QuickBooks 2010 and 2009 PDF Printer Problems with 64 Bit Systems

| January 4, 2010

If you are using a 64 bit operating system and QuickBooks 2009 or 2010, you may run into some problems This article talks about how to resolve the problem.

Please note that this article relates to specific revisions/versions of the US editions of QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks 2010 R4 and later
  • QuickBooks 2009 R10 and later

If you are using a 2007 or 2008 version of QuickBooks, or a 2009 version with revisions older than R10, then please refer to my previous article on QuickBooks problems on 64 bit Vista.

If you don’t know how to tell what “revision” you are running, please see this FAQ article .

This article was updated on 1/5/2010, and again on 1/12/2010

UPDATE 02/12/2010: QB 2009 R11 has been released to fix this problem, see the 2009 R11 article

UPDATE  04/20/2010: QB 2010 R6 has been released to fix this problem (see my article on this release).

Updated 12/6/2012: See this article on QuickBooks and PDF drivers for the LATEST NEWS on how to fix PDF problems.

QuickBooks PDF Driver

QuickBooks includes a PDF driver that it installs. This is used in a number of places in the program. If you are sending forms via email, the PDF driver creates the image of the form that is attached to the email. When you reconcile accounts (bank accounts, etc.), a copy of the reconciliation report is archived in PDF format. There is a save as PDF option in the File menu. In 32 bit systems it generally works quite well. Unfortunately, in 64 bit systems, Intuit runs into problems on occasion.

In the 2009 release of QuickBooks the driver didn’t work in 64 bit systems – this wasn’t fixed until the R7 release . In the 2010 release, it worked fine (at least it did in my system).

Recently, Intuit updated the PDF driver to a new version which unfortunately seems to be incompatible with 64 bit systems. This was updated in the 2009 R10 and 2009 R4 releases. The problems vary from installation to installation – and the problem can be very tricky. It doesn’t always show up. I had a hard time pinning this one down myself – the program would work fine, then I’d come back and find that it wasn’t working. These kinds of transient problems are very hard to catch in testing of releases, and are hard to fix.

The Problem

In my Windows 7 x64 system, the problem I most often came across was Could not print to printer.

imageAnother common error is QuickBooks PDF Converter Activation Error –20. There are a variety of other errors that might pop up, all relate to performing some operation that invokes the PDF driver.

The Solution

Fortunately, Intuit discovered the problem and posted a temporary fix in Support Article 898690 .

The solution involves obtaining a DLL file (a program component file) from Intuit and installing it in the appropriate place. I can’t provide you with the DLL – you have to go to that support article and click on the download link. You will be asked to provide your email address and name, and they will email the link to the DLL to you very quickly.

I would like to point out (their initial article didn’t make this really clear) that you should only make this change if you have one of the revisions that are affected that I list above. If you make the change with an older revision – such as I accidentally did with a 2009 R8 test installation, you will get a different series of errors. So check your revision first before doing this.

The email message that contains the link to the DLL file will have specific instructions for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. I’ll illustrate the process here (and fill in a few blanks) using Windows 7 – the general process is the same in all three operating systems, the difference is finding the printer device in the Control Panel.

1. Log in to your Windows system as the administrative user.

2. Exit QuickBooks if you have it running.

3. Click the Windows (start) button and select the Control Panel.

4. Under Hardware and Sound click the lick for View devices and printers.


3. Locate the QuickBooks PDF Converter 3.0 icon.


Note that there may be several PDF icons if you have installed older products. In my Vista system, that I’ve used for several years, I saw three separate icons. Make sure you delete the 3.0 version.

image In some cases in Windows 7 the 3.0 icon might be hidden. In one system the program only listed a 2.0 converter, which confused me at first. If I right clicked on the icon I noted that there were several options under the printing preferences menu option – it was showing that this icon represented both the 2.0 and the 3.0 driver, even though the icon only said it was for 2.0.

imageIn this case, you can select the 2.0 icon and perform the next step, it works on the 3.0 driver.

