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| November 3, 2008 | 7 Comments

As more people implement QuickBooks 2009 there is a rising storm of protest over changes in one feature – Online Banking. The 2009 release made a significant number of changes in this feature, and many people are finding that the new functions make their reconciliation of online banking transactions with their QuickBooks records very laborious. Intuit has heard this, and there are plans to create an update that will fix the problems.

I’m not going to list all of the complaints about the new feature here. You can go to the Intuit Community Online Banking forum to see what people are complaining about. I’ll note that some of the problems listed are due to improper setup or problems with the user’s computer. Also, note that there are a number of fixes to problems that are resolved in the R3 release of QuickBooks. It is clear, though that there are problems in the software.

If you are using QuickBooks 2009 and use (or want to use) the Online Banking feature, go to this discussion in the Intuit Community forum. Intuit has set this up to be the place where they will monitor complaints and try to answer questions about upcoming fixes. Greg Wright, an Intuit product manager, is responding to comments there (which is unusual for Intuit). He has listed a number of fixes that will be released in the future, and says that these will be released in a patch in late December (also unusual that they announce a timeframe on a patch like this). GOING FURTHER, he is giving out an email address where you can send comments, suggestions and questions – OnlineBanking_QB2009@intuit.com.

I don’t use Online Banking in QuickBooks extensively myself, so I don’t have much to say about the specific problems. From what I am reading, if you use Online Banking, don’t upgrade to the 2009 release yet. If you already have, make sure you have the latest update, and monitor that forum for further news.


Update 12/9/2008: Intuit has announced release dates for some fixes, see our article on the updates.

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  1. Tinga says:

    And to top it all off, Commerce Bank finally changed their name to TD Bank. If you go to banking/online banking/participating financial institutions and look at the list, “TD Bank Online” is listed. But if you then try to set up an account, “TD Bank Online” is nowhere to be found in that list. The bank says that they informed Quickbooks of the change (and they obviously did, since they are listed in the participating institutions) but Quickbooks dropped the ball at that point. FUMBLE! Thanks a lot Quickbooks.

  2. Charlie says:

    Tinga, an Intuit manager tells me that the TD Bank name change has been implemented. It should show up in your system now, but in case it doesn’t you may have to do a manual update of the list. See the Intuit KnowledgeBase article on this at http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Pages/KnowledgeBaseArticle/1006181

  3. Terri Wilson says:

    I wish I could say that the newest release made this all better but frankly it’s still a mess. I have told my clients who use online banking to not even consider upgrading. I really am not sure why Intuit made this change or who they thought it would benefit. Not being able to see the register from within the online banking screen still continues. Why “fix” something that wasn’t broken in the first place????

    • Charlie says:

      The R5 release improved some things for some people, but certainly didn’t answer all the questions. I’m trying to get an interview set up with someone there, but I haven’t gotten the right connection yet…

  4. Rob Herrera says:


    First, thanks for the blog.

    The Online Banking feature is essential to many. I do have to admit than in all my years using software (and building it), I have seldom seen such a blunder.

    We migrated to 2009 due to its multi-user potential and the improved reporting. We are now regretting this decision ENORMOUSLY.

    1) You have to PAY an additional $149 for the improved reporting (Intuit Statement Writer).

    2) The online banking is, simply put, such a complete miss in UI design and functionality that it is, in my opinion,
    irreparable. Backing to the 2008 interface would be the prudent and wise thing to do. As a former IT developer exec,
    I am familiar with the never-go-back mentality. However, in some cases, you do have to throw the towel for your customers.

    3) Still have not had time to test the multiuser feature.

    I whole agree with you. DO NOT move to 2009 if you use or plan to use Online Banking. I am as crafty as I come, but this could not come at a worse time for us.

    I am IMPLORING to INTUIT to basically go DEFCON on this issue, as the user noise is now considerable. Otherwise, do the right thing and back up the clumsy, buggy feature. It is better to save face.

    Hoping to save others from a costly mistake…


  5. James from Austin says:

    QB 2009 online banking was updated in R7 in March 2009. Unfortunately this still does not fix the issues. What used to take 5 minutes of work now takes 30 minutes. Downloaded credit card transaction fees are duplicated. It appears this went out the door without any testing in both functionality and user experience. I used to look forward to downloading my retail business daily deposits and credit card transactions. Now I dread it. Jim from Austin June 30, 2009

    • Charlie says:

      At this point in time they are field testing the R8 release, and it has a long list of corrections for the online banking feature. I can’t say if these will fix all of the problems or not – but at least we know that they are working on improving things. Also, in the Intuit Community forum on this, there is a note that say sthat the problems WILL be fixed in the 2009 release, that we won’t have to upgrade to the 2010 release to get a fix, as some people feared.

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