QuickBooks 2011 and PDF Printing – FINALLY FIXED!

| September 8, 2010

It has been a long time coming, but Intuit has finally fixed the problems with saving PDF files from QuickBooks! This fixes every problem I’ve seen so far, in both 64 bit and 32 bit systems. QuickBooks 2011 takes an entirely different approach to managing PDF files, and it works!

Updated 12/6/2012: See this article on QuickBooks and PDF drivers for the LATEST NEWS on how to fix PDF problems.

Why This Is a Big Deal

QuickBooks uses PDF files in a number of places – some that aren’t all that obvious. If you are emailing an invoice to a customer, QuickBooks creates a PDF file and attaches it to the invoice. You can use the “save as PDF” option in the File menu to save an order as a PDF file for local use. Less obvious – when you reconcile a bank or credit card account, the reconciliation reports are saved as PDF files.

For the past few years Intuit has used a “printer driver” from a company called Amyuni. It is installed as a printer driver just like any printer, although you wouldn’t normally “print” to it. This printer driver, in QuickBooks implementations, has had a long history of problems. Most of the issues have arisen in in 64 bit systems, where compatibility is always a problem. But the problems have not been limited to 64 bit systems.

I’ve written on this on many occasions:

This has been a continuous headache for many QuickBooks users, and people who support them. Even with all the bug fix releases, many people continue to have PDF related problems.

How They Fixed It in QuickBooks 2011

The solution is one that I’ve been wishing for ever since this started – drop the “printer driver” approach and use an internal PDF function. I use one in my own software, and I’ve never had problems with PDF printing on any version of Windows.


The QuickBooks PDF printer driver is gone. You won’t see it show up in your Windows control panel (if it is there, it is left over from older versions of QuickBooks). I’ve tested this on a variety of Windows systems, both 32 bit and 64 bit, and I have never run into problems.

Please note that we may still see problems – my tests don’t prove that all is well, but things are looking up!

If you have older versions of QuickBooks installed on your computer (most ProAdvisors will) then you must leave the QuickBooks PDF drivers installed for those versions. If you only have QuickBooks 2011, delete those old drivers, they just take up space.

I know that the technical changes that they had to implement were significant, so I doubt that they will be able to roll out this kind of change for older versions of QuickBooks. But that is just a guess on my part.

I am very happy with this update so far. We’ll see if we run into problems with this feature in some installations, but I expect that this will resolve all of those issues that people have seen with the prior approach.

Some Things Have Not Changed

Even though they have changed how PDF’s are generated, you still need to have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed if you want to see a previous reconciliation report.

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Charlie Russell is the founder of CCRSoftware. He’s been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70’s, focusing on inventory and accounting software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Look for Charlie’s articles in the Accountex Report blog, as well as his California Wildflower Hikes blog.

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  1. Steve Gill says:

    Hoorah!!!! Now if they only COULD fix prior versions it would be like heaven.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Keep these great posts coming Charlie – and continue to build your wish list. We may all be old and gray before all is developed, but one can dream.

  3. Great post as always Charlie. So many users have trouble with the PDF driver in QuickBooks. I can tell you are very excited about QuickBooks 2011. It does seem to have some very nice features added. I may even recommend to my clients to upgrade (after we have all used it for awhile, of course).

  4. Ron Acher says:

    Charlie, please explain the procedure as to how you now print a report as a PDF in the new setup.

    As previously noted, I have always ignored Intuit’s weak approach, and just used a full version of Acrobat to select Acrobat Distiller (or later Acrobat PDF Writer or any freeware substitute) as my printer. Never had a problem with this, and just ignored any Intuit error messages.


    — Ron

    • Charlie says:

      Ron, regarding reports – at this particular moment I’m on the road, (in Washington DC) and don’t have immediate access to my QB 2011 installation. I’ll be able to get to that next week. I don’t recall the details on reports to PDF at this moment – I’ll get back to you on that. Using Adobe Acrobat worked fine with reports – the problem was emailing and bank reconciliation, both which did not work with Acrobat directly (unless you just saved the invoice as a PDF and manually attached). This update solves those issues nicely.

  5. Rich says:

    Have they fixed the one that bothers me the most? I’m talking about being able to ‘Print Out’ a bill as it looks like on the screen. We can do it with Invoices, why not bills. I’ve been told ‘why, you put the bill in, you should have a copy.’ I’m an external Accountant and I like to show the client stuff on the bill that just doesn’t show the same whay when it’s shown as a journal. I’ve been using ‘Snag-It’ , which is great , but why not be able to just do it right in QB. I’ve asked this question on the Intuit Community site and really haven’t gotten much of a response, so maybe this is only a problem to me.


  6. Charlie says:

    Rich: That is a different issue than fixing the PDF driver. I don’t see a change in the “Enter Bills” screen that lets you print it. Snagit is a great tool, isn’t it?

    But there are some improvements on this screen, as you will see in an upcoming article (but not what you are specifically asking for).

  7. Ron Acher says:

    Hi Charlie:

    Any updates on reports to PDF?


    — Ron

  8. Charlie says:

    Sorry, Ron, it has been really hectic these past few weeks.

    If you have a report open in QB 2011, you can click on the “File” menu and “Save as PDF”. You can also click on the “Email” button and “Send as PDF”. It works quite smoothly.

  9. Bruce says:

    The problem I have relates to Acrobat [standard] pdf printing QB merchant credit card receipts to PDF with QB Pro 2010. Just to explain where this happens, you open receive payments on a customer with credit card payment as their preferred pay type, you save the transaction, the merchant account interface opens, processes the payment, & returns you to QB with a message that the payment was successful. Now, this is where the problems start: Click the “Print” button, change to the acrobat printer, press print, Acrobat opens the “Save As…” window, but locks up both the Save As window & QB. You end up force closing QB via task manager & when you re-open QB, the payment that was just processed by merchant services has not been entered or credited to the customer in QB, so you have to void the transacton online & do it all over again, this time without printing the receipt to the acrobat printer. Once you’ve completed the transaction without printing, then you bring up the completed transaction in QB receive payments, click on the “View merchant services transaction” link, and it will print the same exact receipt to the acrobat printer without error. It’s only when you print to acrobat just after the merchant transaction that it locks up. Do you know if this has been addressed in the 2011 upgrade?

    Who knows who’s to blame, but we’ve got two of the biggest software vendors that charge for support and near original prices for their upgrades, just to end up with a product that’s as full of bugs as the version before. I’ve gotten into the habit of checking support policies before I buy anything anymore. If they can’t include reasonable support, they’re not worth my time. I just wish there was a reasonable alternative to QB or I’d abandon it here and now.

  10. Charlie says:

    Bruce, that sounds like an issue in the Merchant Services functions (or within your computer system), and I don’t use QuickBooks Merchant Services. I’ve not run into that problem myself, so I can’t say if there is a change that affects that issue. This is a different issue than the one addressed in this article.

  11. Bruce says:

    Thanks Charlie, it took a while to digest the comments & realize that this thread was only about the “included” pdf converter that comes with QB, although there are a lot of similarities to my issue. This may not be the same problem, but I’m grasping for anything that will help, and hoping that my comments generates comments from anyone else with this problem.