5. Right click on the icon (the 3.0 icon, or the 2.0 icon if that is all you see) and select Remove Device.

image6. Locate the qbwpr32.dll program file. The folder name varies with the version of QuickBooks you use. The path will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\product, where product will be something like QuickBooks 2009, QuickBooks 2009, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10.0.

image7. Right click on the file and rename it from qbwpr32.dll to qbwpr32.old.

8. Download the dll file from the link Intuit provides and place it in this folder.

9. Restart QuickBooks and see if the problem is solved. Note that you may see the error one more time, but if you then exit QuickBooks and try the operation a second time the error should not occur. In my Enterprise 10 installation the problem didn’t pop up that first try, but in my Enterprise 9 installation it did – and it cleared up the second time.

If you have both the 2009 and 2010 versions installed please note that you need to make the DLL file change in both directories for this to work properly.

Update on 1/5/2010: Some users have run into a problem after installing the new DLL file, getting a “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library” error. Intuit is investigating this. I don’t have this issue on MY system, but a few others have reported it. If  you run into this you can delete the DLL file and rename the “OLD” file to the original name. I’ll post an update when we know what is going on

If That Doesn’t Work

This section was added on 1/12/2010.

Some people (as you can see from the comments below) have run into problems with the DLL solution. Some have found that they have slightly different problems than what are outlined here. Intuit is working on a further solution, and we’ll post information here when we find it.

If the DLL creates a worse problem than the one you started with, one simple fix is to delete that new DLL and rename the “old” one back to the original name. That puts you back to the place that you started at.

You can get a PDF printer driver (Adobe Acrobat is what I use, some people use “CutePDF” which I haven’t tried) and use that to print PDF documents as a normal printer, BUT that isn’t a full solution as you still can’t reconcile accounts, and you don’t get the email message created with the customer email address.

Some people have found that after deleting the PDF driver per the instructions above, a new PDF driver is not created automatically as it should. I’m not sure why this happens. But, here is a solution to try based on feedback from several users, as well as input from Sudhir Navalapakam of Intuit.

You can install the PDF converter from files in your QuickBooks folder. Go to C:\Program Files(x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2010 (the last folder will be QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10.0 if you are using Enterprise).


Locate Install.exe, and run that file. This is the Amyuni PDF driver installer (Amyuni is the company that makes this program). Note that the installer is not “signed” so you may get a warning, this is OK).

This should create an Amyuni Document Converter icon in your printer section of the control panel. You can rename it to “QuickBooks PDF Converter 3.0”. Right click on it and select printer properties, and check to ake sure that it uses the “NUL:” port.


If for some reason the installer fails, which might happen for some people, you can use the add a printer wizard to add a printer from the control panel.


Select Add a local printer.


Select an existing port if NUL: exists, or you will have to create it.


Select the Amyuni driver.


Click Have Disk, and brows to the same folder as I specified above, to find the amyuni.inf file.



Make sure that you do NOT set this to be the “default” printer.

My thanks to Intuit employees Laura Messerschmitt and Sudhir Navalapakam for their assistance with this information.

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Charlie Russell is the founder of CCRSoftware. He’s been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70’s, focusing on inventory and accounting software for small businesses. Charlie is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Look for Charlie’s articles in the Accountex Report blog, as well as his California Wildflower Hikes blog.

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  1. Charlie, thanks for posting this. I’ve got your original QB PDF printer post saved as a favorite, it’s helped me and my clients many times!

    Nice to see Intuit taking action on this. Even Microsoft’s own OneNote printer driver fiasco has taken YEARS to straighten out.

  2. Barry says:

    Just sent you an email. I am now getting a Runtime error with this new file. I will keep experimenting.

  3. There is also a problem with the PDF driver for printing items like Payment receipts. This occurs on a WIN7x32 in 2010 Mfg & Wholesale

  4. Charlie says:

    Barry, what REVISION level are you at?

