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| March 23, 2009 | 32 Comments

Intuit has released the R7 update to QuickBooks 2009 on March 23 – it is available via manual update. Automatic updates will probably be released later this week. This article was revised on 3/24/2009.

There are a number of changes with this release. Please note that I have not tested all of these changes at this time. I’ll point out some of the significant changes here – for a full list go to the update info page.

Manual Updates

If you want to get manual updates prior to the release of automatic updates, please use these links. Note that this was updated on 3/24/2009 – the Intuit upload web site didn’t have a copy of a manual update for Enterprise, just Pro/Premier (this could change at any time).

Online Banking

This is the big one – there are a lot of people waiting for this update. Several errors have been fixed, speed has been improved, and they have opened up the ability to access other areas of QuickBooks while you are adding transactions.

Katy Ivens of CPA911 has a PDF article that I highly recommend that you read if you are using online banking in QuickBooks. This article specifically addresses the changes in the R7 update.

Quicken Integration

Another big one – this was causing a lot of stress for some people. This release now allows you to convert a Quicken 2009 data file for use in QuickBooks, something that was advertised from the beginning but hasn’t worked until now.

64 Bit Vista Compatibility

BIG CHANGE here – as discussed in my 64 Bit Vista article, the PDF driver in QuickBooks hasn’t been working correctly in 64 Bit Vista systems. If you followed my instructions to patch the program, installing a new update would break the patch and you would have to redo the work. Intuit FINALLY has taken care of this, the R7 update will not break the PDF drivers on these systems. At least, not in my test system.

Accountant’s Copy

There are several changes here that are important if you are working with your accountant (or if you are an accountant working with a client). They fixed some bugs that would crash the program (many that related to multiple currencies) as well as some annoying errors that created problems for many people. I do recommend that you get this update if you are using the Accountant’s Copy feature. The 2009 product is much more reliable than prior years, and this release cleans up some important problems.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • In prior releases deleting a deposit with a payment as an item used to display an “unexpected” error code (aren’t all errors unexpected?) and would cause problems that could only be fixed by a “Rebuild” of the data file.
  • Prior to this release you could not restore a “portable company file” that was created from a QuickBooks company file larger than 2GB.
  • The “name list” import via IIF format works correctly.
  • There is a long list of fixes for the Intuit Statement Writer.
  • The Multiple Currency features have a number of bug fixes that are important if you are using this feature.
  • Payroll has a significant number of improvements.

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Charlie Russell is the founder of CCRSoftware. He’s been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70’s, focusing on inventory and accounting software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Look for Charlie’s articles in the Accountex Report blog, as well as his California Wildflower Hikes blog.

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  1. Laura Burrow says:

    We are still running QB Enterprise 2008. Could some of you who have upgraded to 2009 R7 suggest if you think it best to stay with 2008 until more issues are resolved or go ahead and install 2009 now?

    • Charlie says:

      Laura: That depends on lot’s of factors. Is QBE 8.0 working for you? Are there any new features in QBE9.0 that you need? If, for instance, you need multiple currencies, you probably should upgrade. If you do a LOT of online banking and downloading of transactions, you might want to wait. There are several nice things in the 2009 release, but if you don’t need them, I usually recommend waiting a bit. Also, do you have to pay for the upgrade? It might not be worth the cost. Many factors that depend on your situation. Outside of the online banking issues, though, I’m generally happy with the 2009 product.

  2. Jerry says:

    With regard to the changes in R7 pertaining to the pdf drivers; does this change update qb2008 or should this update not be loaded???

    • Charlie says:

      Jerry: That is the QB 2009 R7 update – it is an update only for QB 2009 (US editions at this time) so if you have QB 2008 it won’t have any effect. It will just tell you that it can’t find anything to update.

  3. Becca says:

    I’ve got QB Pro 09 running on Vista 64. Your tips have really helped me navigate some tricky obstacles, and I hope you can save the day again!
    Starting on Monday 3/23, I’ve gotten a problem window when I try to do a backup. The window states that there is a data problem and I must do a data rebuild before I can try backing up.
    When I go to utilities to do the rebuild, the first thing it wants to do is another backup. After a couple tries on that, I was able to get a rebuild done today. Sigh of relief. But then I went to do a standard backup again this afternoon, and got the same data error, and then back in the loop – unable to do a backup/rebuild.
    I would suspect the new update, but I haven’t done it yet.

    Any suggestions?

  4. Bill Pickett says:

    I’ve installed R7 and now I have a new problem. “Non-printable characters” in account and other names. Online banking refuses to allow addition of downloaded items to Quickbooks accounts until problem is fixed. Fix involves scrolling through every account name and manually looking for non-printable characters. Did that; didn’t find any. Now what? Any suggestions?

