where to turn and I just started my own bookkeeping business. Doesn’t look very professional to say that I can’t e-mail invoices. Thanks,Trish

  230. Charlie says:

    Trish, unfortunately it is difficult to figure out these kinds of things via a blog or forum like this. Without being able to see your computer it is hard to give you direction. If you can reconcile bank accounts, but not email, then the problem isn’t the PDF driver, it is something in your email setup. Without knowing details about that, there isn’t a lot that I can do at this point. Sorry!

  231. Steve says:

    This was working well as descirbed – then an update reset everything. I have this all set up and now can print again, but I cannot connect for e-mail. The system locks up. Any suggestions on how to re-connect the e-mail?

    • Charlie says:

      Steve, if you reset it, it all should work. If you can reconcile accounts, but not email, then you are having a different problem. That is one way to check things – can you reconcile a bank account?

      Also, if you upgrade to the 2009 product and have the most recent update, you shouldn’t be having any further problems.

  232. bjmjpl says:

    man – you rocked and helped me AGAIN w the SAME PROBLEM!!!!!

    really cool – thanks for all the effort!

  233. Heidi says:


    I have been dead in the water for 3 months without the use of emailing invoices and have tried virtually everything possible to fix it…finally, a solution to my problem!

  234. Frances says:

    I am relieved and thankful for all the info provided above. QuickBook 2008 was installed on my new computer w/64-bit Vista OS. Like many users, I had problems with bank reconciliation and printing. I used method 2 on June 30, 2009 with great success. I am so grateful to Charlie and everyone else who contributed and shared their experience.

  235. Kelp says:

    I am running QB 2003 I transfered over to new vista computer I can only acces information when open as administator , I cannot print anything I tried both method 1 and 2 and nothing works please help!!!

    • Charlie says:

      Kelp: The information in this article won’t help you, because it only works for QB 2007 and later. You have QB 2003, which is not Vista compatible. For the most part, you are out of luck. You need to upgrade to a more current version of QuickBooks. Some people find that they can run older versions of QB on Vista if you use XP Compatibility mode, but there always are some problems with that.

  236. Sam Roberts says:

    I am having the exact same problem. Did you ever find a solution? I am currently waiting on a level 2 support call back from Intuit.

  237. Charlie says:

    Sam, which problem?

  238. Sam says:

    This post:
    Tom | May 5, 2009 | Reply
    Well as I said 4 days ago, using both methods together seems to work but if the computer restarts, I have to go through the process all over again, each time. Any ideas?

    I have moved up to level 3 support now. Waiting on a call back…

    • Charlie says:

      Sam, I don’t have an answer for you. There are a lot of odd things that go one with QuickBooks and Vista 64 bit systems (I don’t linke Vista 64 for a number of reasons at this time). I’d have to have my hands on your system to be able to help further. I’ve not seen the problem you mention on my system. Sorry!

  239. Wendy says:

    Thank You, Thank You!

    So frustrating – my problem was not being able to file my sales tax, and your Method 2 fixed it!

    Thank goodness there are people out here who can help people like me. I’m very grateful.

  240. Wayne says:

    I too am able to fix the problem with method 2, but lose it after a reboot and have to redo the process, so I’m asking the same question – much appreciate all the help…..

    I’m using a 64 bit vista with QB 09

  241. Omar says:

    You are the Man!!!! I was getting soooo frustrated with this. Re-installed twice a few months ago and gave up. Just now realizing it was the PDF thing. Thanks soooo much!!!!

  242. Jeff Marshall says:

    Thanks for publishing the article. I tried Method 2 first and it work perfectly now.

    Thanks for saving my bacon.

  243. Jen says:

    Just wanted to thank you so much. Your directions are very similiar to others I’ve found and tried, with the exception of the Method 1, changing the new port name to “PDF1.” I tried this same procedure hours ago, but used the “NUL:” and that did not work for my system. The only difference in the methods was the naming of the Port to PDF1 and it WORKED! I spent hours trying to resolve this probelm and you posting really help me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now only if Intuit could give us this kind of instruction.

  244. Cathleen says:


    The problem that I am having with Quickbooks Premier Acct 2008/Windows Vista 64 bit is that after installation QB appears to start loading and then disappears. I have uninstalled/reinstalled many times. I have also run cmd/sfc /scannow to no avail. Please advise.

    Thanks so much.

    • Charlie says:

      Cathleen, I ‘ve not run into that myself, so I can’t give you a specific answer. Have you looked in the QuickBooks support site, or the Intuit Community forums?