    Found that if I end the splwow64.exe process with task manager as mentioned in one of your other blog postings about the QB PDF printer, it also saves me from force closing QB, so thank you for that. Since the acrobat issue is also possibly related to the 64-bit spooler task, I’ve matched the settings by selecting “Print directly to Printer” rather than to spooler. Will know the outcome the next time I process a CC. Got my fingers crossed.

  12. martin says:

    I spoke to a tech before and he shared me this..hope this helps

    Troubleshooting PDF Issues for 64bit only…tested and proven

    Common Causes:

    PDF installation, version or configuration, conflicting or damaged print / fax drivers, firewall settings and system issues.

    The best way to handle any PDF issue where you cannot save a form or report as a PDF is to start over from scratch. This will ensure that the PDF driver is correctly installed and configured.

    With QuickBooks closed…

    A. Search Computer and Temp folder for Intuit_QBOB

    1. From the Windows Start menu, Type: Intuit_QBOB
    Delete all that are found

    2. From the Windows Start menu, Type: %temp% to locate and open your Temp folder, Click on View > Details, Sort by Name
    Delete any Intuit_QBOB.pdf files that appear

    B. Warning:

    PDF in use or Intuit_QBOB won’t delete?

    1. End task on splwow64.exe

    Open the Task Manager
    Under the Processes tab, click on the column header: Image Name, to sort alphabetically
    Locate the splwow64.exe
    Select splwow64.exe by clicking on it once
    Click on End Process
    Click Yes to the message

    2. Restart the Print Spooler: Start > Type Services (or services.msi)

    3. Verify that the driver is not in use by another printer or PDF by checking the Printer Properties on every printer, fax and PDF listed. If it is, chose another driver to free up the Amyuni driver.

    C. Delete all QuickBooks PDF icons, drivers and NUL: port

    Note: Temporarily set the Microsoft XPS Document Writer as the default printer.

    1. PDF Icons:

    Open the Devices & Printers screen in Windows
    Delete all Amyuni, QuickBooks or Intuit PDF printer icons
    Right-click in a white space in the printer’s window then select: Server Properties or Run as administrator > Server properties.

    In Windows 7, select any other printer icon by clicking on it once then select Print server properties from the choice across the top.

    2. The only two tabs of concern here are the Ports and Drivers

    Under the Ports tab:
    Verify the presence of one (1) FILE: (Port type: Local port)
    There should be one, and only one.
    Add/Delete port as necessary

    Verify the presence of one NUL: (Port type: Local port)

    Delete the NUL: port

    Under the Drivers tab:

    Delete all Amyuni Document Converter drivers
    Note: If you discover a FaxTalk driver see: Things to remember (below)

    D. Manually install the PDF Converter

    Click on Add Printer from the Devices & Printers screen

    Add a new Local Port named NUL: (i tried to put my name and it works..hahaha)

    Choose Have Disk and Browse to the amyuni.inf in the QuickBooks installation directory

    Name it according to version of QuickBooks:

    2008 & 2009 (latest release) = QuickBooks PDF Converter
    2010 (latest release) = QuickBooks PDF Converter 2.0

    Configure the PDF properties
    >Right click on the QuickBooks PDF Converter 2.0 icon then click properties.
    >Go to the advanced tab.
    >Driver should be Amyuni Document Converter
    >the following options should be selected:
    >start printing immediately
    >print directly to the printer
    >enable advanced printing features

    E. Test Saving a Report or Invoice as a PDF in the QuickBooks Sample file to exclude your data and customized reports and forms from the troubleshooting equation, i.e. template or data damage

    Open a Report or Form

    Using the main menu across the top of QuickBooks, click on: File > Save as PDF

    Name the file and Save it to a New Folder on your Desktop

    Regardless of the error received on the first attempt, commonly a -41 or -20, Save as PDF again. You should be successful.

    Open your data file and walk through your normal workflow (Emailing, etc.)

    Note: If this fails, the issue is specific to this file. This is commonly caused by a damaged template, logo or list item.

    F. Reboot the computer

    G. Open the Printers window and verify the QuickBooks PDF Converter is READY and not OFFLINE

    ·If the PDF Converter is OFFLINE, double-click on the icon to open the PDF printer queue

    ·Click on the Printer menu and deselect: Use printer offline

    H. Open QuickBooks to test saving and emailing a PDF from QuickBooks

    Things to remember…

    Can’t Batch email: If you can save as a PDF and email one at a time but not in a batch, the most likely culprit is the default printer or firewall. Start by downloading the appropriate driver from the printer manufacturer’s website, then uninstall the printer. Follow the PDF removal and manual PDF reinstall instructions above, then test saving as a PDF. Regardless of outcome, reinstall the printer.

    If the problem still exists, ensure you have your firewall software available to reinstall. Completely uninstall the firewall/anti-virus software program. Reboot the computer and test creating a PDF (File > Save as PDF) the reinstall the firewall/anti-virus software (Norton, McAfee, AVG, etc)

    If FaxTalk Messenger 4.5 is on your computer, please upgrade to the latest version of FaxTalk Messenger available from http://www.faxtalk.com or uninstall it from your computer. (Known conflict)

  13. Charlie says:

    Thanks, Martin, but that is a bit out of place here. None of that applies to QuickBooks 2011 (which this article is about), as QB 2011 dosn’t use the same AMYUNI driver. All that stuff applies to versions PRIOR to QB 2011…

  14. Bruce says:

    In my opinion, Intuit should be applying and releasing fixes like the PDF fix to ALL Quickbooks version owners. Why should we have to pay for an upgrade to the new version to get a fix to a serious flaw in their software, which you’ve documented, has been going on in various degrees for several versions now?

    Quickbooks prompted me for an R9 update to QB 2010 today, which was followed by a pop up advertisement in QB inviting me to upgrade to QB 2011 for a whopping $549 (including their “generous” $50 discount). Releasing software with known bugs and then forcing you to purchase a support ticket to get their bugs fixed, or selling upgrades to get those bug fixes, should be a crime. Someday, I hope to receive one of those litigation judgement letters in the mail stating that Intuit has been found liable to me for a generous refund.

  15. Jeff says:

    Does this fix in QB 2011 also fix the problem of not being able to print bulk statements and/or invoices? We generate about 144 statements each month for billing to our clients and QB has never let us print them as one big PDF file, even though we can send them to the local network printer to be printed (hard copy) as one bunch.

  16. Kevin says:

    Just installed Quickbooks Pro 2011. Same problem as before… can’t email invoices! This is driving me crazy…

    • Charlie says:

      Kevin, I’ve not run into problems with this or had my hands on a system that had a problem. So I don’t have much to say. What is the symptom you see? If you have an invoice window open, can you “save to PDF” which you should see in the File menu?

  17. Katie says:

    Charlie, I was so excited when I found this entry as I have been searching through other forums and your past entries on this issue all day. When I saw this article I almost leapt with joy since I just received my QB 2011 CD in the mail this week. I installed it, opened it, tried saving an invoice as a PDF and….nothing. Still the same old problems. I had been sure to delete the PDF Converter icon in my Printers section of my control panel, and it is now back. I even tried creating a new invoice and saving it as a PDF and still get the Intuit Printer Library window with the error message ‘Could not print to printer…’ Is there something else (a file perhaps) that needs to be deleted when upgrading from 2010 to 2011 to make this PDF fix work?

