QuickBooks 2018 R11 Released

| April 26, 2019 | 2 Comments

Intuit has released QuickBooks 2018 R11, a maintenance release. This update should be available via automatic updates soon, if it isn’t already. You can also go to the QuickBooks Update site to download the patch.

The changes are:

  • A bug has been fixed that caused QuickBooks to crash when opening internet-enabled company files.
  • A bug in QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory has been fixed where the Inventory Valuation Summary report using the all inventory sites filter would show twice the total quantity on hand.
  • A bug has been fixed that caused the old check number to appear in the subject line and body of the Payment Receipt email in Outlook.
  • I’m not sure what exactly was changed here, but there is a note about an improved experience for accountants trying to unlock the Accountant’s Toolbox on clients machines.
  • You can now see the scroll bar in the Email Change Request screen.
  • QuickBooks Password Reset: Resetting the password now requires using your license information instead of answering the challenge questions. Another step towards making things more secure, while creating extra work for users (and ProAdvisors).
  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager: If you add or remove folders by scanning them with the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, you will be notified about permission changes.
  • QuickBooks Mac 2016 files that have been converted can now be opened without QuickBooks crashing.

Take a look at the list, if things listed here affect you then go ahead and update. If nothing excites you, I would suggest waiting a few weeks to see how this release is working for other folks. Just because I’m cautious.

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Charlie Russell is the founder of CCRSoftware. He’s been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70’s, focusing on inventory and accounting software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Look for Charlie’s articles in the Accountex Report blog, as well as his California Wildflower Hikes blog.

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  1. Marilyn Bell says:

    Hi Charlie!

    Can you comment on the following?

    One of our clients has reported an Intuit 3rd party Vendor telling her the following:

    We have just learned of a serious problem with the latest upgrade to 2018. If possible, do not install the Quickbooks Desktop 2018 R11 update. During the data rebuild process, it is corrupting Bill data and creating negative bills.
    It was confirmed yesterday that this is a GLOBAL issue and there are reports of this in Canada, US, UK & Australia. There is no resolution at this time.

    When my tech asked for a link or documentation on it he was told:

    It’s not been made official yet by Intuit. It was a trusted
    ProAdvisor/Accountant who informed a group of QB users as she is the one that identified the bug.

    Let me know if you or anyone else has heard of this issue.


    • Charlie says:

      I haven’t come across this, nor have I heard any comment on this. Which doesn’t mean that the problem doesn’t exist. This kind of thing is why I tend to say that you shouldn’t be in a hurry to update, unless there is a clear reason why you should (such as, a fix for a bug that causes you trouble). I look at the updates in a release, and decide if I want to update. One problem is that Intuit will sometimes make important changes without telling us what they did.

      One quibble, if someone installs an update and then sees a problem, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the bug is in that new release, it can be something that was a problem in a prior release that just happened to show up at this time. It can be difficult to pin down a problem to a specific release.

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