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There are a lot of ways to get help with QuickBooks, and in today’s article I’m going to list a few resources for support and training that I’ve found to be helpful. Many of these are free, but some do have a cost involved. Updated 11/10/2009

This isn’t a comprehensive list of ALL resources that are available – but they are all ones that I’ve used, read or reviewed at one time or another. If you have any that you like that aren’t listed here, leave a comment!

Books and Training

  • Running QuickBooks 2010 Premier Editions: The Only Definitive Guide to the Premier Editions  by Kathy Ivens – an excellent resource if you are new to QuickBooks, or want to know more about the best way to use the program. If you are an accountant this is the one you want to start with.
  • QuickBooks Essentials: For All QuickBooks Users (Video Training) by Laura Madeira – if you prefer video with screen samples, this is a great resource. If you go to Amazon don’t run the sample they have linked there, they messed up the resolution so you can’t see anything. The DVD’s have superb quality.
  •  Quickbooks 2010: Solutions Guide for Business Owners and Accountants by Laura Madeira – an advanced book, it has topics that dig into depth in typical problems you might face. This isn’t your first QuickBooks book. I refer to it often
  • QuickBooks 2010 The Official Guide (Quicken Press) by Leslie Capachietti. This is the basic QB book – the author changes each year but the format is roughly the same. Some prefer this book over “Running QuickBooks” – a little softer approach to some information, more for the first time user who might not know accounting in detail. 
  • QuickBooks 2010: The Missing Manual by Bonnie Biafore. Another introductory book, a different writing style. The book is organized very differently than the one by Kathy Ivens. I prefer Kathy’s book, a friend of mine prefers Bonnies book, you can’t go wrong with either. 
  • QuickBooks Training in Spanish: I’m throwing this in because I’ve had a number of requests for this kind of information, and I’ve heard good things about them (I have not used them myself).
  • Free eBook: If you have a current version of QuickBooks you may be able to download a free version of the QuickBooks “Official Guide” as a PDF. I’m told that this might be s slightly different version than the one you can buy, although I’m not sure. Different people create the book each year. Select Help and then Learning Center Tutorials. In the window that opens, scroll down and look for the download link under “Additional training resources”. NOTE that this link might not always work. If you have an older version, the link may be broken. If you are asked for a “product code” when you try the link, you probably don’t have the most up to date release of QuickBooks (use automatic updates to update your installation, then try this link again).


Well, the easiest one to list here is Practical QuickBooks, of course! However, there are others that are worth watching.

  • Rustler’s QuickBooks Tips: Rustler (Jim Ernest in real life) is an outspoken user of QuickBooks, and a major contributor to the Intuit Community Forum. His blog contains his observations of what works and what doesn’t in QuickBooks, and he has many articles that explain how to use it in many business situations.
  • Michelle long and QuickBooks Tips, Tricks and Best Practices: Michelle isn’t a prolific blogger, but she does have some interesting posts. Some apply more to consultants working with QuickBooks clients.
  • Ruth Perryman and QB Specialists: Ruth is a very knowledgeable ProAdvisor and she throws out interesting tidbits in her blog.
  • Scott Gregory: Scott has a relatively new blog but it includes a number of interesting posts.

Web sites

  • Long for Success: Michelle Long again – her new web site, which has links to articles, books, tips and more.
  • CPA911: A web site run by Kathy Ivens, author of a number of books about QuickBooks. This is an outstanding resource for information on QuickBooks, with tips, a newsletter, and books.
  • Intuit Community: This is an Intuit web site and there is a lot here that can help. I particularly like the Forum, where other users as well as QuickBooks experts can answer your questions for free. The trick here is to ask a simple and clear question (and to state what version of QB you are using). Complicated questions are less likely to be answered.
  • QuickBooks Downloads: Another Intuit site – did you lose your QuickBooks CD and need to reinstall? This site provides links where you can download a copy of QuickBooks to replace that CD.


There are a number of tools that I use that I find very useful when working with QuickBooks. Here are a few, if I have reviewed the product I’ll link to my article.

  • Data Transfer Utility by Karl Irvin: The number one tool for moving information between QuickBooks company files.
  • Snagit by TechSmith: This isn’t specifically a QuickBooks tool, but I use it often. This is the best screen capture tool there is, helpful in documenting your internal procedures or capturing information to send to support…
  • Import/Export Tools by Baystate Consulting: My preferred tools for extracting transactions from QuickBooks, or importing transactions in from a variety of sources.
  • IIF Tools by Big Red Consulting: If you need to work with IIF files, or you are looking for the lowest cost data import utility, I highly recommend the tools by Big Red Consulting.
  • QODBC Driver: If you want to work with QuickBooks data on a programming level then this is the tool for you. ODBC is a database language, and unless you are a masochist you want to use this instead of the Intuit programming interface (the “SDK”).


In addition to the web sites are articles I have listed in other headings, here are a few people who provide expert assistance with QuickBooks (for a fee). I highly recommend each person listed here.

  • Laura Madeira: Laura is a nationally known expert and author on QuickBooks and job costing in particular.
  • Laura Dion: Another Laura? Yes! If you need help with straightening out your QuickBooks bookkeeping issues, Laura Dion is the expert. She often gives me comments on my blog articles, keeping me straight…

Do you have any favorite books, blogs, tools or web sites that I don’t list here? Let us know!

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  1. Great post, Charlie, filled with excellent resources that I’ll refer back to often … thanks for sharing your expertise!

    Christine Elisabeth von Malsen Hueber
    Your Social Network Strategist & Business Management Solutions Expert
    +1 530.582.8091

  2. Robin says:

    I use this site as one of my main supports, very informative and easy to understand. You’ve helped me many times as well by answering some of my questions on the manufacturing forum. Thanks so much,
    Concrete Inc

  3. Karen Magno says:

    Another service that has saved me a lot of times is an online backup service called Carbonite (http://www.carbonite.com/). This service continually backups up your computer if you are connected to the internet. When in error you realize that you have permanently deleted a file or you need to revert to a previous version of a document it is a life saver. In addition this is piece of mind in case your other backup device experiences a failure or you forget to backup on a regular basis.

  4. Charlie says:

    Yes, Karen, it is good to mention that. In fact, I have written an article about these kinds of backup services at http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2009/05/using-online-backups-to-save-your-quickbooks-data/

    Carbonite is the service that I use currently.

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