    • Charlie says:

      Katie, it is hard to give a specific answer without having access to your computer. You should not see the QuickBooks PDF Converter reappearing if you ONLY have QuicKBooks 2011 on your system.

  18. Melanie says:

    I have brand new computers with Windows 7 – Ive only installed the Quickbooks 2011 and I still cannot create a pdf or email. I have done as Katie above several times and still no satisfaction. If you have any suggestions I would greatly apprecitate it.

    • Charlie says:

      Melanie, you don’t give me much to go on. Are you getting an error message, or what? Without specifics, there isn’t much that I can say.

  19. Jake says:

    Like Katie, I installed QB 2011 and still had the PDF problem. Turned out that, after installing QB 2011, I still had to go to Help -> Update QuickBooks. There was an update which I installed and which finally solved the problem. Remember that, even though there is a message, upon installation, indicating that the update has been successfully installed, it isn’t really installed until you exit QuickBooks and start it up again. Just as an aside, they tried to make me pay for the information that there was an update. After arguing the point that this was a bug, the tech finally relented and told me about the update for free. Imagine!

  20. Gery Baar says:

    Does anyone know of an attorney who will assist me in creating a Class Action Lawsuit vs. Intuit per the PDF Converter fiasco?

    After having to fix my pdf converter for the 5th time in 5 months, an hour or more each time, and spending over an hour with Intuit Tech Support on the phone while they took control of my computer but yet could not resolve it I finally relinquished and purchased QB 2011 Pro which resolved the problem.

    If they could fix it in 2011, they could have and should have issued the same fix for 2010. I had absolutely no reason to purchase 2011 other than this pdf converter issue. A software company like Intuit should fix bugs in products they sold and not force people to buy an upgrade to fix a widely known and persistent problem. They blamed Microsoft for the frequent updates they do to Windows 7 which causes their “fixes” to break again. Like Intuit should be surprised that MS updates frequently?

    I want reimbursement for the upgrade cost and my 20 hours of time dealing with this problem. They should have replaced the “printer driver/Amunyi driver architecture with a real solution long ago. They finally did, but they force you to buy 2011.

    I am not a litigious person, but this has gotten under my skin. It looks like a slam dunk for a good attorney.

  21. Back to Beantown - Boston Shirts says:

    I have a client with windows 7, 64bit with this unreal issue of not being able to print pdf/email. Quickbooks failed miserably on this one, and sooo many others.

    I tried all these things qb recommended and what solved it was removing all the printers except xps doc writer.

    click doc writer and go to server properties on the top bar. for all the amyuni drivers, make sure to set the permissions to be lenient towards your user. and ta-da.

  22. perfdata says:

    Just downloaded the latest version of QB 2010 Pro and did a clean install, it still is installing the 2.0 converter, unbelieveable. Lawsuit, I’m in!

    • Charlie says:

      John, if you are seeing the 2.0 converter, then either you don’t have the most up to date version of QB 2010, or you didn’t get rid of the older converter. In some systems, if you have both the 2.0 converter and 3.0 converter, your Windows Control Panel will label it as 2.0, but if you right click on it you will see that it has both 2.0 and 3.0. And, I’ll note, that my 2010 installations all use the 3.0 converter and work perfectly well. But, THIS article is about QB 2011…

  23. perfdata says:


    These are the steps I took:

    1. I downloaded QB2010 R10 from the most recent version link
    2. I did a COMPLETE uninstall of the current version of QB including cleaning the registry.
    3. I deleted all the converters
    4. On the Intuit site is states “This issue has also been resolved in the latest releases for QuickBooks 2009 and QuickBooks 2010. Download the latest release for your version of QuickBooks.” This is the link I followed for the update.
    5. I did the clean install then did all updates.

    Nothing. 5 hours of time today on top of 5+ previously and my client is blaming me for Intuit’s junk software so I can’t charge them. Ive been doing break-fix for 6 years and these guys crank out the worst software in existance.

  24. Sage says:

    Katie, did you ever resolve this? I’ve just installed 2011 and I’m having the same problem exactly.

  25. Peter says:

    I see a comment that one still needs acrobatreader to see reconcilliation reports WHY !!
    I use foxit reader and do not want to load acrobat on my computer due to its size etc.
    Can I not point QB to the foxit reader??

    Many thanks – anyone

    • Charlie says:

      Peter, they hard-coded the requirement for Acrobat Reader into the program, so I am not aware of any workaround. But that isn’t to see the CURRENT reports – just prior/archived ones. You can get around this by just printing the current reports using whatever PDF printer driver you want, then saving that outside of QuickBooks.

  26. Davidb says:

    Charlie, I feel your pain, same issue here. How they can sell this crap is beyond me. I have 4 support tickets open, and have done clean installs, debugs, keep going down the same path with their help desk, basically the whack a mole approach. 2010 and earlier will simply not work reliably with Win 7 64 bit.

    I am all for a class action suit, this whole thing has been a fraud on Inuit’s part. Our only option is to buy 2011 or buy and train folks on how to use pdf driver.

  27. Davidb says:

    Above post was really replying to perfdata, not Charlie.

  28. Charlie says:

    The odd thing is – the 2010 product works fine on my Win 7 64 bit system. So there is more going on that JUST the issues with Intuit software and that driver. Most systems I work with, I can get it running, but very often I find that it is an issue in Win 7 that is causing the problem (once you have the most up to date QB product installed). Win 7 x64 is a real pain to deal with in many cases. I have other software that doesn’t like the x64 system.

    However, a lot of people just can’t get QB to work in that environment. Many, many variables. And QB 2011 has its problems right now, too.

  29. james says:

    Hello, this works fine if you have the microsoft xps document writer. Do you know how to get that installed even after doing all the fixes quickbooks has and the repairs of .net framework? I cant get the xps document viewer to install on an xp machine and quickbooks is telling me thats what changed.

    • Charlie says:

      James, QuickBooks should install that itself. Is your XP machine up to date with the latest service pack? If not, that would be the problem.

  30. Michelle says:

    After spending a day trying to get Quickbooks 2010 printing to work on my Win7-64 system, I gave up and bought the Quickbooks 2011.

    Now, after spending another day upgrading then trying all of the same fixes I still cannot print.

    How can Intuit still be in business???

  31. Todd says:

    I finally got my Quickbooks 2011 (upgraded from 2010) to print.

    I opened Windows Explorer and entered the following location: C:\Users\All Users\Application Data\Intuit

    In Windows 7, some of these folder levels are hidden. You can just type it as shown above or change your Explorer settings to show hidden files/folders.

    Once in the “Intuit” folder. I went into the “Quickbooks 2010” and “QuickBooks 2011” folders and renamed the “QBPRINT.QBP” file in each to “QBPRINT.QBP.OLD”.

    And that worked for me. Sadly, it took 6 hours of effort to find the right combination of things to try. Prior to this, I had tried:

    a) upgrading from 2010 to 2011

    b) reinstalling every possible version of the Amyuni pdf converter

    c) changing all kinds of print properties settings

    d) reinstalling the XPS Printer Driver (which is used by 2011 instead of the pdf converter)

  32. Gitte says:

    I had some problem as Michelle. Brand new computer, bought Pro2010 Dec 30 and then my accountant told me I need 2011 for a new small business.