  245. Jen says:


    I have spent the last three months on the phone with tech support (three hours at a time) only to be told on my last call that it is my issue. Huh??? I had my computer tech spend three hours only to have the same issue this month. I found your website, tried method 2 and I am back in business. ::::keeping my fingers crossed::::

  246. Cathleen says:


    Yes, I have done everything recommended by the advisers in the QB, Vista, Microsoft, and other forums. So far I have:

    – Disabled anti-virus software
    – uninstalled/reinstalled QB
    – downloaded qbwebpatch r8
    – renamed qbregistration.dat to xqbregistration.dat
    – repaired MSXML 4.0 sp2
    – run cmd > sfc /scannow
    – uninstalled Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework
    – reinstalled same + 3.5, 3.5 sp1

    One interesting thing that I see now is that since I have un/reinstalled QB + update yet again, I cannot find the qbregistration.dat file. So when QB starts to load then indicates “Not Responding”, I am wondering if the missing file is the key….and how to get just that since I download QB from the internet. Any ideas?

    • Charlie says:

      Cahtleen, these kinds of things can be very frustrating. However, it is hard to give you any advice without having access to the actual computer. I can only give you some vague thoughts.

      I don’t see a mention of using “reboot.bat” – have you run that? It reregisters some of the components. However, I don’t think that will do the trick.

      Is your Vista system up to date? If you haven’t been updating, you could have some issues.

      Also make sure your Vista drivers are all up to date, from the manufacturer. PARTICULARLY if you have an HP system. And make sure that the device drivers are all set to 64 bit.

      Don’t try uninstalling .NET 2, as in Vista it is a built in feature. That is only to be done on XP systems. Again, you want to make sure you have all the service updates for .NET.

      Here is a long shot, and an answer you might not like. Download a trial version of Premier 2009 (you mentioned earlier that you were working with 2008?) The 2009 product is a better fit for Vista 64. However, try just a trial version, don’t go out and buy it yet, as I don’t know that this wil do anything.

  247. Cathleen says:

    I created a new qbregistration.dat file. No luck. 🙁

  248. Cathleen says:


    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I did run reboot.bat. I will try the trial version of 2009 and see if that renders some satisfaction.


  249. Cathleen says:


    I downloaded the 2009 trial and it would not open either. I read that one of the primary differences b/w 64 & 34-bit is the drivers. I know this is at least partially true because I had to buy a new printer for this reason. I have also read that people with older-than-2007 versions of QB are using “workaround” methods and achieving functionality with Vista x64. Are you aware of any driver patches or “work-arounds”?


    • Charlie says:

      Cathleen, all I can say is that I have QB 2009 (and 2008) running on my Vista 64 bit system here. The only “driver” issue related to QuickBooks in a normal situation is the PDF driver, and that only affects certain operations. You haven’t gotten to that point. So there is something else going on in your particular system. Unfortunately, without access to your system, not much I can say. If both 2009 and 2008 won’t start up, there is a big problem in your system somewhere.

      You can always try setting up a Virtual PC system inside of your Vista computer and try running QB inside of that. But that takes a bit of work to set up. ANd I can’t promise that it would work on YOUR system or not…

  250. Marlene says:

    Hi Ben,
    I have tried everything posted including uninstalling IE 8.0 and repairing quickbooks 2007 premier with no success in being able to email. Keeps stating cannot print directly to PDF converter. I’ve tried PDF1 and NUL and NUL: When I reconcile, it freezes, but if I close program and re-open, I can then go to the previous reconciliation report and print directly to my printer. My biggest problem is not being able to email my estimates, which is a big part of my business. Is there anything else I can try?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Marlene

    • Charlie says:

      Marlene: No “Ben” here, just me.

      On some 64 vit Vista systems you just have to live with problems. Vista 64 can be flakey, depending on the manufacturer. I would make sure that all my device drivers are updated to 64 bit versions. I would consider not using IE8 with the older 2007 version of QuickBOoks (US version??). You might try downloading the 2009 trial version of QuickBooks and installing that to see if it will work – the 2007 version is less likely to work on Vista 64 than the 2009 version (but I can’t say if that will work on your system).

  251. method 1 worked for me. Thanks so much. I had been working on this for five fruitless hours before i discovered your idea.

  252. Wendell says:

    Excellent advice on how to fix the issue; however I would say that some of the comments on this topic have been somewhat inaccurate from a technical point of view. It is easy to blame Vista x64 for this type of issue, but in this specific case, the fault lies squarely with the driver vendor (either Intuit or whoever wrote their printer driver). In the IT community it is well known that over 90% of issues with Vista are related to bad drivers – unsigned, poorly written etc. – and so users have to pressure vendors to make their applications compatible with the OS, otherwise they risk having this type of highly irritating experience.

