QuickBooks 2009 R10 Update Coming

| December 14, 2009

A quick note about an upcoming release of QuickBooks 2009 – the R10 release. This should be ready on December 15. This should fix the problem with the sales tax report as I talked about in an earlier article. Please note that I have not tested this at this time (it isn’t generally available). Update 12/15/2009- R10 has been released, see my followup article on R10 for more details.

According to sources in Intuit, the sales tax problem was just an issue with the report, it isn’t a problem with scrambled data. The R10 release fixes the report. No news on this time as to what other changes might be included.

See my articles on:

In addition, see the Intuit update notice on 2009 R10.

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