    Bought that in Jan and only entered some bank statment service charges and balances and have not been able to print anything or do a bank rec, get a not-responding message and screen fades after a few minutes.

    Spent 4 1/2 hours on phone with tech support yesterday (after two hours in January when I upgraded to 2011) and uninstalled all and re-installed new Pro2011, was deeper in to the workings of my computer than I ever want to be again.

    What a waste of a weeks time. I have been a Simply user for many years and couldn’t tell you if they have a tech support or live community help as I have never contacted anyone.

  33. David Barker says:

    I have a work around for the “Need Adobe Installed” for viewing previous reconciliation reports. See my article at:


    This technote outlines a method that tricks Quickbooks into believing that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed. This workaround will allow your default PDF viewer to open the PDF file that Quickbooks is requesting.

    I now have an Adobe Free workstation and feel less vunerable to zero-day PDF exploits.

    • Charlie says:

      Thank you, David.

      Folks – two comments on this. First, I’ve not tried this out myself at this time, so be careful. I don’t know if there are any issues here – and I don’t know if this will “stick” through QuickBooks updates and upgrades. Second, it involves editing your registry, which you ALWAYS have to be careful doing. Manually editing the registry shouldn’t be done unless you are familiar with it. There is a file to update your registry, and I have not audited it to make sure it is OK.

      I’m not saying that there is a problem there, just that I haven’t checked it out myself.

  34. susan braddy says:

    I installed the new 2011 quickbooks within the last month…. have never ever had printing .pdf files problems prior to the install… then all of a sudden bam…. some files wont print it is like 9 of of 10 times .pdf files will not print. I am using windows 7 and 32 bit OS…. read the posts and think this may be where it is coming from since adobe is all up-to-date and I did not have the upgrade issue… anyone else having the same issue… I have not tried to print from Quickbooks 2011 yet only .pdf files from other sites. I have tried saving them and then printing…. nope… not a go….I will try the renaming of the Qbprint.qbp files

  35. Spectroid says:

    Same problem with QB 2011 Accountant (Rev R5P) installed on a Dell E6410 with Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Using Acrobat 9.3 Pro. Print a report to Acrobat and crashes QB after printing 2 or 3 reports; although not consistent.

    Just implemented Todd’s renaming solution. Printed a dozen times or so with no glitches. Looking good!

  36. Charlie says:

    Just a note – the renaming of the QBPrint file (which I had outlined some time ago in another article back in 2008 at http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2008/10/solving-quickbooks-problems-on-64-bit-vista/ ) is a separate issue from the PDF issues. That file holds the specific printer settings that you choose for different reports (etc), and sometimes it gets corrupted. Rename (or erase) it, QuickBooks recreates it clean. Totally separate from PDF driver issues, and has no connection with any version of QuickBooks specifically, or any version of Windows. It can happen in any situation – and that is a very good thing to try right off the bat if you are having printing issues. A good first step.

  37. Barbara Gregory says:

    No, I want a copy of the bill, too.

  38. Charlie says:

    Barbara – I’m sorry, I’m not sure what this is in reference to?

  39. Karl says:

    I don’t consider anything fixed. When I save an invoice as a pdf it creates a pdf with lines, which is opposite my print settings, and I cannot find a setting to stop that.

    When I print to pdf using Acrobat distiller, which by the way worked perfectly in QB 10, more than half the time QB 11 freezes.

  40. Mike says:

    Same problem…

    Tried numerous variations on the fix. I had finally fixed it a few months ago but then had to do a full reinstall on a new hard drive and it’s back.

    Windows 7 with NZ version of QB2010/2011 release R3P. No updates for us we’re just expected to put up with it!

    I’ve tried a vast range of variations on the themes. Can’t wait for the opportunity to change software one day!

    I will continue to tell anyone who expresses any interest in QB to stay well away. Clearly a company that does not care about its customers.

    • Charlie says:

      Mike, keep in mind that the Australian version is very different in this regards than the US version, which is what I am discussing in this blog.

  41. Mike says:

    OK, about 20 minutes after that diatribe against QB, a rep responded to a query I had emailed in a few hours earlier. I tried their suggested variation on the theme and it worked!!!

    Copy below. There are a small additional steps to the normal suggestions so hopefully they may solve the problem for others like me.

    I didn’t appear to have the splWOW64.exe process running but so far so good!


    Why do I get the error: ‘ Could not print to printer. Check your printer selection. Printing may have been cancelled from another program’?


    This is an error that will occur on a 64-bit Windows Operating System.

    The solution below can be used for the following errors as well:

    · QuickBooks PDF Converter Activation Error -20: You cannot print directly to the QuickBooks PDF Converter. Try using QuickBooks Save as PDF menu option or Activation error. Printer not activated. Error code -20.

    · The device is not ready.

    · QuickBooks could not save your form as a PDF file.

    · Unable to save as PDF.

    · Other .PDF file-related errors may occur when you email transactions.

    · QuickBooks stops responding when you try to reconcile accounts.


    Check for PDF Converter conflict with older versions of QBi

    · Make sure that you are logged in to Windows with administrator rights. Check with your network administrator to see if you have administrator rights. Ensure that QuickBooks is closed.

    Windows 7 & Vista users must login as the built-in Administrator:

    1. Click on Start, then All Programs, then Accessories, then right click Command Prompt and left click Run as administrator;

    2. Type in the following command to turn on or off the account:

    a. Turning on: net user administrator /active:yes

    b. Turning off: net user administrator /active:no

    · Click the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel.

    · Windows 7: Under Hardware and Sound, click View Devices and Printers.

    · Windows Vista: Under Hardware and Sound, click Printer.

    · Windows XP: Double-click Printers and Faxes.

    · If you see both QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter and QuickBooks PDF Converter, continue with this section. Otherwise go to the next section: If problems persist, reassign the Port for the QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter.

    · Right-click the QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter and choose

    · Windows 7: See what’s printing.

    · Windows Vista & XP: Open.

    · If there are items in the print queue, clear the queue, then close the window.

    · Right-click on QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter

    · Windows7: select Remove Device.

    · Windows Vista & XP: select Delete.

    · Right-click on the other QuickBooks PDF Converter and view the printer queue. Delete items in the queue then close the window. Now choose to delete the QuickBooks PDF Converter.

    · Close the Devices and Printers window.

    · Delete the QuickBooks printer files – QBprint.qbp and wpr.ini:

    § Windows 7 & Vista: C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks 2010-11\

    § Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ Intuit\QuickBooks 2010-11\

    · Go to the QuickBooks installation directory. The default directory is: C:\Program Files x86\Intuit\QuickBooks 2010-11\.

    (See Additional Note below if you cannot locate your installation directory)

    · Find install.exe and double left-click to run it. Wait while the white text scrolls through the black window. When finished, close all Windows.

    · Open the Devices and Printers window, right-click Amyuni Document Converter 300 and:

    · Windows 7: select Printer Properties, then Rename to QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter.

    · Windows Vista and XP: select Rename and enter QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter.

    · **Note** The file must be renamed exactly as shown here, including spaces.

    · Close the Devices and Printers window and test PDF functionality in QuickBooks.

    If problems persist, reassign the Port for the QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter.