    Timothy, what REVISION level are you at, and are you saying this happens WITH the dll fix or WITHOUT the dll fix. And are you printing to the PDF driver like it is a regular printer?

  5. Charlie, thanks a ton for this update.

    We’ve been dealing with this exact issue for about a month. I’ve tried your other article in its entirety probably 3 times with only temporary success.

    I look forward to trying this solution later today. Fingers crossed that it takes care of everything!

    Thanks a lot, your walkthroughs are immensely helpful.

  6. Becca says:

    Charlie – I did this as well, but am now getting a runtime error too. QB won’t even load. I’m sure it was my fault, as I was unable to download the file w/ the old one renamed as .old, so I have to revert to the .dll file, and run the download. Apparently QB won’t work without the original? I’m in a world of hurt – any advice?
    QB Pro 09, v10. Windows 7 64 bit….

  7. Charlie says:

    Becca, I’m not sure what you are saying about how you couldn’t download the file – that is a bit confusing.

    I’ve not seen the runtime error myself, so I don’t have an answer at this time. Everything is running fine on my side of things. Were you an administrative user when you renamed and downloaded the DLL?

  8. Becca says:

    Yes, I was administrator, but I repeatly got a message that I was not able to modify the program, and needed to contact the administrator. ?? But when the file was not .old, but the original .dll file, I was able to download. I’m mystified, and thinking that the only way back (as I foolishly didn’t save a copy of original .dll file) is to reload QB Pro 09, and after doing all the updates, restore my company.

    • Charlie says:

      Becca, this is a bit confusing. You needed to rename the existing DLL to “old” so you would have the old copy. When you download the new dll you should download it to your download or my documents folder, then copy it to the target folder after renaming the old one…

  9. Huey says:

    Where do you find the link for the .dll from Intuit?

  10. Charlie says:

    Huey, in the article, under the heading “The Solution”, there is a link to KB article 898690 in the Intuit web site. Follow that link, on that page is a link to get the DLL. Note that they don’t let you download it directly – you have to give them your email address, and then they’ll send you the link via email

  11. Huey says:

    well i am one of those that is getting the runtime error when trying to start QB now! This is really not good news for me!

  12. Charlie says:

    Huey, if you restore the “old” dll (delete the new one, rename the old one to the original name) the runtime error should go away. One of the engineers at Intuit is investigating the cause of this problem, I’ll post info here when I hear back from them.

  13. Worked brilliantly for me, I’m sorry for everyone getting runtime errors :-(.

    I wish everyone the best of luck and applaud Intuit for fixing this for us!

  14. Melissa Keuning says:

    I am having same trouble as Becca: when I try to download new dll it tells me I need “administrators permission” and yes I am logged in as administrator. Then I downloaded in my documents and tried to copy it to target folder and got the same “administrator” flag. Also, getting runtime error now too.

  15. Becca says:

    thanks Charlie – I’ve now tried the fix a couple of times and the runtime error is still there. I will do the revert to the old file trick and hang tight to see if Intuit can come up with something for us!

  16. Sandy says:

    I too am very frustrated with this situation. I’m on Win7, QB Premier 2009, R10. I was getting the PRINT DRIVER HOST FOR 32 BIT APPLICATION HAS QUIT error. Went thru all the hoops to install the new DLL file. THen I also got the QB runtime error preventing QB from loading. I was at least able to rename the old dll file and get back to the PRINT DRIVER HOST problem.

    I’m dead in the water until I can email POs, Invoices and better yet, Financial Reports to all the people screaming at me.

    Any suggestions at this point? Any way to back out the R10 release and get back to a version that saved and emailed? Any idea how long it will take Intuit to fix this problem?

  17. Bill says:

    I followed these steps and received the C++ runtime error. After putting the old DLL back in place I was able to print without issue. Running Win 7 64-bit and QB 2009 R10.

  18. Charlie says:

    Sandy, I’ve not seen THAT specific error message, so I can’t say if it is the same issue (but it sure sounds like it might, if you have a 64 bit system).

