QuickBooks 2011 and Web Mail

| September 9, 2010

For the past few years we have had two options when emailing an invoice or report from QuickBooks – to use the Intuit email server, or Microsoft Outlook. If you wanted to use your Gmail or Yahoo account, you were out of luck. With QuickBooks 2011 Intuit has finally heard the complaints, now you can use almost any web-mail account that you want!

PLEASE NOTE that much of this is based on information from an early release of QuickBooks 2011 – it is possible that some features may vary from what is described here.

A few years back Intuit only offered QuickBooks E-mail as an option. I didn’t like it for a number of reasons. I didn’t have a good way to track what was sent, the lag time was longer than I liked, and sometimes the service just wasn’t available (see my articles on QuickBooks Service Outages). Then Intuit added Microsoft Outlook as an option, and I was very happy. I use Outlook as my primary email system, and that resolved all of the problems for me. However, many people use other kinds of email systems. People using Yahoo, Gmail, and other “web mail” systems had to work around this limitation, and it wasn’t convenient.

QuickBooks Web Mail Support

With QuickBooks 2011 we now have a third option, Web Mail.

Click the Add button, and you are given this window to enter your information.

Enter your email address as the ID, select your option, and you are on your way! Note that if you enter a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account the program will fill in the blanks with the most likely values for server and port.

I was also able to use my own server settings, although that takes a bit more knowledge to set up (but no more than it takes to set up those accounts in Outlook, for example).

You can set up multiple accounts, and when you send an invoice or report you can pick the account to use for that email (some info here is blurred for privacy).

The first time that you send, it will ask for the password for the account. It saves this so you don’t have to reenter it when you use this again in the future. I tested this with Gmail, and my own email server and it worked perfectly.

Note that this will send the email directly, just as with the older QuickBooks e-mail option. You can’t attach some other document or change anything other than what you see in the screen above. If you want to make other changes or attachments, you still need to use Outlook, or save the invoice as a PDF and attach it yourself. The big advantage with the new web mail feature over QuickBooks e-mail is that the email message will come from YOUR email server, and you can look at your history of sent emails there.

I have not used this extensively yet, as I use Outlook as my primary email system. From what I’ve seen so far, I really like this improvement.

Changes in QuickBooks E-mail

Up until now the QuickBooks e-mail option has been a free service provided by Intuit. You had the option to use the Intuit QuickBooks Billing Solutions service, which is available for a fee and provides a number of enhanced features.

Starting with QuickBooks 2011 this will change. PLEASE NOTE that Intuit may change these plans when the product is released, so please confirm this with them before making decisions.

  • If you are a subscriber to Intuit Payroll, QuickBooks Merchange Services (or Billing Solutions), Enterprise Full Service Plan and possibly some other subscription services, then the QuickBooks e-mail service will be available to you at no additional charge.
  • If you are a member of the ProAdvisor program or use the Accountants Copy Transfer service, then the QuickBooks e-mail service will be available to you at no additional charge.
  • All other users must use Outlook or the new web mail feature.
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Charlie Russell is the founder of CCRSoftware. He’s been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70’s, focusing on inventory and accounting software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

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  1. Will Stanton says:

    Does this new feature work with POP3 accounts?

  2. Charlie says:

    Will, if you have an SMTP server and know the settings, you can do that pretty easily with the new system. I used the same account settings that I have in my Outlook setup and it worked fine.

  3. george says:

    I tried sending email thru web mail and it doesnt work. It just gets stuck on the loading part and nothing ever happens and I will have to close the (not responding) QB program down. Happens every time I’ve tried it. Any tips?

  4. Charlie says:

    I’ve not seen that. I would make sure that I have all the proper settings for web mail. I would double check that I can save an invoice as a PDF through the File menu (but that shouldn’t be the issue with 2011).

  5. chana says:

    if i have quickbooks pro 2010, is there any hope for me to be able to send invoices from gmail? or can i do it through windows live?

    every time i try to send it, a message comes up that printer settings are wrong and i’m trying to email, not print!

    What’s the best way to do it?

    I have windows 7.

  6. Charlie says:

    Chana, to be able to use gmail, you need to upgrade to QuickBooks 2011.

    If you are using QB 2010, what email setting are you using? Outlook or QuickBooks email? The reason that you are getting that printer setting error has to do with the issue of QuickBooks trying to save the invoice as a PDF file, which uses a PDF printer driver, to attach to the email it creates. Your system has a PDF printer driver problem – there are a bunch of articles on my web site that talk about that. Note that QB 2011 gets around most of the problems with that printer driver as well.

