QuickBooks 2010 Favorites Menu

| October 5, 2009

The 2010 release adds a feature that is very similar to the favorites list in your web browser. This is a menu option in the main menu bar that lets you add your most used reports, transaction windows and lists for easy access.

The Favorites menu is in the upper left of your main QuickBooks menu. Select customize favorites to add options.

imageYou are given a list of all of the menu and submenu options that you find in your QuickBooks main menu.

imageVery helpful!

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Category: Program Updates, QuickBooks 2010

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Charlie Russell is the founder of CCRSoftware. He’s been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70’s, focusing on inventory and accounting software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

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Comments (6)

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  1. Chris Solberg says:

    This is a nice feature. Maybe for next year they’ll let us add “spacers” (separator lines) as found in their other menus and like we can add in the icon bar!

  2. Karl says:

    To me this is one of those features that duplicates other ways of getting to the same place. We have menus, icons already. And, if they wouldn’t eliminate keystroke functionality, we’d be able to get around just as fast.

    Just my 2 cents….

  3. Nancy says:

    I agree with Karl, when I first read “Favorites menu” all I could think of was “has QB become a web browser”?

    Then as I got to poking around in the Premier Accountant version I found that there are a total of 507 “Available Menu Items” and there are at least 3 different ways to access the Chart of Accounts in that Available Menu Items list – and QB let me add all 3 of them to the “Chosen Menu Items” side without giving me any kind of “warning” that I’d already added that item. I reported that as a bug.

    I think its overkill – what’s next something like Speed Dial (which I use in Firefox) to organize my “Favorites”?

    Sorry to rant, but things like this just drive me crazy.

  4. Ed Jaworski says:

    It’s seems like a handy feature, but I don’t see where it’s all that different from the View Open Window List (which remembers from session to session which windows you like to open).

  5. Robert Chin says:

    What I would love to see is the ability to access Local files that you use often. Such as a Excel File for Computing your Import Costs. Or even being able to access Inventory PDF Info Files Locally.

    Maybe Next upgrade they can give us a really Customizable Home Screen, with backgrounds being our website, etc.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I have modified and memorized most of the reports that I use. It seems like putting the memorized reports in the Favorites menu would be a quick easy way to get to them. However the memorized reports do not remain in the Favorites menu after I have added them and later try to find them there. They are still listed under memorized reports. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a bug?