    1. Delete the QuickBooks printer files – QBprint.qbp and wpr.ini:

    § Windows 7 & Vista: C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks 2010-11\

    § Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ Intuit\QuickBooks 2010-11\

    2. Click the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel.

    · Windows 7: Under Hardware and Sound, click View Devices and Printers. Then right-click the QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter and choose See what’s printing.

    · Windows Vista: Under Hardware and Sound, click Printer. Right-click the QuickBooks PDF Converter and choose Open.

    · Windows XP: Double-click Printers and Faxes. Right-click the QuickBooks PDF Converter and choose Open.

    3. If there are items in the print queue, clear the queue, close the window, right-click the QuickBooks v303 PDF Converter and choose Printer Properties.

    4. Click the Ports tab and then click the Add Port button.

    5. Select Local Port and click the New Port button.

    6. Enter NUL: in the Enter a port name field, click OK, and then click Close.

    7. Be sure that the NUL: port is selected in the Ports list and click Apply.

    8. Click the Advanced tab.

    9. Select Spool print documents so program finishes printing faster.

    10. Clear the checkbox labelled Enable advanced printing features.

    11. Select Print directly to printer.

    12. Click the Driver drop-down arrow and select Amyuni Document Converter 300.

    13. Click Apply and then click OK.

    14. Right-click the Windows taskbar and choose Task Manager.

    15. Click the Processes tab.

    16. Select splWOW64.exe and click the End Process button.

    § Windows 7 and Windows Vista: Click End Process in the warning window.

    § Windows XP: Click Yes in the warning window.

    17. Close all applications and restart the computer.

    Test PDF generation in the following order:

    Open any Report in QuickBooks 2010/11 and email it.

    Open a Tax Invoice, select a Quicken Standard Template and email the invoice.

    Open a Tax Invoice, change the Template to your desired template and email it; it should email successfully.

    When complete, Windows 7 & Vista users should log out of the built-in Administrator account.

    Additional Note

    To find the location of your installation directory:

    · right-click the QuickBooks 2010-11 desktop icon and select Properties;

    · read the location in the Target box;

    · click on Open File Location to open to the installation directory in Windows Explorer.

    Thank you


    Reckon Advantage Support

  42. Jay Core says:

    Just installed quickbooks pro 2011 and it keeps telling me i need to create a profile to email invoices with windows mail…i believe i have a profile i think.Tech support was no help at all.Can anyone give me any ideas on what to do?Thanks!

  43. Jay Core says:

    yes that is the email but i have it set up for windows mail.

  44. Charlie says:

    Jay, I don’t use that method of emailing, so I don’t have a definitive answer. My recollection is that you have to set up the profile in Internet Explorer. Sometimes QB won’t find it, though. If you have a second computer with QB on it, try setting it up there also, see if it works. But IE needs to know what profile you are using

  45. jenni j says:

    I just updated my QB from pro 2008 to pro 2011. I just finished a reconciliation and tried to print it and nothing happens just as before in the older version. Any suggestions?

  46. Greg says:

    Not so fast this is not fixed completely in 2011
    Upgraded two machines from 2009 to 2011.
    Never had any problems before with emailing PDF files but now, one machine just won’t do it.
    Comes up with missing component error.
    QB support sent me a PDF fixer app that installs the quickbooks PDF printer.
    Uninstalled, reinstalled QB. Compared settings on both computers and they match. tried a bunch of suggestions from forum but no PDF.

  47. Greg says:

    Finally figured it out based on your article.
    Quickbooks support sent me in the wrong direction by sending me the pdf fixer app that installed the quickbooks pdf printer.
    You state that quickbooks no longer uses the quickbooks pdf printer. I checked all my machines and the one with issues was missing the microsoft xps document writer in printers.
    I downloaded the xps veiwer from Microsoft and installed it. THis fixed the problem but at the same time uninstalled my office apps. Once i reinstalled them all is rigth in the world again. PDFs directly to outlook from quickbooks.
    Thanks for your article as qucikbooks support doesn’t have a handle on this.

    • Charlie says:

      Greg, I’m saying that QuickBooks is no longer using the Amyuni PDF driver, which has been causing problems for years. They have moved to something based (as you are aware) on the XPS driver, much more stable and compatible. Supposedly QuickBooks will establish the XPS driver itself when you start it – but there are many variations of this depending on the version of Windows you have and other factors. I’ve not had my hands on a system where the XPS driver wouldn’t install, so I’ve not been able to play with a situation where you had to manage it directly.

  48. James says:

    It’s a shame that they can fix this, but they still can’t allow users to configure the file naming convention for PDF’s when using the batch invoice email feature. For my own reasons, I do not like the fact that it includes the invoice number in the filename. Therefore, every time I send emails I have to manually save each one as a PDF and give it a file name, then email them all myself manually. It takes me over an hour when really I should be able to do it in seconds from Quickbooks. I read that you used to be able to configure a file in earlier versions to customize the PDF filenames, but you cannot do this in later versions. Please Intuit, stop acting like it’s still the 1990’s and allow us to configure our PDF filenames.

  49. Chad says:

    I have spent 2 horus on Server 2008 R2 and this problem. You cannot seem to enable XPS on Serer 2008 that I can figure out. Intuit tells me to ‘call microsoft’ after a 1 hour suport call. Anyone figure this out on Server 2008R2 / QB 2011? I am stuck…

  50. Dave says:

    well, I am very unhappy, not fixed for me. This is the 3rd “upgrade” I’ve done while using Windows 7 that I hoped would fix this specific problem. A few weeks ago it came up, I fixed it by removing and re-installing. Now, it’s back, and that did not help. I spent a few hours thrashing around trying to implement what I see here and on intuit’s site, but to no avail. I am SOOOO frustrated, I think I am going to move to a competitor. It’s a shame because I am an intuit developer. You would think I would have the ability to get this fixed! Error is:

    QuickBooks could not save your form as a PDF file.

    Do one or more of the following:

    · Try saving the form again.
    · Close all other open programs and then try to save the form again.
    · If the form does not display correctly in Print Preview, this could indicate a printing problem.

  51. Anne says:

    OS: Win 7 professional 64 bit
    QB version: Quickbooks Pro 2011

    I do not have previous versions of quickbooks installed on this (new) computer. I did copy over old company files from previous versions of quickbooks however (essentially as backup–I haven’t touched them). I only opened a copy of a 2010 file to upgrade it to 2011 on this computer some months ago.

    I use (and always have used) the free and problem-free PDFCreator from sourceforge to create PDF files. I have Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft XPS Document Writer installed.

    Whenever I reconcile (when I click on Reconcile Now), Quickbooks stalls/freezes. Today I left it to see what would happen and it has been hanging for about 20 minutes now and nothing. I recall this happening last month. I had to force QB to shut down last time because I didn’t know what else to do. This time I left it open.

    When I go to my printers, it does show QuickBooks PDF Converter in there (I thought you said it shouldn’t be there with QB Pro 2011?) and there’s an error/warning icon on it (the yellow triangle with an exclamation mark) and if I select it or check properties, it says it’s: Amyuni Document Printer 300. It also says it’s the default printer! Why? I never selected it as default. It seems to keep making itself the default printer. In any case, if I open it up, I see in the queue:

    Error – Printing
    Port LPT1:

    QB seems to automatically select this Amyuni junk behind the scenes and then it stalls and fails… and it looks like it makes itself the default printer somehow on top of it all. Ridiculous.