  253. Marlene says:

    Thanks for your quick response. The wierd part about it is that I can email reports in excel format with no problem, just can’t do anything with PDF. I don’t know how all these other people are getting it to work with the above methods. I have a Gateway vista 64 bit. I guess I’ll have to print it, which I can do, to my local printer, scan it and then email. What a pain in the ars. Oh well, thanks anyway. Marlene

    • Charlie says:

      Marlene: There are hundreds of interrelated issues in a Vista 64 bit system. Different drivers in your system might not be up to date or set to a 64 bit version. There could be problems in your registry. You also mixed, if I recall, IE8 and an older version of QB in the mix. All these factors can create problems that are hard to resolve, unfortunately.

  254. Thanks! It worked and I can get on to other things!!

  255. Beth says:

    Thanks! Method 2 worked fine for QB 2007 on Vista Home premium. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I can google people like you guys.

  256. TFI says:

    Hi Charlie,
    The problem we’re having at work is that our Quickbooks Multicurrency Edition will not print on Windows Vista 64 bit. We tried downloading the Amyuni driver but the driver installation failed. In the printer list, in Control Panel, there is no Intuit or Quickbooks converter or printer showing. Any ideas please?

    • Charlie says:

      TFI: I’m guessing that you have an older Canadian version of QuickBooks, just based on what you said? If you have a Canadian Multicurrency 2008 (or older) version of QuickBooks, it isn’t going to work for you. That is based on an older technology than the US version of the same year. I don’t think that is even Vista compatible.

      If that isn’t the issue, then please clarify what QuickBooks product you are using (nationality).

  257. TFI says:

    Hi Charlie,
    Guess what? It worked! This is a different printer driver than the other one we tried to installo. Thank you so much, you’re a life saver!

  258. TFI says:

    Hi Charlie,
    Today, the next day after using the problem solving method # 2, where the QBPDF printer was installed, it’s now stopped working. it was working brilliantly all day yesterday. We can see the QBPDF printer icon in the printers window so it’s there, but it has stopped working. Any ideas on how to fix this? This is happening on both office computers. We are located in Toronto, Canada and are using the Multicurrency edition. Please help!

    • Charlie says:

      If you have a version older than the 2009 Canadian release, I don’t know that it is Vista compatible. Unfortunately, I cannot test the Canadian version on my 64 bit Vista system. So I don’t have much to say that can help. With non-Vista compatible releases I’ve heard people mention that the fix doesn’t “stick” and that they have to redo it each time they reboot…

  259. Lisa Amore says:

    I can’t thank you enough for posting these instructions.
    I’ve now gone through the second major Vista issue on my brand new computer, and I swear that I must have rebooted QuickBooks at least TEN TIMES as it kept locking as I tried to save an invoice into a .pdf. Now… it’s a full 3.5 hours after my initial problems began, but I was finally able to properly save an invoice and send it off to my client.

  260. Jen says:

    I just tried reconciling for the first time since last month when I was able to reconcile without freezing due to method 2 and I am back at square one again. I tried downloading the driver from method 2 again and I keep getting “printer setup failed error code 1802 the printer already exists.” Anyone know what to do now or should I just move on and try method 1??

  261. Charlie says:

    Jen: I don’t have much to say without knowing more about your system, or possibly even seeing it. Make sure you have the most recent update of QB 2009…

  262. Joel Staner says:

    Kudos to you for posting a fix that WORKS! Thanks for the solution to a very vexing problem.

    After the first time through with your “Method 2” I was able to save PDF files and send my invoices through email (as I was doing before getting the Vista 64-bit machine).

    Thanks again,


  263. chip says:

    Great fix, thanks. The only problem I have now is that I have to go through the entire process of installing the amyuni every time I boot up. Anyone know a way to make the fix permanent?

  264. C Fulkerson says:

    Thank you so much this fixed my problem and it was easy to understand.

  265. total nutjob says:


    I am really impressed by all the work above but it did not help for me. Maybe it has to do with the fact my QuickBooks 2007 is installed on a SBS 2008 box which is of course 64 bit. In any case, after 2 hours I gave up and simply installed CutePDF which is compatible with 64 bit and free. When I need to email an invoice I simply print the invoice to the CutePDF printer which creates a .pdf that I can attach to an email. Hope this help.


    • Charlie says:

      Unfortunately, that won’t fix the problem with reconciling bank accounts (you can’t make it use the external PDF driver for that), and you have to manually add your email address rather than having QB create the message for you. QB 2007 is older than SBS2008 and isn’t supported on that, so it is likely the fixes listed here won’t work for you in that environment.

  266. Ray W says:

    FWIW, we just went thru two days trying to recover from losing the ability to email invoices/POs with Windows Mail from within QB Premier 2009. It *had* worked all year, and suddenly we just lost the option, and was left with using the Quickbooks email service.

