QuickBooks 2018 R15 Released

| April 30, 2020

Intuit has released QuickBooks 2018 R15, which isn’t a big release but has one bug fix that people may find important.

This update should be available via automatic updates, as well as at the QuickBooks Update site.

In a way, I’m surprised that this update came out now, with all the craziness going on in the world. But I’m glad that Intuit had the resources to be able to address the bug this release fixed.

The changes that were announced are:

  • If the “Admin” logs in, they will now be required to log in to their “Intuit account”, when creating a new company file or opening an existing one. That is, each time. This has been implemented in other years of QuickBooks already, and I haven’t talked to anyone who is happy with it.
  • The important bug fix relates to an error that would be seen while emailing a Sales Receipt after processing a e-check. I haven’t seen this so I don’t know what error you would see.
  • The upgrade dialog no provides options to defer the reminder for an upgrade, such as tomorrow, 7 days later, or never. Note that traditionally Intuit refers to an “upgrade” as moving to a different year of a product, such as upgrading from the 2018 release to the 2020 release. Moving from 2018 R14 to 2018 R15 would typically be called an update. Hopefully Intuit is following this convention in this release note. I can certainly see choosing never for an upgrade reminder, I’m not sure I would be happy with it being chosen for an update reminder.
  • There is some sort of change in product help to make it work better and faster. Hard to measure that kind of speed.

I wouldn’t worry about installing this update unless you are emailing sales receipts.

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