    I’ve used Quickbooks for over 15 years and have never had an issue with non-printable characters until R7. As the old saying goes, what were (are) these people thinking? I’m about to become a former Quickbooks user!

    • Charlie says:

      I’ve not seen this error myself, but there have been numerous comments about this problem prior to R7 in the user forums. The only file that I’ve had my hands on did indeed have invalid characters – and in that one case, the problem was created by the bank, they had provided an improperly formatted file. Of course, one would hope that Intuit would be able to come up with a way to filter for that, although in some cases it is tricky.

  5. Jerry says:

    After rebuilding, do u verify to determine if integrity is error free? If not, the same error will appear with the attempt to backup.

  6. Michael T says:

    Yesterday I was prompted to update to R7. Afterward I could no longer open my main company file. It appears to be corrupted. A restore from backup will take me back to january with too many entries to want to list that would have to be pieced back together. I am pissed and stumped on how to get my data back. Help!~!!!!!!

    • Charlie says:

      Michael: First, a nag – you really should be making backups more often than that! See my backup article.

      Next, there isn’t much that I can say as you don’t give us any real information. “Appears to be corrupted” – without knowing what you are seeing, specifically, there isn’t any comment I can make. I’ve updated quite a few installations to R7 and haven’t found any inherent problem with the update.

      Without having my hands on your file, there isn’t much more that I can say.

  7. Michael Trevors says:

    Sorry but I have never used a help site like this and was not sure there was anyone readily available. Thank you for being there.
    OK I am running QB Pro 2009 on Vista. Yesterday all was fine. Last night I was prompted to run the R7 update. I did. Since then I cannot access my main company file. I can access a secondary business on the same program AND a sample file but not the one I need. When I look for the files where I backed them up back in January in my documents (i know, i know) I noticed that the one that works is a .QBW and the one I cant access has the .QBM suffix. (issue?) I can give more info as requested. Thanks for the help.

    • Charlie says:

      Michael: In general, this isn’t really an interactive help site. I write articles that provide information about QuickBooks. I sometimes answer simple questions in the comments, but this blog isn’t really suited for working out details like this. You are usually better off going to the Intuit Community user forms at http://community.intuit.com/quickbooks. I also provide direct support services, but for a fee (contact info is in the “about” page link at the top).

      Note that a QBW file is a company file, a QBM file is a “portable company file”. You have to “restore” that, not open it. Upgrading to R7 wouldn’t by itself create a QBM file, you have to specifically create that. I’d wonder if your QBW file is somewhere else in your system, but without having hands on your system I can’t really say.

  8. Michael Trevors says:

    I appreciate the help and understand. The .QBM then is the portable that I sent when I upgraded to 2009 and transferred from my desktop to my laptop. Could there be a copy of the most recent .QBW file in Programs>Intuit>QB ? Why would QB be trying to access the database server as a means of opening the file.

    • Charlie says:

      Michael, I can’t really give you a specific answer without being able to see your system. I don’t know how you have set things up. Do a search for QBW file on your local machine – and if you are networked, look in the system that normally hosts your data. The file can be anywhere – it doesn’t have to be in a particular place. QB has some places it likes to start things – but the location depends on the operating system that you are using. And it isn’t forced to be there.

  9. Michael says:

    If I am using 2009 pro and my accountant has 2007 and sends me a QBM file that I can update myself (I am coding myself this year to save some $), 2009 is asking me if I want to update the file. I am assuming this means that I will not be able to give him back the file. Will I need 2007 myself to make this work?

    • Charlie says:

      Michael, once a file is upgraded it is extremely difficult to change it back to an older file (you have to buy some utility programs to do it, and yuo won’t be happy with the results probably). So once you get the file from the accountant, and use it, you can’t give it back. Any accountant that is working with QuickBooks clients should have the most up to date version, and in fact have several older versions as well. Intuit makes it relatively easy for accountants to keep up.

  10. Darren says:


    Is there a way to configure QB 2009 to create a back-up prior to updating? I am encountering problems similar to above post R7 (no longer able to open company file after R7 update).

    Following web support, I opened the port 8109; however, after doing so, I still received the same error (code -6210,0). Thinking this could be me, I disabled my firewall, yet the issue remains.

    Any suggestions?

    • Charlie says:

      Darren, I’ve only seen that error code in relation to a firewall issue, so I don’t have much I can help you with from here (without having access to your system). For updates, now you can’t force a backup before an update. The only suggestions I have there are:

      1) You really should be making backups on a regular basis so you don’t run into problems. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your database.

