QuickBooks 2018 R5

| March 1, 2018

Intuit has released QuickBooks 2018 R5, which should be available via automatic updates. You can also go to the QuickBooks Update site to download the patch.

This is a maintenance release of the relatively new QuickBooks 2018 product. So far, QuickBooks 2018 has been fairly stable, which is an improvement over past years. However, I’ve not had a chance to test this particular update. I recommend that you wait a week or two to see if anyone runs into any problems. I don’t expect any problems, I’m just cautious when it comes to updates. In general, once we get to the R5 update, we usually (but not always) find that this is a stable release that you can rely on.

Bug Fixes

There are a few bug fixes in this release:

  • Fixes error 194 when working with Bank Feeds, by ensuring that routing numbers always have 9 digits.
  • Fixes an issue that caused error 80029c4a to be displayed while opening QuickBooks after installing an update.
  • Fixes an issue with exporting of the Transaction Detail report when adding the Ship To column.
  • Fixes an issue where some Help articles were not opening.

QuickBooks Enterprise Inventory

These features are only found in QuickBooks Enterprise. This is an expansion of the features that work with the mobile app/scanner for inventory management (see this article for details on the first release of the feature). Please note that I have not tested these new features (Intuit took back the scanner they had loaned to me earlier).

New features:

  • Now you can receive inventory with the mobile app/scanner.  Inventory items received against a purchase orders can be scanned, and the company file is updated automatically, avoiding manual entry.
  • The release also provides a Dashboard to view and manage open purchase orders
  • Intuit has added support for 2 additional Bluetooth scanners that can be used with an Android device running the mobile app.

Bug fixes and corrections:

  • When in multi-user mode, if a Sales Order is updated by one user while another user is attempting to update the same Sales Order, the second user will now see an appropriate message indicating that the order is not available to update.
  • The Sales Order Fulfillment worksheet will remain open if a transaction is being edited by another user, so that the first users’ changes are not lost.
  • When a user navigates to another window, the sort order for the picklist tab is maintained.
  • When a user changes the Site on both Sales Order Fulfillment worksheet and Item Details window, and cancels out of the Item Details edit, the correct site is saved
  • This release fixes an issue where a user was able to create picklists with an invalid picker name.
  • This release fixes an issue where selecting a few items on Item List window, then proceeding to the Pick List creation tab, and then again returning to the Item List window, was selecting all the items shown in the Item List window.
  • A message is now displayed when a user tries to update a Sales Order after an item in the original sales order was deleted.
  • Serial Number enablement is checked for a Sales Order, not just the overall serial number preference check.

QuickBooks Payments

After signing up for QuickBooks Payments, all first-time Payments users will be given a tour to guide them through common tasks such as how to work with e-invoices, how to receive payments, and how to process online payments.

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