  7. Mark Nusbaum says:

    I have windows 7 and windows live and am using QB 2010 . What do I need to do to email my forms through the windows live email program as opposed to the Quickbooks email service.

  8. Mike says:

    I am a one man operation with many small invoices using QB 2011 pro and Windows 7. I have been emailing my invoices by the old method for years. Upgraded QB when I went to 7. Now I am tearing my hair out trying to send invoices. Followed your instructions for gmail. No luck.
    Any further learning that might help me…. and the hundreds of others I find as I search for an answer!

    • Charlie says:

      Are you having problems setting up the gmail account, or are you getting error messages when trying to send the invoices, or what?

  9. Mike says:

    Thanks for responding. No problem setting up the gmail account. The error message occurs when I try to send.

  10. Charlie says:

    Mike, without knowing what the error message is, there isn’t much that I can tell you…

  11. Don Wilcox says:

    I don’t know what Mike’s error message is, but whenever I try to send email using GMail from within QuickBooks, it tells me that my credentials are incorrect. I have tried both port 465 and 587, to no avail. I go to the Statements page, select and edit the statement I want to send, press Send Now, it asks me for my password, which I provide, and it tells me that the email or password is wrong. Neither is.

    Really, how hard was this to get right?

    • Charlie says:

      Don, I don’t know what to say without having hands on your system. I just double checked it and it works for my gmail account without any problems. Make sure you have the most current update of QB 2011. Try deleting your gmail account from the QB preferences and entering it from scratch again.

  12. Don Wilcox says:

    Thank you. Upon further investigation, I have discovered that the problem was with the Avast! virus scanner. This entry at their forum explains the issue: http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=60907.msg514838#msg514838. I wonder how many other people nave this problem?


  13. Bob Atalzer says:

    Is there a way to set the user id to just a login name. My webmail server does not accept the email address as a login ID.


    • Charlie says:

      Bob – I don’t see a way to get around that in this feature. So you have to fall back to saving the forms or reports as PDF files, then manually creating an email and attaching. I don’t know of a reason why Intuit has to force the ID field to be an email – you can send them a suggestion that they provide more flexibility here.

  14. Delren says:

    How to change web mail to quikbooks email?

    • Charlie says:

      You have to get an account with them. You either have to pay for it, or you would get it as a part of some other subscription (like Payroll). Their sales department would be able to help, probably. To be honest, I don’t like QuickBooks email, as you never knew when the message was going out and you were dependent on their service running.

  15. Kim says:

    I too have used Quickbooks for years and never had any issue emailing through it. Now with 2011, nothing I do makes this possible with anything other than a gmail account and I need it set up with the business account. No error messages, just won’t accept the email/password. I felt forced to buy this by Intuit and now this. It’s creates more work for me, takes up more of my time and I can’t return it and go back to the old version.

    I keep hoping someone can come up with a fix. Intuit should, but I am not holding my breath for a company that never offers upgrade pricing like most software version. It’s always full cost every year.

    • Charlie says:

      Kim, you don’t give us enough info to be able to give you an answer. You don’t mention what kind of email account you are using for your “business account”. You don’t mention what version of QB you are upgrading from. So I can’t say much.

      You have three options. Web Mail is the new option, and I’ve made it work with my business accounts (but it might be a bit technical to set up for some situations). Outlook is an option that has been around for a couple of years, it works the same in 2011 as it did before. It is my preferred method. QuickBooks Email is one of the options that has been around the longest – it is still available and works just as before, BUT now you have to pay for it or get it as a part of some other subscription.

  16. Hellboy says:

    GMAIL Fails as well, setup fine, tested ok manually at the gmail website, followed the GMAIL SMTP/POP settings.

    QB2011 asks for my pass, hangs for 1-2 minutes, asks for my pass over and over..

    More Intuit garbage. Adding features and trying to get $ rather than fixing this.

    • Charlie says:

      I use it with gmail all the time. Make sure you have the most up to date revision of QB (US edition). Turn off your firewall/virus software temporarily to see if that makes a difference (but remember to turn it back on!).

  17. Sheridan says:

    I am trying to set up QB 2011 so that invoices are sent from my email account with 1and1.com. I looked up the server and port numbers in the web mail option and entered them. When I go to send an invoice, It asks for my password and will not accept it as the correct password. It just idles until it give me the incorrect password window again. Do I need to enable SSL? Any help would be appreciated.