    This is on a Vista 64-bit PC; it had updated itself to IE 8 and also QB r8. It turns out that Method 2 (deleting the PDF printer driver, and loading the v303 driver, finally fixed it. We also unloaded IE 8, but we’re unsure if that affects anything.

    And, QB tech support (India) was a total waste of time.

    • Charlie says:

      Ray, I use IE8 all the time now, without problems. Although I have to admit I don’t work on the 64 bit system that much. If you have a problem with IE8, try using the “compatibility view” feature – the “broken page” icon at the top of your IE window. That often helps.

  267. cduffy says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Charlie! After months of dealing with this problem, I found your article under the “Help” menu on QuickBooks. It worked!!!!

  268. LenaJ says:

    I have QB 2009 on Windows Vista 64 bit; I have tried all the things stated above, however when printing reports, it only prints about 1″ on the left side. Any fixes?

    • Charlie says:

      Sounds like a problem in printer settings or printer driver. Hard to say. One thing to try – find your QBPRINT.QBP file (may be in a hidden folder, something like C:/ProgramData/Intuit/QuickBooks2009). Rename it to QBPrint.OLD, then restart QuickBooks and try printing. It will create a new printer setting file. If things go funky (that is a technical term…) you can erase the new QBPrint.QBP and rename the old one. But that shouldn’t cause problems. This is where QB stores printer settings you might have set up.

  269. Paul says:

    Thank you for your help. Quickbooks and and Vista are like twin dualing evil devils. I am having one other problem with QB that I cannot resolve. It can be extreemly slow (like 10 minutes or more) to load and sometimes does not load at all. Tried excluding the anti virus and re-installing, etc… Any suggestions?

  270. LenaJ says:

    Thanks, however I can print from a PC that has XP and it prints to the same printer just fine…

    • Charlie says:

      Lena, that has no bearing. The qbprint.qbp file is a file that has printer settings and preferences that only affect printing things from QuickBooks. Sometimes the file gets clobbered and it makes QB print things oddly. Sometimes someone has made a change in a setting that causes a problem. It only affects printing within QuicKBooks.

      Actually, the fact that you can print from OUTSIDE of QB correctly makes it even more likley that this file is the cause of the problem.

      Note that this isn’t an issue with 64 bit systems specifically, it is something that applies to any installation. It is a simple thing to try and carries no risk.

  271. Silverlining says:

    Just a quick note to say Many Thanks!
    I have just migrated my QB2006 from Vista Ultimate 32bit to Windows 7 64bit and was having the pdf problem. I remember having this problem when I first set it up on Vista but had forgotten the solution.

    After hours of fruitless searching I stumbled accross your article “Solving QuickBooks Problems on 64 bit Vista” and “Method 2” worked like a dream.

  272. Gary says:

    Well, this seems like a Visa/7 x64 bit problem. Actually it is both Microsoft’s and Intuit’s problem. I’d say that MS dropped the ball on maintaining good programming tecniques and Intuit didn’t update their install routine.

    I program (well I used to) and if there was a compatibility issue, I changed the code to reflect the proper way to install depending on the OS.

    MS should have used better tecniques to build their 64bit platform and provide 3rd party vendors with a more consistent and streamlined OS to debug their program.

    Intuit should have gotten their act together by now. It’s been 2 service packs since Vista was released and their install routine still has not fixed this PDF – and other – problems upon install.

    In short, QB can be a great program but Intuit must just be upset at Ms for something. Anyway, if we can fix this proglem using the above methods, then Intuit should be able to repair this install method. Actually, this should have been done over a year ago.

    Anyway, I prefer Windows 7 64-bit version. If I have even so much as ONE problem with QB in that OS, I will switch to peachtree or microsoft (maybe). I have done this with other 3rd party software makers and I have even seen them go out of business because of things like this. It’s rare but it does happen.

    Cudos for all the wonderfull people who take the ball from Intuit and fix a lot of other people’s frustrations. Good job and keep up the good work.

    Now, back to XP 32 bit (again).

  273. Mary says:

    I used Method 1 to solve the problem with QB 2009 and Vista and account reconciliation freezing/emailing reports. It worked great. Many, many thanks. I have a free upgrade to Windows 7 and am dreading the impending problems with that! Any advice on whether or not to upgrade?

    • Charlie says:

      Mary, Windows 7 won’t officially be supported by anything older than QuickBooks 2010. I have not yet tried any QB version on WIndows 7 64 bits. Hopefully in the near future I will…

  274. Allan says:

    Method 1 fixed it up a treat without a hitch!!!! Awwwsoooome & thanks

  275. Melissa says:

    Thank you!!!