    So this time I just closed the Intuit_QBOB_Internal.pdf print job in the printer queue. Then I received the following Intuit Printer Library error popup in Quickbooks (twice):

    Could not print to printer.
    Check your printer selection.
    Printing may have been cancelled from another program.

    Meanwhile the “Working” popup window with the green progress bar has popped up in the background that says:

    Please wait while QuickBooks generates and saves your reconciliation reports.

    The “Working” progress bar stalls while the error popup is on the screen though.

    I have to click on the “OK” or “x” twice for the error popup to go away and then the progress bar moves again and completes and then finally things start working again and the Select Reconciliation Report window appears where I can select the reconciliation report(s) I want to create/see. From this point on it works properly, as it used to. I select “Both” and click on “Print…” and then the printer selection window pops up and I can select my trusty PDFCreator from the list of printers.

    After I was done, I checked my printers again and my default printer had automatically returned to what it was supposed to be (my HP printer). Bizarre. So I tried deleting the QuickBooks PDF Creator from my printers (right-clicked and selected “Remove device”) and went to do another reconciliation and got the same Intuit Printer Library errors that I mentioned above (twice), followed by minor stalling and then the report selection popup, etc. And now that this reconciliation is done, I looked at my printers again and the QuickBooks PDF Converter is back… it’s insidious! It reinstalled itself apparently.

    So attempt #3… I started another reconciliation without uninstalling the QuickBooks PDF Converter first this time. I continued to get the Intuit Printer Library errors. And during the process, I pulled up my printers and see that QuickBooks PDF Converter has made itself the default printer again!

    I don’t know that it’s relevant, but I do have Microsoft XPS Document Writer (someone mentioned it in previous posts) and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

    I don’t even know if this is an Intuit/QB or MS/Windows issue but it seems to be an Intuit issue. I never encountered this changing default printer thing before with any other program and I doubt that Windows is forcing the reinstallation of the QuickBooks PDF Converter!

    So does anyone know what is going on and how to stop this nonsense? If the answer is in a comment above, could someone please direct me to the appropriate comment? I don’t know which, if any, apply to my situation.

    • Carol says:

      I have QB Enterprise 10 R4 and updates installed and problems with the reconsiliation printing. After reviewing lots of threads and having to shitdown twice, I stumbled upon the PDF printing error, and indeed when I looked at the QB pdf printer, there was an exclamation, and the reconciliation was in there with a print error. Once I canceled the document in the printer dialog box, I was able to go back to QB and it released and just gave me a print error. After I went to the intuit link below and ran the pdf diagnostic tool, it seemed to fix the issue. I would not run the One Note fix even if you have it because now it seems to default to one note printer now in QB but at least I can change it and QB is not freezing anymore.


  52. Bulbous says:

    Having the same problem with a fresh install of QB Enterprise 2011 on a new Windows 7 64-bit machine.

    I can get the print to .pdf working, but ONLY if the QB PDF Converter is set as the default printer. If it is set to anything else, QB PDF printing fails.

    • Charlie says:

      I don’t have an answer at this point, without having hands on your system that is hard to figure out. However, Enterprise 2011 doesn’t use the QB PDF Converter any more, so something isn’t installed right on your system. Make sure you have the Microsoft XPS driver in your system.

  53. Bulbous says:

    To be more specific, we are running Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions: Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition 10.0 Release R4P.

    Absolutely, the a “Quickbooks PDF Converter” printer is installed as part of the application installation process.

    I don’t understand the claim that Quickbooks doesn’t use this any longer if it’s part of the base install?

  54. Bulbous says:

    Oops, my fault. Enterprise version 10 is the most current available in Canada. I believe the fix is in version 11, which is available in the US.

    Looking forward to the fix for this major annoyance, thanks for your blog/posts!

  55. Charlie says:

    OK, you didn’t specify that this was QBES 10, or the Canadian version. Note that this blog article is about the US version, QBES 11. And in QBES 11 US, they no longer use that particular driver. Since you asked the question in this article, it was my assumption that you had the product referenced in this article.

    I don’t have an answer for you that would relate specifically to the Canadian edition. I’ve heard of your particular problem, but I’ve not had my hands on a system that showed it, so I don’t have a definitive answer.

  56. Cathy says:

    After installing Windows 7 64-bit, Quickbooks print and save to PDF didn’t work, so I upgraded from QB2007 to QB2011. After the QB 2011 install, I can now print an invoice, but cannot save to PDF. The Error msg is “QB can’t complete the current action due to a missing component. Devices & Printers shows MS XPS Doc Writer, my HP Officejet Pro and a Fax. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks very much.

    • Charlie says:

      Cathy, I don’t have an answer for that, as I’ve not run across the problem myself. I’m going to be looking into these issues in further detail in a future article…

  57. Lonny says:

    Cathy, I was having the same problem. I then came across the sugestion to install Cutepdf . It works and is very easy to do. basically install the free version of cutepdf and then when you go to print your invoice select the cutepdf printer as your printer. Worked for me first try on a Windows 7 Pro 64bit system running Quickbooks 2011 pro.

    • Charlie says:

      Lonny, the problem with that is that it won’t resolve all of the problems. You can print to the printer, sure, BUT if you are emailing invoices and want the email to be created by QuickBooks with the invoice as an attachment, the Cute PDF approach won’t work. That is when QB uses its own driver, and you can’t change that. You have to save as a PDF, create the email manually, then manually attach the saved PDF. Sure, you can do that, but it is a lot more work.

      Also, Cute PDF won’t resolve the issue of bank reconciliations. When you reconcile a bank account QB will use its own driver to save the reconcilitation report as a PDF internally. Cute PDF won’t do that. So if you have the PDF problem, and you try to reconcile a bank account, the program still fails.

  58. Richard says:

    I came across this thread looking for something else, but discovered this problem from another angle. A few months ago I built a new high performance computer with Windows 7 Pro. I installed my Quickbooks Pro 2010 which worked fine. At the same time I installed Office Business 2010 and since the machine was 64 bit, I used the 64 bit option on Office. Bad move, it took me 3 days to track down the solution hidden deep in Microsoft blogs. Outlook 64 expects software integrating with it to also be 64 bit. So my Quickbooks (along with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8) will not work.

    The solution from Microsoft is that it is the responsibility of other software producers to produce a 64 bit version. So until Intuit releases a 64 bit Quickbooks no luck.

    BTW Microsoft is as guilty as Intuit. They should have posted this on the installation page for Office 2010. I solved my problem by uninstalling Office 2010 64 bit and installing Office 2010 32 bit. After that both Quickbooks and Photoshop Elements worked.

  59. Charlie says:

    Actually, 32 bit products CAN work with 64 bit Office, for the most part. But in most cases, they have to be modified to do this. Intuit is slowly chipping away at the issues. And I have some QuickBooks installations working with 64 bit Office, to some degree (some things work, some don’t).

    I’ve seen several places where Microsoft tells you that if you don’t need very large spreadsheets, just go ahead and install the 32 bit version of Office. It performs just as well, and you avoid a lot of the compatibility issues. I have several add-on products to Office that won’t work with the 64 bit version. But, Microsoft could make that more apparent, I’ll agree.