    • Charlie says:

      Sheridan, I don’t have a quick answer. I used to have 1and1.com as a host (no longer do, too many issues) and I was able to get it to work. All I can guess at is that you don’t have some of the correct info.

  18. Sheridan says:

    I got it sending email invoices. It was a problem with AVG’s firewall. I just set the firewall to allow all from quickbooks and now its sending. It is not however putting the invoice in the sent folder so there is no copy on my end i.e. I can not know for sure that the message has been sent or recieved.

    • Charlie says:

      Sheridan – I’m not surprised that it doesn’t show in the sent folder, that is the way the web mail systems usually work (it varies with different systems). The alternative is to add your own email address in the “bcc” field, so you get a copy of what went out.

  19. mikeR says:


    using QBPro 2011. I am constantly getting the “password error” each time I try to email a statement using gmail or hotmail.

    Cant figure out what is wrong. Any ideas?


  20. mikeR says:

    follow up – this is a brand new computer, Windows 7, have not installed any anti-virus yet.

  21. Charlie says:

    MikeR, without hands on your computer I don’t have much to say. If you don’t have the right email password, that would cause the issue. I was able to get gmail to work. I haven’t heard of any functional proble there (as long as you are using the current release, which should be R6). That doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem in there, just that I’m not aware of one.

  22. I was able to setup an email address that is through 1and1.com. I entered the email address for the ID.

    ID = xxxxx@yourdomain.com
    Email provider = “Others”.
    Server Name = smtp.1and1.com (enter your server SMTP settings)
    Port = 587 (the default port for 1and1.com is 25 but 587 is optional, so I tried it. It seemed the port 587 made it work.

    SSL = “do not check this box”

  23. I cannot send invoices through QB. I have set up the preferences as webmail, in an attempt to send them through our host (acornhost). When I hit “send”, it asks for the password. It does not accept the password, though it is correct. We tried it from a different computer using all the same preference information and it worked. I’m running QB 2011 on a Windows XP machine. The “send invoice” screen, however, does not have the “send by” options. Do i need to download a fix?

  24. Kelly says:

    I have windows live mail and do not like how I have to send email through quickbooks. 2010 allowed me to use my email application which was just windows mail at the time. So now i have windows live mail and upgraded to 2011. Do i really have to cc myself every time i email a form just to have record of it?

    • Charlie says:

      Kelly, I don’t use Windows Live Mail, so I can’t give you a specific answer. The best I can say is “try it” without the CC, and look in your “sent mail” box to see if it shows up. Some systems will support that, some won’t.

  25. Sarah says:

    I have been using the Webmail option in Quickbooks Pro 2011 to email directly out of Quickbooks with my Exchange 2003 server. Since I migrated to Exchange 2010 I haven’t been able to get it to work. The mail server and account information are the same, the only thing that changed was to check the SSL box. I have now been on the phone with Intuit for two hours and they are telling me that Quickbooks 2011 and Exchange 2010 are incompatible and it will not work. I find that a bit hard to believe, since that would affect a large portion of their customers. I can’t find anything on the internet anywhere to confirm or deny this. Can anyone let me know if they have information one way or the other so I can either get it to work or stop beating my head against a wall? Thank you!

    • Bryan says:

      Hello to Sarah who had webmail working with Server 2003, can you please tell me how you accomplished that?



  26. Cyndy says:

    I can see we are not the only ones unable to communicate via email through the new Quickbooks. We have tried Outlook and it work sporadically (meaning it works fine one moment and your password is not valid another). Then we switched to yahoo and gmail options – both of which do the same thing. Basically we can get an email to send once out of 30 or 40 attempts.

    I’m find this quite annoying and am starting to think this is another Quickbooks tactic to elicite more money from it’s users for repairs or to use the quickbooks mail send function.

    • Charlie says:

      Cyndy, all I can say is that I use Outlook and QuickBooks 2011 for all of my invoicing, and I never have any problems like what you describe.

      Note that I’m using the 32 bit version of Office. If you are using the 64 bit version, you may find that you have issues. Other than that, it sounds like you have some sort of problem in your computer system that someone may be able to help you with.