  276. Pepper says:

    thank you for your detailed instructions in getting rid of the quickbooks pro 2009 vista x64 bug. wow… i was like… arghhh… then after really doing your settings and recommendations, then i was like… oh yah…

  277. Dereck says:

    Thanks Charlie,

    Updated the PDF converter to version 3.03

    Didn’t have to remove FaxTalk.

    Everything works great.

    Excellent !

  278. Matt says:

    Thanks!!! Great help!

  279. Richard says:

    I just upgraded to Win 7 64 bit and have problems using QB pro 2009.
    Had problems with Vista 64 bit as well before upgrade (not compatible with explorer 8?), but since the upgrade I can not even get my company file (or any file for that matter) to even open.
    I get the “server is busy” and switch to window.

    Will try to do this fix and let you know if it solves my issues
    I am SO glad I did not get rid of my old XP pro laptop I used for service trips when I bought this new “replacement”.

  280. Charlie says:

    Richard, the issues described here shouldn’t have anything to do with what you are running into. I’m only talking about the PDF driver.

    If you were having other non-related problems, such as with IE8, you have something else going on in your system. I can’t give you specific advice without knowing much more about what your system is. Sounds like you have a basic installation problem, so start by making sure you have all 64 bit versions of your system drivers.

  281. Tom says:

    I have Windows 7 and have installed Quipbooks Pro 2009 and the Quickbooks PDF Converter won’t work. I tried everything you mentioned and still can’t get it to work. Every time I reboot the computer the local port PDF1 is no longer there.
    Any ideas what’s going on?

  282. Shelly says:

    Thank you so much! I had to go through all methods before getting it to work, but finally got it. I can’t believe the QB Support website STILL hasn’t put up a working FIX for this problem! Thanks again!

  283. Don Windsor says:

    THANK YOU…..great help

  284. Tina says:

    You are a LIFESAVER!!!! Went through all the steps – just had to go back after final reboot and delete the .pdf printer from the printers list again before trying to email paystubs. Worked great!!! Thank you!!!

  285. Jesus Rivas says:

    Thank you very much, i have been looking everywhere on how to make Windows 7 64 bit to work with sending invoices from Quickbooks 2009 and have not had any luck until i read your article. you did a great job in describing the steps. Thank you again!.

  286. Jon says:

    When I recieved updates I lost my pdf converter, it was locking up QB’s giving errors. I deleted it out of my printer and reloaded everything is fine… After an hour on the phone to India or somewhere I suspect.

    Thanks so much for the info. (Vista 64 bit)

  287. MEL BIRD says:

    Thank you SOOO much for the info. WOrked like a charm!!!

    Thanks again

  288. Lynn says:


    I have Windows Vista 64 bit and Quickbooks Pro 2009. When I initially installed QB to this computer (Feb 2009) I had difficulties emailing and reconciling (entire system would freeze) I followed your instructions listed under Method 2 and it worked perfectly. Then, about 2 weeks ago, the same problem suddenly came back – I’m not sure what happened. I have updated QB, but that was more than a month ago. I have followed every step that I can find (some of them several times) I have been on the phone with tech support (9 different representatives over the past 2 weeks) They have led me through more “fixes” than I can count. 3 times they have actually succeeded in correcting the problem, but it always comes back within a few minutes. I am at a complete loss. Any ideas? Thank you.

  289. Trish says:

    I had the exact same problem as Lynn. It took me forever to get it fixed, but with your help, it worked and then last week, I had a problem with my HP printer. HP had me make some changes that screwed me up even more and now I can’t e-mail invoices again. I’ve tried everything you said and it’s just not working. It says that part of my data is in use…………..I’m sure you know the whole saying. I own my own bookkeeping company and this could put me out of business. Please, please help me!!

  290. Charlie says:

    Trish, I don’t know that I can help you via a blog like this. Sounds like you have something specific in your system, and so I’d need to be able to see your system to help. You might try finding a local ProAdvisor. You might see if you can do a system restore to a date prior to what the HP people changed. I can’t say much more than that, as I don’t know what your operating system is, what QB product/year/revision you have, and so forth. Too many variables…

  291. Trish says:

    I have Vista 64 bit, 2009 QB’s Pro, release R10P. If I try to restore before the date they worked on it, will it delete everything I’ve done since then? Is so, I can’t possibly do that. I don’t think a QB Pro Advisor would help because I know QB’s pretty well and I’ve tried everything everyone has mentioned on the QB Community. It looks like I have Amyuni 3.0 and 4.0. Is there any way to delete those and reinstall them and if so, which one do I need? I appreciate your help very, very much.

  292. Barry says:

    OK, so I had QB 2009 working fine utilizing this page as a guide. Then today QB did the update to R10 and the problems started all over again. Utilizing method 2 only changed the errors I was getting so I ended up rolling back to the version prior to the update. Should I just not use R10 with a 64 bit system now or is there another solution?

