QuickBooks 2020 R5 Payroll Update

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The majority of the changes in QuickBooks 2020 R5 relate to QuickBooks Payroll, plus there are a few loose ends that are wrapped up. If you are using QuickBooks Payroll then you need this update. Otherwise, take a look at what has changed.

This update should be available via automatic updates soon, if it isn’t already. You can also go to the QuickBooks Update site to download the patch.

QuickBooks Payroll

Here’s a list of what has been changed in QuickBooks 2020 R5 for payroll:

  • QuickBooks Payroll now supports the new 2020 W-4 form, as well as continuing to support older versions.
  • You can now generate reports for the State Mandated Retirement deductions for Oregon, Illinois, and California.
  • Payroll has been updated to ensure continued compliance with US payroll tax laws – no word on what exactly was changed here.
  • You can now set up reminders/alerts for payroll liability due dates in third party applications like Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, iCalendar and Windows Calendar. You can also export these events in .ics files, which can be imported into any calendar application.

QuickBooks 2020 R5 Bug Fixes and other changes

The following bugs have been fixed (plus a few other changes):

  • The install experience has been updated to make it more stable.
  • QuickBooks will now automatically show a preview of PDF email attachments.
  • This release fixes an issue that showed incorrect results in the income or bill tracker when filtering transactions by ‘Last Fiscal YTD’.
  • This release fixes an issue where the Purchase Order Number field entered on an invoice appears blank when transactions for a given customer are exported as a report.
  • This release fixes an issue where multiple email addresses in the main email field for a customer were not getting imported using IIF Import.
  • Customers who receive combined email for multiple invoices with payment links can now see correct due date for the invoices.

QuickBooks Enterprise Updates

If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise, there are a few changes to the Landed Cost feature:

  • You now can calculate landed costs for transactions in a “closed” accounting period.
  • An option to use a COGS account for the Landed Cost calculation has been added.
  • You now have an option to choose the print bill functionality with or without Landed Cost.
  • You can filter Shipping and Handling bills using the bill status.
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