    I seriously doubt that Intuit will release a 64 bit desktop version of QuickBooks – although you never can tell what they will decide to do…

  60. Tammy says:

    I have Quickbooks Pro 2011 and I’m getting the error. It was installed on a brand new computer with no previous Quickbooks! happens when I reconcile my month and my sales tax.Very frustrating!!

  61. Raja PDF converter. says:

    I have QB PRO 2011 R8P on Wn Vista Home.

    I can print paystubs fine and as PDF’s using Adobe Acrobat printer driver. Never tried with QB
    When I try to email paystubs

  62. Raja PDF converter. says:

    I have QB PRO 2011 R8P on WinVista Home.

    I can print paystubs fine and as PDF’s using Adobe Acrobat printer driver. Never tried with QB PDF converter.

    When I try to email paystubs as non admin Windows user I get the following error.
    QB Cant connect to remote server because part of company data is in use.

    When I try as windows Admin user emails with paystubs go out fine.

    Any one faced similar issues and can suggest a solution.

    PS:Dont tell me to login as Admin all the time or login as Admin when I need to send Email forms from QB. I already know that.

    Thx in advance.

  63. Has anyone come across the problem that headers do not print on Invoices and Sales Receipts even though they are there in Custom Designer? I just upgraded to Quickbooks Pro 2011 from Pro 2010 and have run into this problem.


  64. Bob Herrmann says:

    Bunch of Bull!!!! Still doesn’t work with 2011. They have no clue as to the problem. It’s hit and miss, works for a while then it will stop sending and give the error.

  65. Charlie says:

    Bob, I guess it depends on your situation and system. This release fixed the problem on MY system, and none of my direct support clients have the problem. Several had the problem before.

    There are a number of people who have reported continuing problems. In every case I’ve had my hands on, the problem ended up being due to some issues that were causing problems from outside of QuickBooks, or due to not being on the most up to date release.

    However, looking at the comments I’ve seen, certainly in some cases there are continuing issues. I will say that by getting rid of the Amyuni PDF driver that they got rid of a big part of the problem that affected the most users. There still are some that have issues, but it is fewer.

  66. Charlie says:

    Ryan: I’ve not see that myself.

  67. kimberly says:

    My office is set up as a network-two of us have acers-2011QB-My co worker can save an invoice as a pdf w/no problem, however, I can not not. I can save word/excel as pdf with no problem.

    Any HELP would be great

  68. Michelle says:

    Can you print invoices in alphabetical order? If so, how?? PLEASE HELP!!

  69. Charlie says:

    Michelle, that is off the topic of this article – but to answer you, if you are “batch printing” from QuickBooks you don’t have any way to alter the order in which they print. You can control it a bit better with an addon product like CCRQInvoice, but that takes quite a bit of work to set up.

  70. Donna says:

    My question is, if you cannot download adobe reader because IT has made it impossible to download anything and I don’t have adobe (my machine is using PDF Vista for pdf files) is there a way for me to view previous reconciliations?

    • Charlie says:

      Donna, I don’t have any systems without Adobe installed in some form, so I can’t test that. However, I’m fairly certain that you are out of luck without Adobe. In this case I would print the reconcilations to a PDF file when you originally do the reconcilation, and hold on to those. Note also that I am not sure if the Canadian version (which I suspect you may be using?) works the same way as the US version in this regard, although I’ll guess that it does.

  71. Melissa says:

    After a year of frustrations, call after call with Intuit, and hours of research online I am at a loss. I just can’t understand why such a great company can not fix this extremely important function. We sell computers and computer software and have programmers and highly intelligent people looking at this issue on our side and everything with Intuit just takes you in circles. We have never called and spoken with anyone that will even admit there is a problem, they just say it is something wrong with our systems. Is there a guide out there that has all correct system set up information? We have even tried installing on a brand new stripped down system and still no luck.

    • Charlie says:

      Melissa, you don’t give me much to go on – such as what exact error you get, what version/revision of QuickBooks you have, what version of Windows you have, and so forth.

      If you have the 2011 or later versions, you can still run into problems with some of the PDF drivers, but usually these have to do with some problem in your computer system or operating system. This can be very, very hard to diagnose. HOWEVER, I do see enough people who complain about this issue where there may be some Intuit issue as well.

      I dislike their approach to generating PDF output – using a “printer driver” approach like they use just creates too many issues. There are better ways…

      • Melissa says:

        Sorry, we are using Pro 2011 with Win 7 x 64 bit. The problem is we do not get an error code. It just states Quickbooks needs to close. I send an email report to Quickbooks everytime it does closes. I need to use the batch email function every week with our billing and usually send 12-15 invoices at a time so the PDF converter isn’t really a good option for us anyway. I hate to upgrade to 2012 if it still going to have the same problem.

        • Charlie says:

          Melissa, what “revision” are you on? The latest for Pro 2011 is R9.

          I’m a bit confused – this blog article is about the PDF converter, which for invoices you would be using if you are sending a single one by email, but then you talk about the batch email function? Are you emailing single invoices, or are you doing something else?

          • Melissa says:

            I am trying to send individual invoices, batches of invoices and saving invoices to PDF. They are all connected and they all close down Quickbooks when attempting.

          • Charlie says:

            Melissa, you didn’t answer my question about what “revision” you are using. If you press the F2 key in QB, the window that opens will have your product info at the top, including the R revision. It should be R9. If you have an older version, I would recommend that you upgrade.

            Other than that, there isn’t much more that I can say without having hands on your system. Microsoft Windows has a lot of issues – you may not have the latest revision of the .NET framework, you may not have all 64 bit drivers (that is tough to work out on 64 bit systems, and causes a lot of problems), there could be other issues. QB, like many complicated programs, tend to be a bit sensitive to Windows issues and they are really tough to work out.

  72. Chris says:

    To work around the “You need PDF software to view and print this reconciliation report….” error above, create a reg file with the following:

    ****** FILE BEGIN *****

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Acrobat Reader]

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\10.0]
    “DummyPlaceholder”=”For QB – Custom PDF Viewer – Reconciliation Problem”

    ******* FILE END *******

    Then run that reg file to enter the info into the registry
    Then when you run that report you will see the “Navigation Cancelled” browser viewer window and it will be asking if you want to open or save the file. Open with your non-adobe pdf viewer or save to disk.

  73. Marlene Starling says:

    Charlie, I’ve recently installed QB Pro 2011 Release R9P as an upgrade from 2009. I’m running Windows Vista Business. Until now upgrade emailing invoices worked seamlessly. Now I get the following error messages:
    “Quickbooks can’t complete the current action due to a missing component.” Below that it says, “Review instructions for downloading and installing the required component”.

    We have gone to that link and it says
    Your forms were not sent because Quickbooks could not create the necessary PDF files.
    You should be able to solve this problem by exiting and restarting Quickbooks, and then sending the forms again.
    That doesn’t work.
    1. We’ve installed the QB Diagnostic tool, uninstalled and re-installed the PDF Converter.
    2. We’ve gotten the latest updates.
    3. Verified the program has been registered.
    4. Rebuilt Data at the Utilities tab.
    With someone in the QB Community found a link that said QB2011 doesn’t support Outlook 2010, which by the way I’m not using. I am using Outlook 2003. Anyhow one suggestion was to change the email set up to a GMail account rather than Outlook. Didn’t work so I changed it back.