  293. Barry says:

    To answer your question, I think you will be affected. When I installed R10 I had to convert my company file. When I rolled my system back I also had to use a backup of my company file because it was no longer compatible.

  294. Charlie says:

    Trish, I’m sorry I wasn’t very specific. I was suggesting that you try, if possible, to use the Windows System Restore feature to restore your system to a state that was prior to the work that HP did on your system. This is only possible if you have a System Restore Point that is after the QuickBooks update, and before the HP printer update. It sounded like you were working OK in QuickBooks up until HP made some changes. If you can do that restore, it should not affect your QuickBooks data at all. However, to be really careful, you can make a QuickBooks backup copy of your company file before doing the restore, just in case. Please note that this may be a technically complicated thing to do if you are not familiar with computers, so you may want to get some technical help. And, I can’t say if it will help because I have no idea what HP did in trying to fix your system. It is just a shot in the dark. Hard to give good answers when I don’t have access to your computer.

    I am NOT recommending that you go back to an older version of QuickBooks – as Barry says, that possibly could be a problem.

  295. Charlie says:

    Barry, I don’t have an answer at this point. I don’t have (at this time) a good test on 2009 R10 in 64 bit, as I have already moved that system up to 2010, and there is a problem with the latest update there. So I’m pursuing that. If I find anything out I’ll post something about it.

  296. Barry says:

    Thanks Charlie. I actually am on R8 and never did the update to R9 so I don’t know which release cause the problem. After I posted I decided to try it again and test some other solutions but none of them worked. I guess I will stay with what works for now.

  297. Charlie says:

    Barry, I’m confused – you said you did the R10 update, but now you say you are on R8? Which are you on?

    If you are in fact using 2009 R10 on Vista, can you go to the printers section of your control panel and see if there are multiple printers “QuickBooks PDF Converter…” – with perhaps a number after that? Such as 2.0, 3.0…

  298. Charlie says:

    Please note – QB 2009 R10 and 2010 R5 introduce another PDF driver error on 64 bit systems – the solution is different. See my article at

  299. Kate says:

    Thank you so much! Spoke with QB support and as usual was told without paying for a fix I will get no help. I am so disappointed with Intuit. I’ve been forced to update 3 times for both QB and Quicken and still have constant problems and no support. I will be switching to another company as soon as I find what is my best option. If anyone has recommendations, I would appreciate your input.

  300. Katie says:


    I have recently purchased Quickbooks 2010. We installed it a couple of weeks ago and everything has been printing fine. A couple of days ago I tried to print a check and it would not print. The printer makes a noise and sounds like the paper is feeding, but then nothing. Every other application on my computer prints fine, but nothing in Quickbooks will print.

    By the way, I still have the old 2004 version on my computer, which prints everything just fine.

    My computer is an (Athlon type X86 — 32 bit) and we are on a network here. The main printer is installed on another computer (64 bit) and I am connected to a router, which is connected to the main computer.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    • Charlie says:

      Katie, this article is about 64 bit systems, so your 32 bit system is a bit off topic. I don’t have much to say – you don’t tell us what revision you are on, and in any case it sounds like it is an issue with your local system. Hard to diagnose if I don’t have my hands on the system.

  301. Katie says:

    I apologize, I thought that maybe it was on topic since the printer is connected to a 64 bit computer…

    Anyhow, thanks for the response. I am desperate and getting nowhere with this issue.. I think it is a problem with the QB 2010 software.

    Thanks again,

  302. Charlie says:

    Katie, my guess would be that it isn’t the 64 bit issue because the driver is actually installed on your 32 bit system. But that is hard to tell from here…

    You still didn’t mention what revision of QuickBooks you are on. If it is not R5 then it is unlikely to be the 64 bit issue. Also, if there is anything here relating to the 64 bit issue I would look at the more current article on this at

    First step would be to see if you can print to a local printer with the program, rather than across the network, to try to pin down where the issue is…

  303. Katie says:

    Thanks again.

    When the main network computer changes the printer properties to “print directly to printer” instead of “spool print documents”, I can print from Quickbooks on my pc, but then the main pc can not print anything.

    I’m not sure which revision I’m on either. I know the app. is QB Pro 2010.

  304. Katie says:

    I am running an R5 version.


  305. jessi says:

    thank you soooo much!! this wasn’t working for me, and i need it to work for my accounting class! i really appreciate it!!!!

  306. Max says:

    I’m wondering if Trish ever solved the problem, my problem is the same, but 25% of the time it’s not a problem.
    Sometimes I can e-mail invoices, sometimes it goes on-line and just stays in that state until I stop the process.