      2) I don’t use “automatic updates” usually, because I like to control when the update occurs. If you have multiple users, having the “update” notice pop up in the middle of the work day can be a major inconvenience (people tend to click on that update button even if it isn’t the right time to do it). But if you turn off automatic updates you REALLY need to pay attention to when updates are ready.

      3) Subscribe to this blog – I try to get a notice out prior to updates if Intuit announces them. This doesn’t always happen, though. Often they don’t announce updates that are released for older products (like the prior year version).

  11. Darren says:


    You are 100% correct. Despite the fact that I REMOVED my virus/firewall application (McAfee) I was still unable to run the program.

    As I’ve resolved the issue, in the interest of shared information, here’s the scoop.
    1. I called support – and was VERY, VERY KIND.
    2. I escalated to a supervisor.
    3. I explained that I’ve been unable to open the file since the installation of R7.
    — in short, this all related to R7 installation.

    R7 REQUIRES registration of individual “program files” in your firewall – even a deactivated windows firewall.

    Knowledge base Article 403317 (http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Pages/KnowledgeBaseArticle/403320) Firewall, internet security, and parental controls settings for updates and network access.

    In this page, it lists the fourteen (14) individual programs that must be registered in your firewall for the program to work correctly.

  12. Patrice says:

    Some good corrections in that release…

  13. Richard says:

    Our small company currently uses QB Pro 5 user and according to Intuit will stop supporting 2006 on May 15 including payroll upgrades and invoice email services. We intend to purchase 2009 Pro 3 User but reading some of the comments in this blog we have grave concerns. To date we’ve avoided Vista and wish to know if anyone now using QB Pro 2009 on XP is having speed problems and/or firewall issues I’m reading about here. Before buying 2009 should we consider another accounting package altogether?

    • Charlie says:

      Richard: I personally use QB 2009 on Vista without any problems, and I also have it set up on XP (for testing, not daily use), and I don’t have firewall or speed issues. There are people who have add problems, every firewall is different and every networked system has it’s flukes. Every installation is different. The biggest hassle with the 2009 product is for online banking, if you do a lot of transactions that way. NOTE that if you get a demo copy of Pro 2009 you can install it and still run your 2006 version at the same time, so you can test the 2009 product. Just don’t install the new version in the same folder as the older version. And make copies of your files – so that you have a 2006 file and a 2009 file, because once you open a file with 2009 it can no longer be opened with 2006. You can have seperate files for each version, continue to use 2006 for your production environment, and run tests on the 2009 program to see if it works for you (or to work on fine tuning it).

  14. LauraS says:

    We had the same problem. I read somewhere an answer that worked. Don’t know why Intuit couldn’t write some sort of batch file to do this but here goes:
    when quickbooks won’t back up, find the qbwin.log file on your computer, open it in notepad and
    write down a list of all the estimate numbers that it reported as having some stupid error.
    Then go back and open each estimate and type a PERIOD on the blank line AFTER the last line.
    Save each one.
    when you are finished, quickbooks will back up.

  15. Peter says:

    I am having some issues after updating to R7. When I go create and estimate, I am unable to print, turn it to pdf, email. When I try to create PDF it gives me an error stating I need to try to save the file again.

    But if I convert the estimate to an invoice, I am then able to convert to PDF, email, etc. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue I need to be able to save estimates to pdf.


    • Charlie says:

      Peter, I’ve not run into that problem on my system or with any of my direct support clients. You might search about this in the Intuit Community forum to see if anyone else has run across it.

  16. Adrian says:

    The feature that is still missing is autocompletion of deposits for the multiple match option. The autocomplete functionality used to cover both payments and deposits but now it is only working for payments. This is a big hassle.

    BTW, when typing in the account you used to be able to use the : to jump to the end of the current suggestion. That is not working either.

  17. diane offutt says:

    My clients are having problems with online banking error, non-printable characters. What in the heck is going on with Intuit? FIX this problem or everyone will drift to Peachtree. Most companies use online banking and in this day and age a company like Intuit should NOT have let version 09 out of the building until it was checked out completely. Now how about that fix???????????????????????//

  18. SN says:

    I have a Mac G5- maxed out the Virtual PC side with the new 2009 Quickbooks. Considered a laptop PC , but QB2009 does not recommend Vista. I need to know if this Vista issue is easy to resolve now. It appears that there are fixes out there. Do I need to worry about this change.

  19. JERRY MARDIAN says:

    i set out to make a cd with some files to put into another computer. i told it to send them instead of copy them. my QB is now on the CD in read only; can you tell me if and how I can open the program or undue the send. The QB program is no longer on the original C Drive because I clicked send instead of copy.

  20. Charlie says:

    Jerry, I’m not clear – are you talking about your company file, with the “QBW” file type? If it is on the CD, you should just be able to copy it back from the CD onto your C: drive…

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