  27. Linda says:

    I see where you have in depth knowledge on emailing from within QuickBooks 2011. A friend of mine has been using this version with WIN7 since October. She had been successfully sending invoices either singly or in batches using webmail option. A few weeks ago it stopped working. She gets an error message saying either id or password is incorrect.

    She spoke with her ISP and they confirmed settings, i.e. ports, no SSL, etc. QuickBooks support has been unable to rectify. We have tried several workarounds but to no avail.

    Would you have a suggestion? Right now she is saving each invoice as a pdf and sending via her own email which is a multiple step process. She would like to return to emailing right from the invoice window.

    Thank you in advance for your ideas!

  28. Charlie says:

    Linda, without hands on a system there isn’t much more that I can say. The first thing I might look at is Internet security products that you might have installed, which may be interfering.

  29. Linda says:

    Thank you. This is a good idea.

  30. Janice says:

    Hi, We just install QB 2011 and we are trying to email from Outlook, it goes through the process, but the test emails we send never arrive…HELP

  31. Charlie says:

    Janice: Can you see them in the “sent” folder in Outlook?

  32. Janice says:


  33. Charlie says:

    Janice, if it is showing as being “sent” by Outlook, then your issue is not in QuickBooks. QB just hands it over to Outlook, then Outlook sends it. And it has been “sent”. Next thing to do is to look in the recipient’s “junk mail” or SPAM folders to see if the message has been shunted aside. Or check with any junk/spam filtering with your ISP if they do that. The email has a PDF attachment, overzealous filtering my stop that message. The email MIGHT have a link in it (for IPN, if you haven’t turned that off), and overzealous filtering might stop that kind of message.

  34. Jina Liwag says:

    This is so frustrating. Spent almost a day to fix the problem 🙂

    My “My Preference” tab does not have the “Send email using” portion as showed on the above screen shot. I am using Qbs premier Accountant 2010.

    • Charlie says:

      Jina, you may note that this article is about QuickBooks 2011 – the web mail option isn’t available in QuickBooks 2010.

      What do you see if you go to “Send Forms” and look at “My Preferences”? You should see “QuickBooks E-mail”. You might see Outlook if Outlook is installed and a profile is set up. Web Mail isn’t going to be there, you have to upgrade to 2011 for that.

  35. Lee says:

    I have just installed Windows Live Mail 2011 on top of my Qb Premier 2010 and everything works beautifully.
    But you have to remove Outlook first and get an account with liveid at http://explore.live.com/windows-live-mail.
    It works for both Win XP 32 and Win 7 64.

  36. Charlie says:

    Thank you, Lee. I’m guessing that you wouldn’t have to uninstall Outlook, just change the email profile settings in Internet Explorer, HOWEVER, if you are using Live Mail then you wouldn’t need Outlook anyways…

  37. Dana says:

    I have QuickBooks 2011. I want to send an invoice through webmail. I can do this just fine. No problems. But I want to change the default message and subject. I have done so at edit>preferences>send forms>company preferences>change default for “Invoices”. All is fine, my amended changes stay put. But when I send email, the original subject and message is still there. I have reset QuickBooks and even my compluter but, even though the changes are still evident at edit>preferences>send forms>company preferences>change default for “Invoices”, when I try to send, again, the original default message is still there. What can I do? Please help.

    • Jill says:

      I had this problem too and I found an article that basically said that if you check “To be emailed” checkbox in the invoices, it caches the current content of your preference mail. The only way to update the invoice after the fact is to uncheck and recheck that box in the invoice. I’ve done that as a workaround, but VERY time consuming when you have 200+ invoices to update. HTH!

      • Charlie says:

        Jill, that sounds like a different issue than what Dana was describing. Also, I’m not seeing that particular issue in my system when I test it. However, I’ll note that these days I mostly am working with QB 2012, not 2011.

  38. Charlie says:

    Dana, I don’t have an answer for you at this time. I just tested that feature in my sample system, and it works properly. There must be something hung up in your system somehow. Can you create a NEW company file for testing, and see if it works that way in that file?

  39. Gail says:

    I have Quickbooks Enterprise 2011 and Windows 7. 90% of the time that I try to email an invoice through quickbooks (I have downgraded my new computer to Microsoft Office 2007), I get an uncoverable error. I have worked with qb tech for over 1 month and they have no answers so far. We have tried everything and qb tech suggested another computer -32 bit for invoicing and use mine as the server. I don’t have any guarantee that will work and not sure I want to spend the money. My computer tech has suggested a VM XP service with my other computer where I am having no problems sending invoices (It is an XP) Do you have any other ideas before we try this procedure?