  307. Alisa says:

    I need your help please. I am running Vista 32 bit and QB Simple Start 2008. I have done all the fixes I have found online, including updating Vista, but still cannot print my tax reports. Any suggestions?? All other programs can print, but not Quickbooks. Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Charlie says:

      Alisa: That is off topic for here, as this article is about 64 bit systems. You have a very different issue. You might want to try the Intuit Community Forum for this.

      You don’t mention if you are getting an error or something, and it isn’t clear if you are having a problem with all reports in QB or just some, so I can’t give you direction…

  308. CJ says:

    Thx mate. You’ve helped a lot of people so far, add one more to the list.

  309. David Victor says:

    I am running Windows 7 64-bit and have this darned problem. Unfortunately neither method 2 (tried first) nor method 1 worked for me. I am a “veteran” of Windows Vista 64-bit and this problem and I was able to get that to work, but every time I wanted to fire up QuickBooks I had to go re-do the PDF1/Local Port thing because for some reason, it always “forgot”.

    This single nasty QuickBooks problem actually caused me to convert to a Mac running Parallels emulated Windows XP, which QB “liked”. But there were other problems so I converted back to Windows, upgraded to 7 and crossed fingers.

    No luck. Very frustrating.

  310. Luke says:

    Have same problem as david with 07 after installing their recent “update” which is just an add for QB2010. The fix worked the first time but now all the settings are the same and the problem is back after closing & opening QB. I’m beginning to think this is a planned bug.

    • Charlie says:

      Luke, not a planned bug, just very poor development process on their part. They rushed out an update and made some changes that they didn’t test in this combination of hardware. It has taken them longer to get a patch out for QB 2010 than I expected, and I’m guessing it is because they are wrapping up a multitude of bug fixes in the same release. I do know that they have a fix in the works, I just don’t know when it will go public.

  311. Luke says:

    just did end process on spwWOW64.exe without shutting down computer. restarted QB and it worked again until restarting QB again. How annoying.

  312. Alex says:

    Thanks! This worked after trying that the “HELP” on Premier 2009 didn’t. After calling tech support, I was told that I’d have to purchase suppoprt to fix this to work on Win7 or purchase 2010. YOUR FIX WORKED… THANKS!

  313. McGeeGee says:

    As a business student trying to learn quickbooks, this helped me soo much.

    Thanks kind sir.

  314. Owen says:

    I had the same problem, but with 32bit I did all the above, with no result, I had quick books freeze during re loading,
    I don’t know if this will help you but this is what I did and it works fine for me.I uninstalled Quick books, then
    I left clicked on windows logo bottom left, went to search, files or folders, entered quickbooks and deleted every file that was even slighty QB.
    I then logged off and set up a guest user and then logged in and reloaded quick books. Like I said it worked, Hope this helps, I had been pulling my hair out for hours and rang intuit, he must worked out pretty quick that I type with two fingers and sent me an e-mail pretty much with the advice above, but not the deleting bit.

    • Charlie says:

      Owen, I’m assuming that you are using the Australian version – if so, keep in mind that some of the technical issues (and resolutions) discussed here might not apply to you. There are differences between the Australian and US editions.

      I’m glad that you resolved the issue – hard to say what exactly was going on. If you set up a different user for the QB install, that was probably the most effective step most likely. And I would have looked at the QB printer configuration file in a 32 bit system.

  315. Owen says:

    Oh and charlie you rock dude!!

  316. Greatful says:

    Thank you so much Charlie. I tried method 2 first like you suggested, but when i was installing the updated driver it stopped responding half way through. I moved on the method 1 and it worked no with out any problems.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  317. Brian says:

    Thank You very much,

    You have helped so many people ahead of me and your advice is still working 2 years later. Just wanted to offer you thanks! Method 2 worked just as you described. Your instructions were very easy to follow and worked like a charm!

    Thank you again I am very greatful.


  318. LISA says:

    From the heavens above you have descended down like an angel to rescue me from certain demise.
    THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU! And if you don’t believe in heaven know that I for one, am glad that you are using your powers for good and not evil 🙂
    P.S. Oh in case you were wondering you fixed the issue.

  319. Allen says:

    Thanks, your advice fixed my printing problems too.

  320. Proxi says:

    I just had an end user with the freezing problem in 2010 Premier r10p. Even with that update it still would freeze on reconciliation. I tried the steps above and it didnt help. Reinstalled that printer driver and forced it to NUL and it still didnt help. Luckly my client had adobe acrobate pro installed on the machine. I changed the driver to the adobe driver and that fixed it.

  321. George Chianese says:

    Thank you so much. Method 2 worked for me on win7 for qb pro 2009. Working on this problem for 2 hrs before finding your solution.