    For everyone, an Intuit engineer has been in contact with several of the people who have been corresponding about the runtime error, and is working to see what the cause of the issue is. I’ll post info here as soon as an answer is available, if it can be worked out.

  19. Melissa Keuning says:

    Sandy (& Charlie), I am back to the same “print driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped” error now also. This is mighty frustrating.

  20. Melissa Keuning says:

    Sorry, The error actually reads “Print driver host for 32bit applications has stopped working” then I click “ok” and the window pops up “could not print to printer, check your printer selection. Printing may have been cancelled from another program”.

    Need help soon…. thanks.

  21. Charlie says:

    Sandy, I didn’t answer your other questions.

    If you are on R10, going back to an earlier revision of the program can be a bit complicated, even if you have a backup of your company file that is pre-R10. You have to uninstall QuickBooks, reinstall the original version, and then find a way to update to the appropriate revision that matches your backup. AND I am not sure if that will resolve the PDF driver issue (it probably would, but I haven’t tried it).

    A better solution would be to see if you have another workstation in the office that has QuickBooks, that is 32 bit, and export things from there. OR, get a PDF printer driver (I use Adobe Acrobat myself, some people like the free CutePDF driver that I’ve never tested) and then print invoices and reports to a PDF file using that. Note that invoices would be PDF documents and you would have to attach them to an email yourself.

    Hard to say how long this will take for them to get fixed. It depends on what the error is. Even if they pin it down soon, getting the change out might take awhile…

  22. Melissa Keuning says:

    If I just upgraded from my QB Pro 2009 (just updated this week) to QB Pro 2010 would this solve my 32/64 bit issues? I am on windows 7 home premium with 64 bit os.

    I am tired of tryin multiple “fixes” that are not working.

  23. Charlie says:

    Well, Melissa, there is a lot that I like about the 2010 release (although the things I like might not apply to you…), and QB 2010 is the only version “officially” supported on Windows 7 – but if you look at the top of the article you will see that QB 2010 R5 introduced the same error with 64 bit PDF files.

    It is hard for me to say if the work would be worth it for you. I’m hoping that we’ll have a swift resolution to this, but I don’t have any control over it so I can’t say.

  24. Don says:

    Add me to the list of folks having the runtime library error on a W7 Home Premium 64-bit laptop. I have QB 2009 Accountant’s Premium edition R10.

    Previously I had the “print driver host for 32bit applications has stopped working” message, followed by the “could not print to printer” message shown at the top of the article. These issues were intermittent…this morning I ran maybe 6 bank recs without incident and the QB bombed on the 7th.

    I have tried all the other recommended workarounds on the web…downloading 64-bit Amyuni drivers, renaming ports, changing the xmllite.dll file back to an earlier version, unchecking boxes in my Adobe 9 Professional setup. Thought this new dll might finally put this problem to rest. Guess not.

    Let me know if I can help.

  25. Barry says:

    For those of you that need to get back up and running the easiest way is probably to do a System Restore to a restore point prior to the R10 release and then use your QB backup file that R10 required you to create.

    I am one of the people who spoke with the QB engineer. As of tonight I have not heard anything back from him. Hopefully early next week…

  26. Greg Scott says:

    I am having a similar but not identical problem. I am running Quickbooks 2010 with 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate. Which revision of QB2010? Well, it would be nice if help…about would tell me but it doesn’t.

    Yesterday I was saving invoices to PDF files when suddenly, the “Print driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working” started up. Invoice number 1056 worked just fine, invoice 1057 failed out of the blue. The crash is the same as documented in earlier posts, with the offending program splwow64.exe.

    So what happened leading up to the problem? I was printing invoices, like I’ve done for several years with several different versions of Quickbooks. I printed a couple of invoices on a physical printer, then saved invoice number 1056 as a PDF file. I went to the next invoice, number 1057, and the problem came out of nowhere.