    • Charlie says:

      Gail, those kinds of things are really tough to diagnose (as you have found). I don’t have a solution for you off hand, particularly if you are finding that it works sometimes and not others. However, out of curiosity, have you tried these two things?

      1) Create a NEW company file, and test that? Takes time, particularly if the error doesn’t happen EVERY time. If the new company file works then you might start thinking about some damage in the company file. Logically that wouldn’t be what you would look at, but I’ve learned to not use logic in relation to QuickBooks in situations like this.

      2) How about testing web mail, instead of Outlook? That isn’t hard to set up, and it can be tested fairly easily. That would tell you if the issue is more on the Microsoft side or on the QuickBooks side, possibly.

      Those aren’t solutions, but they would be the kind of thing that I’d be trying if I were on site…

  40. Lisa says:

    I just upgraded to QB2012 because I had Pro 2009 and purchased a new computer with windows 7
    and QB said the two weren’t compatible
    so I needed to upgrade…$200 later I cannot email invoices to my customers
    I have a roadrunner email/business account that is set up through Windows Live
    it is operating perfectly receiving/sending emails on its own
    but I tried to send invoices out of QB, and I’m getting the same problem as alot of others in this forum I see
    I verified the port with roadrunner because QB customer support blamed roadrunner, then roadrunner blamed QB
    I did set up my gmail account as a test and that worked and let me send an invoice no problem
    but when I go back to the roadrunner account as my default email in the QB preferences
    it just keeps popping up saying the password is incorrect or its my firewall
    i’ve checked both, over and over

    • Charlie says:

      Lisa, I can’t help. I don’t have access to a Roadrunner account. There are some kinds of accounts that just won’t work correctly because they have special requirements for logging in that might not be accommodated by QuickBooks. Also, setting them up can be a bit tricky sometimes.

  41. Braden says:

    Hi Charlie,

    The email client that I am trying to use with QuickBooks 2011 would be in the “others” category. I have setup the settings just like I would if I were setting up Outlook, using my outgoing server information. However, when I try to email the invoice, I get the email address or password is incorrect message. I put the password in again and it continues to fail. I did see that QB help said that you may have to put in the password multiple times, but I have tried for three days now and it still is not working. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

    • Charlie says:

      Braden, I’m sorry, I don’t have any good clues for you. Some people report that there are problems. I’ve never had any, but I’ve not used it very much, only with a few relatively straight forward account types.

    • Jill says:

      I just had that same problem today with my hotmail.com address. Turns out they had flagged my account as potentially sending spam, so I had to go in and enter some extra security info (they sent me a security code) so I could verify I wasn’t a spammer. As soon as I did that, no more prompting for my password.

      • Charlie says:

        Thanks for that note, Jill. I would think that if you had that issue, then you would also see a problem if you just tried to use your hotmail email independently and directly, outside of QuickBooks?

  42. Braden says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I just saw the post above mine and they are having the same issue. Thanks!

  43. Monique says:

    I am trying to email out invoices and a box appears that QB has the wrong email address or password. Am I to enter my email password?

  44. Charlie says:

    Monique, you don’t mention what QB product you have or what email method you have chosen. In general, if you are doing “web mail”, you have to enter your password for your web mail account. Usually you only have to do that the first time.

  45. Scott says:

    This is for people using the “Email Provider” -> “Others”.

    Many ISPs (Comcast, TDS, & others) have started blocking port 25. Port 25 is the old default port for sending out email. If Port 25 does not work for you, try setting it to port 587. Port 587 is the mail submission port.

    Your ISP may have started blocking port 25 and not informed the customer support people that you’ve contacted.

    • Charlie says:

      Thanks for the reminder on that, Scott. I always use port 587 on my system (Comcast), and I tend to forget to point that out to people. Good tip!

  46. Dennis says:

    I have a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with QB 2011 Pro. I have Web Mail setup and it works perfectly for Sending Invoices via email, but it will NOT send Reports via email. When I attempt to send a Report (Send as PDF) I get the Email window asking for To address and such, but when I click Send Now, it goes nowhere. Send Invoice shows the Web Mail option selected and Send Now asks for the password ONCE, then it goes and is sent. BUT Email Report as PDF (or Excel) does not work. Email Report does not show the Web Mail info at all. WHY?