  322. Jeff M says:

    Method 1 and 2 worked for me! Thanks a ton for this post.

  323. Brad says:

    I am unable to re-instakk 2008 Quickbooks onto a 64 bit vista machine.

    The support in South Africa is less than adequate and insanely moronic.

    Even though there has been a huche 64 bit issue with this package , they refuse to assist without the aftermarket support contract.

    I feel that the package with a known floor in it should automatically be indefinately supported , seeing that no real fix has come to date.

    After Quickbooks crashed the machine , reloading keeps on coming up with a “required to delete this folder: trying to run the program .

    Problem is that this file does not existon the hard drive.

    Help needed .

    Loaded the 2008 onto a Vista 32 bit machine and works fine .

    thanks in advance


    • Charlie says:

      Brad, I don’t have a specific answer for you on this one. Go to the Intuit Community Forums and search on “QBRegistration.dat” – there are a lot of threads discussing various issues with that. Note that it may be a hidden file (or in a hidden folder) so you may have to change some of your folder viewing settings.

  324. Alycia says:

    I’m speachless, I have not been able to reconcile or send a quote to a client without my system having to be completely restarted. I did method 1 and it did not work, then I did method 2 and it worked. I am not sure if it was a combination of both, but I’m thrilled. I have Windows 7 and I am not sure whether I am running 32 or 64 bit, but it worked. Thank you!!!!

  325. Kelly says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been searching for a fix every since I loaded QB Pro 2009 onto my new computer. Even though your fix was for Vista, I found it solved the same problem I was having with Windows 7. I appreciate the easy-to-follow instructions and screen shots. I was getting nowhere on the Intuit site! Your fix took me all of 10 minutes.

  326. Murrel says:

    Same issues with Vista 64 & Qkbooks Pro 2009: reconciliation locks program. Properties Shortcut (second tab)shows Target location: \Quickbooks 2005\QBW32Pro.exe. Could this be creating some of the program? How can and should I remove QuickBooks 2005? Thanks.

  327. Sandra says:

    Thank you so very much. A few years ago, when I was using Quickbooks Pro 5, I had a similar problem with the Quickbooks PDF Converter and recently I had to upgrade my computer and software and couldn’t remember how to fix the email problem error. I knew it had to do with changing the printer port but I couldn’t remember exactly how it was done. I did research online and came across your page and your fix, Method 2 worked like a charm on my now Quickbooks 2008, THANK YOU!!!

  328. scott says:

    Charlie, if I was on the panel, the Nobel prize would be yours for “saving time and sanity”.

  329. Joost van Haaren says:

    I ran into this problem today after installing QB2010 onto my 64bit Win7 machine. Even after all the updates applied to QB it still would hang when trying to send invoices.

    After much pain & frustration, I ran across this link on Intuit’s site that proviced a PDF fix tool that ended up resolving the issue for me.
    here’s the link to it:

    hopefully this helps everyone else too!


    • Stacy Taylor says:

      I run QB 2011 on Vista 32-bit, and this FINALLY fixed the problem I was having of not being able to email invoices to customers. I kept getting PDF Convertor errors, “missing component,” or “error – 30.”

      After many frustrating months of searching for a repair,I ran the Diagnostic Tool mentioned in the link, and it fixed the error, and I just emailed some invoices with PDF’s attached! Thanks so much for sharing this link!

  330. Ange says:

    Thanks for the link to Intuit’s Knowledge Base article on this problem. Their pdfix tool seemed to solve the problem – but my interrupted bank reconcilation is scrambled now, so I’ve got to figure that out next. Maybe you have an article on that, too? 😀 You’re the best!

  331. Alan says:

    This problem with QB hanging at the end of a reconciliation killed me for quite a while, but it is a SIMPLE FIX. Just go into control panel / printers, right click the quickbooks pdf printer and UNCHECK THE “USE PRINTER OFFLINE” OPTION.
    Don’t know how mine got clicked, but cleared the check mark and Voila no more problems !!!
    Good Luck.

  332. Angie S says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!

  333. Toni says:

    Thank you so much!!! Method 1 worked. Yippeeeee.

  334. Does the PDF problem correction address the issue of only one file may be sent by QB 2012 (ie: estimate or invoice)at a time

    • Charlie says:

      Gary, I’m not sure what exactly you are referring to. QuickBooks is designed such that when you click the “send” button in an invoice, it creates an email that has the current invoice attached.

  335. Sara says:

    I ran the software in compatibility mode and that usually does it for me…

  336. antoinette says:

    method #2 worked for me! I have windows 7 professional. I have had this problem for a long time and very grateful to find a solution. the intuit support had me install another print driver that didn’t solve the problem. thank you!!

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