    I have since discovered I can’t print from Quickbooks to **any** printer. The problenm is not limited to creating PDF files. Clicking on file…printer setup generates a popup, “There was a problem connecting to your currently selected printer.” It seems Quickbooks broke the ability to interact with **any** printer.

    I can print from other 32 bit apps.

    I find it distressing that after all these years, a program can still corrupt itself like this.

    – Greg Scott

  27. Greg Scott says:

    Help…Update Quickbooks takes me to a dialogue box where I can look at what revision level. It looks like I am running update 5. So QB2010 update 5 and this seems to be the latest and greatest as of this morning.

    I am kind of afraid to try the DLL fix mentioned in earlier posts.

    – Greg Scott

  28. Greg Scott says:

    I thought some more about trying that DLL fix and ended up downloading and installing it. After installing the replacement DLL, I was able to interact with printers, but still no joy with saving to PDF. I closed Quickbooks, removed the Quickbooks PDF converter, (Printers…remnove device and then lanch install -u). I reinstalled the PDF converter with the install program and now save to PDF seems to work again.

    – Greg Scott

  29. Steve says:

    I installed the fix, but now when I try to print any reports, I get a blank print reports dialogue box which only has the buttons to Print, Cancel, Help, Preview or Signature. So I can’t specify number of copies or even format the way the report prints (landscape, only certain pages, etc.) If I click the Preview button I see a copy of the report but no menu for Page Setup. Just Print, Previous Page, Next Page, Zoom In, Help and Close. I am using QB Premier Accountants Edition v. 10P on Windows Vista 64 bit. I would never have upgraded to v 10, but had to to use an Acccountants copy from a customer who upgraded. I can send screen shots if you want to see what things look like now.

  30. Bonnie says:

    I am having the same problem as steve. I can print but the printer setup page in quickbooks and the print screen is blank. I have to individually print invoices and it is not letting me print reports. I get “could not printer to printer” and printing to Quickbooks PDF Converter FILE and asks me for an output file.

    The fix above did not work for me. I got runtime errors. i ended up adding a printer in the control panel and picking the Amyuni Document Converter. I added that and that took away the pdf converter issues on a lot of my printing and I was able to print.

  31. Huey says:

    Still no updates for us? This is getting to be a big hassle, at least i can print invoices to the printer, but i still can’t email them or statements.

  32. Barry K says:

    Same Problem here…installed the DLL, got the runtime error. Went back to the old DLL and at least can get into the proram. Still can’t email my invoices. Hope this gets fixed soon.

  33. Charlie says:

    Huey, as I said earlier, the fix posted here works on my system. I’ve not seen any of the other problems myself, so there isn’t much that I can do to look further.

    Intuit engineers are working on it, when they pass anything on to me then I’ll post it here. I don’t have any control over them…

  34. Huey says:

    Thanks charlie!

  35. Eric says:

    Same runtime problem. Hope they fix it soon.

  36. Steve says:

    Bonnie, you’re a lifesaver. I deleted the “patch” DLL, renamed my old one, and once I installed the Amyuni Document Converter as a new local printer everything looks good. Bless you and bless Charlie’s site!

  37. Bonnie says:

    Steve – do you still have a blank print dialogue box. I have not been able to fix that.

    Also you have to rename the Amyuni Document Converter to Quickbooks PDF Converter 3.0. That solved the problem I referenced above with the output file error and file error.

    Now if I could just get my print dialogue boxes to work properly.

  38. Steve says:

    Bonnie- No, I simply installed the Amyuni Document Converter and everything was back to normal. Didn’t even have to rename it. What I haven’t tried yet is to download a PDF file, but I’ll give that a try and see if there are problems. Printing is A-OK now with the old DLL and the Amyuni.

  39. raxlehead says:

    There is a much easier to solve the non printing issue.
    Go to the properties of the Intuit Quikbooks printer and the properties of the Amunyi PDF printer and set them both to “spool documents” instead of ‘print directly to printer’.
    When you set it to “spool” it will print perfectly.
    This is also an issue with the Amunyi PDF printer in ACI appraisal software systems, if anyone supports those too.