    • Charlie says:

      Dennis, I can’t say, without hands on the system. I would suspect that the issue is more on the PDF creation side of things, but that is just a guess at this point.

    • Todd in L.A. says:

      Dennis, I have a client with the exact same problem. She’s using QB 2011 Pro, Windows XP and Yahoo! webmail. She tells me it used to work on both invoices and reports, but lately reports are not working (going nowhere, as you said). Invoices weren’t working before I went and reset the Edit/Prefs/Send Forms stuff, but mailing Reports remains dead.

      Unfortunately, I’ve no help to offer other than commiseration.

      • Charlie says:

        Todd, I’ll add some commiseration. Again, without hands on the system, it is hard to diagnose. The problem can be in the PDF driver, possibly, although if invoices create a PDF and reports don’t, that is less likely. You may find that deleting the printer QBPRINT.QBP file can make a difference.

  47. Ethan says:

    I am using an internal server and email is going out correctly. QB is appending my message with:

    View your account online at:

    How do I get rid of that?

  48. KiSsSsSs says:

    HA! You are all a step above me…I don’t even HAVE a preferences option! I keep trying to set up my email account in QB so I can invoice via email, and as per every tutorial I have looked at, I am told to go to “edit-preferences” when I open QB. Which would be great–except there IS no “preferences” tab under edit. Anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be?

    • Charlie says:

      Most likely you don’t have the same QB product.

      What version/edition/nationality/year/operating environment of QB do you have? This article relates to the US Windows desktop versions…

  49. Laura says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I was running into all kinds of problems until I read your post. I was trying to email paystubs for the first time, and couldn’t for the life of me get it to work. I didn’t realise that I was supposed to be entering my actual email password.

  50. Rob says:

    Intuit is engaging in extortion by now charging for the QB Email service. Their bait and switch policy was that if I upgraded from QB 2009, I would be able to continue this service. No charge was mentioned when I spoke with the Intuit Representative!

    Based on principal, I will save all my invoices to pdf and directly email balances to all clients from now on- I will never upgrade their product again!!!

    • Charlie says:

      Rob, I’m not sure if I call it “bait and switch” – it is an issue of “retiring” the product you are using. QuickBooks 2009 is no longer supported. They drop support of a product after three years, and that includes all “services”. See my article on QB 2009 being retired at http://www.sleeter.com/blog/2012/01/goodbye-to-quickbooks-2009-support/

      By moving to the 2012 product you won’t necessarily get the QuickBooks email feature for free, as it is now a paid service (although you get it for free if you use some OTHER paid services).

      Personally, I never liked the email service. I find that using Outlook is much superior – and it doesn’t stop working when they retire the product.

      I’m not defending their practices on retiring products, I’m just noting that is what they are doing.

  51. Jay says:

    So realizing that this is a dated string, I thought I’d ask the question anyway. We haven’t had any issues sending PO’s and invoices via the webmail option. It’s tracking them them that appears to be problematic. If we email directly to our client or vendor, there does not seem to be a way to fully track the history. Transaction history only posts the most recent action and the email does not post through our mail servers “sent messages” folder. Any thoughts?

    • Charlie says:

      Jay, your option pretty much is that you can set up the system to bcc yourself (or an email address you set up just for this) so that you get a copy of anything you send out. That is why I prefer using Outlook with QuickBooks, since all activity shows up in Outlook and is trackable.

  52. nickhog says:

    In QB Enterprise 2013, Intuit has ended all free email service. Intuit “Claims” to support smtp email however, they only allow using a full e-mail address (i.e. xxxx@xxx.xxx) for user ID.. Unfortunately, my ISP (as with many others) only uses the first part of email address for user id. Intuit does allow users to enter this which prevent us from connecting to our personal ISP email service. Does anyone know a way around this issue. Intuit has failed to address this problem for more than 3 years now….

    Thanks for any help.

    • Charlie says:

      No good fix. Either get a Gmail account to use for this, switch to Microsoft Outlook, or pay for their service. Not a great selection of options.

  53. Mary says:

    I’m trying to send Invoices. Sending while on the road from Coffee place so no server info. arhh

    When I hit Send Now, it wants a Password. No pw for QB.

    I’ve used QB for decades and this is frustrating. Please help! Thanks a bunch.

    • Charlie says:

      Mary, you don’t give me much to go on, but I would think that once you have your Internet connection set up and active, from QB you are being asked for your web mail service’s password