    When we call QB they say the only way to fix is to buy the service subscription and upgrade to 2012. So basically we bought 2011 for absolutely no reason and can’t use it.

    I’ve read on another site to uninstall the Amyuni converter and install the Calyx converter. I see you suggest to uninstall the QB PDF Converter and use the internal converter. Is this what I should do with my situation. I can I know that I have this internal converter?

    • Charlie says:

      Marlene, my apologies, I’m not going to be able to give you a quick/complete answer at this time, as I’m away from my normal development/support system.

      A few comments:
      -Ignore anything anyone says about the Amyuni PDF driver – as this article points out, it is no longer being used in QuickBooks starting with the 2011 product. That has no bearing on what you are doing.

      -Since you aren’t using Outlook 2010, there is no relation to that. I don’t recall if QB 2011 officially supports Outlook 2003, but note that since you tried gmail with the same result you’ve effectively shown that Outlook isn’t the issue.

      -I strongly suspect that the problem is a missing or damaged or out of date Windows XPS Document Writer driver. Try printing to your XPS driver from something like Word, you probably will get the same error. Fixing this is a bit more technical than I can go into with a blog comment like this unfortunately. Note that there are several versions of the driver, and some have this problem while newer ones don’t.

      So, I’d look into finding a way to repair or reinstall your Windowx XPS Docuemtn Writer driver and see how that works.

      • Marlene Starling says:

        Charlie, thanks for your reply. It seems to me that our IT guy reinstalled that the other day. But, nonetheless, I went to a Word doc and selected Microsoft XPS document Writer and nothing happened. Tried it twice. Then I went to Control Panel/Printers to see if it showed dosc in que, but it didn’t. Show I uninstall the Amyuni PDF driver and then reinstall QB 2011 Pro?

        • Charlie says:

          At this point I don’t have much more to say. Again, it has nothing to do with the Amyuni PDF driver, as QuickBooks 2011 doesn’t use it. You can try reinstalling QB 2011, but I think it is more likely to be an issue in your Vista XPS driver. However, without hands on the system, that is just too hard to tell.

  74. Marlene Starling says:

    I meant, “Should I uninstall …..

    • Marlene Starling says:

      The weird thing is QB 2011 is telling me to reinstall the Quickbooks PDF Converter. If it doesn’t use it anymore why then is it giving me these stupid instructions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reinstalled it.

      • Charlie says:

        Is it specifically saying “Amyuni” driver? I doubt it. This fits with what I’m saying. The QuickBooks PDF converter is related to the Microsoft XPS Driver.

        What “release” of QuickBooks 2011 are you running? You should be up to R9 at this point.

        • Marlene Starling says:

          I am at R9P

          • Marlene Starling says:

            You are correct, it doesn’t specifically say Amyuni, but when I go to link for fixes for this it had been download QB Diagnostic tool and I ran that and I searched for where to get the link to reinstall the QB PDF converter for my version of QB and I believe that’s what I got. Again, if I uninstall it and then run the QB Diagnostic I can see if it is reinstalling the amyuni.

      • Marlene Starling says:

        I have something called a Microsoft Office Document Image Writer which brings the image a of test page to my screen, but the Microsoft XPS Document Writer does not. Does the one replace the other? Or are they totally different things?

        • Charlie says:

          Marlene, those are different things. the MODI writer is a part of Office 2003 and 2007. XPS Document writer is a part of Office 2010. XPS is also (I think, not sure) found in Windows 7. In Vista, my recollection is that it has to be installed. QuickBooks is SUPPOSED to install it and set it up, but some people have reported problems here.

          I can’t offer details of how to work with the XPS stuff as that is system related work and out of my core area of expertise. In addition, it is very hard to diagnose (and fix) those kinds of things through blog comments here.

          I can’t be sure that this is your issue, but I have a strong feeling that it is. Sorry I can’t go beyond this at this point, but it is very system-dependent.

          ALSO – if you go to the Printers section of your Windows Control Panel, do you see “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” as an option there? If not, that is the problem.

        • Lee says:

          I’ve run into a similar problem and I would like to help
          1 What office version are you running?
          2 What program did you install first, Office or QB ?
          Let me know if we made the same mistake.

          • Marlene Starling says:

            Office is 2007
            Outlook is 2003
            Both were installed before Quickbooks. QB 2009 was working fine with them.
            Did you find as Charlie told us above that QuickBooks no longer uses the QB PDF Convertor but instead uses Microsoft XPS Document Writer with the 2011 product?

          • Lee says:

            Try this if you can(if you have the CDs):

            1 Uninstall both Office and Outlook
            2 Check the installed printers and confirm that no traces are left of MODI or XPS printers
            3 Try to print a PDF in Quickbooks
            4 If 3 works, install both office and Outlook again
            5 Test QB again
            QB have always to be installed “before Office” (I did it and it worked for me). Good luck

          • Lee says:

            Sorry, this is a correction for QB 2011
            Try this if you can(if you have the CDs):

            1 Uninstall both Office and Outlook
            2 Check the installed printers and confirm that no traces are left of MODI or XPS printers
            3 None
            4 Install both office and Outlook again
            5 Test QB PDF printing
            QB have always to be installed “before Office” (I did it and it worked for me). Good luck

  75. Marlene Starling says:

    Kuddos to Charlie:
    Sorry, I haven’t gotten back to anyone with what’s happening here. I’m in Branson, MO and we were hit by a tornado on 2/29/12 and just got our internet back.
    After trying every suggestion both here and on Intuit Community, I wanted to reinstall Microsoft XPS Writer (per Charlie’s help) but didn’t know how to. Our In-house IT guy sent me these easy instructions.
    Open Printers folder
    Click Add a Printer
    In the Add Printer wizard, click Add a local printer
    Under Use an existing port click XPSPort: and then click Next
    Under Manufacturer click Microsoft and under Printers click the XPS Document
    Complete the wizard.

    I had tried something like this but didn’t realize it was already on my computer within Microsoft and I didn’t need any discs nor did I need to download anything.

    Anyhow, I can now email my invoices, however, I have one remaining issue. If I use Outlook (as I’ve used for 3 years) the email attachment looks like this in my customer’s inbox:

    Kind of messy, I think.

    If I switch to Web Mail it looks normal:


    I prefer to use Outlook for many reasons, but primarily I keep easily accessible folders there for each customer.

    Anyone have an idea how I can fix this?

  76. Tim Conway says:

    I had the problem with printing a reconciliation. I would get the error “there is a problem with adobe acrobat Reader”, and then nothing. I am happy to say it is fixed.
    QB Version: Premier Prof Serv Ed 2010
    OS: XP SP2
    Acrobat: Standard 7.01

    —But the problem was here….
    Acrobat Reader version 9 was also installed. I uninstalled 9 and installed the newest version, 10.1.2 http://get.adobe.com/reader/
    and now my reconciliation is coming up as it should.

    Thanks for the help.


  77. Kathy says:

    I have been using QB 2011 since it came out, & have always printed previous reconciliations in portrait. Never a problem until I went to Adobe XI. Now the privious rec report displays in landscape & prints in landscape, though all settings are on portrait. It will print in portrait if I hit “Fit” or “Shrink Oversized Pages”, but then I have to accept a shrunken version, with excessive margins on the top and bottom.