    • Charlie says:

      Raxlehead – thanks for pointing that out, it works in some cases, but unfortunately it often doesn’t. I’m working with a couple of clients where that didn’t resolve the problem. But it may work for others.

      Unfortunately, there are so many variables in 64 bit systems and their drivers, that there are many different issues to resolve. One thing that I do see in SOME systems – there are more problems when all of your various device drivers are not upgraded to 64 bit versions. I had that issue with an HP driver on my system.

  40. Kevin says:

    I have tried everything above in all its variations. I can only get pdf printing to work temporarily. I then have to run through the steps again. I am using Enterprise 9.0 relase 10. Pdf printing was fine for me until the new release. Has anyone else using this version had success for a full day? Thanks.


  41. Kevin says:

    The error that keeps appearing after the temporary solution is “Print Driver Host for 32bit applications has stopped working.” Works for a little while then this error appears and I must close and reopen QB to do any printing at all.

    Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit

  42. Marty says:


    Thanks for all the fixes above. I tried them but still have the same problem. When I save as PDF or email invoices in Quickbooks all I get is a blank record. It has the outlines where the data is supposed to be but is blank. Any suggestions? I’m running 2009 R10P Windows 7.

  43. Dave says:

    I tried the .dll update and QuickBooks stopped working. Then deleted the new .dll reverted the .old file back to the original and everything suddenly worked. Can print checks again and now able to run my critical financial reports. This one is sure causing issues. No offence Intuit (QuickBooks) but we pay a lot of money for your software and it’s mission critical to be able to run reports and print checks. You really dropped the ball on this.

  44. Charlie says:

    Not to cast a wet blanket on things for you, Dave, but you may see the problem come back. On several sites (and Intuit confirmed this) I’ve seen where the problem pops up intermittantly. Works this time, reboot the computer and it might not work again.

    I can’t believe that they released an update to the PDF driver in the R5 release of 2010. The R5 release was a last minute change to fix a problem in the R4 release, so it was done quickly. They should NOT have decided to throw in a change (upgrade) to the PDF driver in a release that didn’t get wide testing, particularly given the problems that we had with 64 bit PDF drivers the prior year…

  45. Garrett says:

    Charlie is dead on. The latest fix worked for us for about 36 hours, and then it reverted. Now no matter what trick I use, I can’t get it to work. It might work for one print/email, and then it’s worthless again.

    Looking forward to hearing more on this issue. Using this page as my source for updates :-).

  46. Barry K says:

    I Remember a time before I invested in this new expensive 64 bit, Windows 7 system when I could just invoice my customers via email without having to delete PDF Converters, Switch .DLL files and then switch them back and reboot and change .DLL files again and then switch them back just to send a invoice. Boy…those were the good old days.

  47. Bob M says:

    I too have been fighting this issue to no avail. I’m running QB2009 R10 on Vista 64Bit and cannot get past the -41 error.

    I dont know if this is helpful to you folks, but when I look at the printer properties>About tab, the AMYUNI splash doesn’t display the Intuit License, rather it displays [N/A]. I dont know why it isn’t picking the license code, but I believe that is the root of the problem, at least for me…

    FYI That DLL file gives me a mostly blank print box; just controls on the right side.

    Thanks for the other suggestions,

  48. Bob M says:

    Thanks for the heads up on CutePDF! It just works…

  49. Fred says:


    I have read this entire thread and have successfully gone through the PDF converter drill and the .dll drill. I have QB pro 2010 Release R.5P running on Windows 7 and I use MS Outlook 2007 for email.

    This was an upgrade from QB Pro 2009. The reason I bought and downloaded 2010 was because I could not get payroll updates, namely 21004, and as such could not process my 2009 W2/W3’s. The system was stuck in 2008.

    Well the 2010 upgrade still won’t allow me to get payroll updates even though my account is up to date and active. Adding insult to injury I have also lost my ability to email anything directly from QB.

    I keep reading that I have to create an “outlook Profile” from edit – preferences – send forms. But there is no such icon in QB2010. Also when I try to email I get “Navigation to webpage was canceled”.

    I am basically worse off than I was with 2009 and plus that I’m $160 lighter! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  50. Charlie says:

    Bob, be aware that the CutePDF driver only resolves some of the problems. I don’t believe that you will be able to reconcile accounts with that driver. We need Intuit to get us a complete fix for this.

  51. Charlie says:

    Fred, do you have the US version of Pro? And, in your MENU (not icon) bar, click “Edit”, then “Preferences” – if you have the US edition you should see the send forms option listed on the left.

  52. Kevin says:


    Do you have any contact information for some one at Intuit that I can complain directly too. Someone who actually cares that is. I am one of the idiots out there that pays for the annual enterprise upgrade that is very expensive. I do not want to talk to tech support. I want someone who cares when Enterprise customers want to end their upgrade program. I am not sure what I am paying for anymore execpt for software that is not tested. We have been using QB for almost 10 years but I am starting to look else where. Right now I am unable to upgrade computers at our office because new 64 bit computers currently do not work with the newest verisons of QB Enterprise. We are at their mercy and I am tired of it. Thanks for all your help. It is apprecaited!!


  53. Charlie says:

    Kevin, I do have some contacts at Intuit, but I can’t pass out their contact info. All I can say is that some of them read this blog (can’t say if they read down through all the comments when we get this deep) and that they do read the “feedback” comments (in your help menu). That isn’t a great answer, but it is the best I can give since I’m not an employee of their company.

  54. Annette says:

    I have tried so many “fixes” that have not worked. I have been pulling my hair out! I have QB 2009 R10 using 64bit Windows 7 Professional.

    Windows7 Professional allows a virtual PC to be created in Windows XP mode. I created the virtual PC in Windows XP mode. Installed my QB 2009 and then restored my database. Everything prints, I can email invoices again, and do everything I need to do. Such frustration. When I called QB they refused to give me help unless I purchased a service contract.

  55. Annette says:

    I forgot to thank everyone here for their suggestions and tips. As I said, I tried everything, but the “fix” I mentioned above was the only thing that worked for me. It’s really not a “fix” really, it’s just a great way to use XP on a Windows 7 machine. (Imagine that, Microsoft did something right!)

    I have too much to do (as I’m sure I’m not the only one here) like Quarterly Payroll taxes, end of year payroll taxes, W2s and W3s to print out! I couln’t spend any more late nights and endless hours trying stuff that made me want to scream when it didn’t work.

    I’ll keep an eye on the comments to see if QB actually comes up with a viable fix.

  56. Thank you! The first method worked perfectly! Intuit has been terrible as far as support for errors like this.

  57. Charlie says:

    Annette, thank you for pointing out the workaround of using the XP Mode feature of Windows 7. I’m not sure if that will work for people who need multi user access or not (I’m out of the office this week and can’t check that). It only works if you have a higher version of Windows 7 (not the home versions). For those of you who don’t know about this, ready my article at http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2009/10/quickbooks-and-windows-7/

  58. Michael S says:


    I am running Windows 7, 64 bit, QB 2010 rel R5P. I tried the fix replacing the DLL file but that created other print errors so I went back to the old DLL version.

    Have you tried this fix: Right click on the Quickbooks software icon, select Properties, select the Compatibility tab and then check Compatibility Mode running as Windows XP (Service Park 3). (oh and also select “Run this program as an administrator” in the same tab.)


  59. Lou says:

    We too are having the same problem with Windows 7 x64 Enterprise. Tried the steps in the previous article to install the updated x64 quickbooks pdf driver but that didnt work. Also replaced the DLL as this article suggested from Quickbooks but the problem still remains. Setting the compatibility mode to windows xp sp3 didnt work either. help

  60. Annette says:

    Charlie, you’re welcome.

    Michael, did that work for you with QB2010? I tried that in in Windows 7 Professional 64bit using QB 2009 R10, but it didn’t work. I still couldn’t print nor email invoices.

    Maybe it will help others though!

  61. Michael says:


    It has worked so far! I am running Win 7 Ultimate

  62. Charlie says:

    Michael S: I haven’t tried your solution, as the DLL solution works fine on my system. I wouldn’t think that your solution would resolve the problem based on what I think is going on, but if it works for you that is another thing for people to try.

  63. Unfortunately Michael’s solution did not work for me.

    To save anyone the trouble, here’s a few more things that DO NOT WORK:

    1) Changing the printer driver to that of CutePDF or an older version of Amyuni does not work.

    2) Changing the port to share a port with CutePDF worked for one or two invoices, but not properly, and was not a workable solution.

  64. John says:

    Charlie, Thanks for all your work on this. I experienced identical errors and your DLL re-install solution worked – sort of. I can now perform reconciliations, print reports, save reports in pdf format again, but I am having a new problem. When I try to print the Print Reports dialogue box is blank, except for 5 buttoms on the right (print, cancel, help, preview and signature). I can hit the Print button and the report will print, but all other features, like print orientation, # of copies) are unavailable to me. So I am back to exporting reports to Excel, reformatting and printing. Any ideas what is going wrong now – with this weird blank Print Reports dialogue box? Thanks so much.

  65. Tim says:

    We have the same results as John. Win 7(64 bit) with QB2009 R10, new DLL installed. PDF printer works, but the print dialog is empty except for the 5 buttons mentioned.

    Is this behavior related to the PDF printer or is it something else entirely? I might guess that it is a different issue than the PDF printer bug.

    Perhaps I haven’t thoroughly searched the live community and this is already answered?

    All suggestions welcome. This is my first post and I’m very new to QuickBooks.

  66. Charlie says:

    Garret, the CutePDF driver performs a very different function than the Amyuni driver. QB won’t use the CutePDF driver in the same fashion. CutePDF is just another printer driver, it happens to print to a PDF file, and the special PDF functions in QB (reconcilation, email export, etc.) won’t see the CutePDF driver. Totally different thing here.

    Try Annette’s suggestion if you have an appropriate version of Windows 7. You can do the same thing in Vista using a download of Microsoft Virtual PC, but that is a bit of extra work to set up (see my older article on this at http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2008/05/quickbooks-in-a-virtual-pc/)

    Tim, John, I’ve not seen that happen and I don’t have an answer for you. Each system has different issues. If I haven’t run into it my self I can’t give much help. I’m one of the lucky ones where the DLL problem worked.

    I’m actually on the road this week so I’ve not been able to get in touch with my contacts at Intuit to see if there is any good word from them…

  67. Bonnie says:

    Hi. I had the blank print dialogue box. I ended up reinstalling quickbooks and reinstalling my printer several times and it fixed the print dialogue box and the pdf issues. Just kept restarting the computer after quickbooks installation and after each attempt at reinstalling my printer and that solved it finally. when i called intuit for advice they told me their only advice was to upgrade to qb2010 bc it is the only one they support for windows7. nice.

  68. Charlie says:

    That is a stock answer – if you say “Windows 7” they’ll say “QuickBooks 2010” regardless of what your issue is, because that is the only release that is officially supported by them on that operating system. It is a support script.

    And if you update to the current release of QB 2010 you may still have a problem, as we have seen above.

  69. Flor says:

    it just so bad that quickbooks introduced the R10 without really testing it out good and make us end in a jam, specially now since it is deadline for tax reporting

  70. Sonn says:

    In December I purchased a Dell that has Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit), and I use QB Pro 2009 R10P. I have been extremely frustrated the past month trying all of these different fixes in order to fix this 32 bit-pdf problem, with only limited success. I have been unable to get the dll file from Intuit; I have requested it several times and never got the email. I am at the point I would just get 2010, but it seems that has the problems as well, which would not be conducive to my stress level. I am “forced” to upgrade QB every 2 years for payroll, and this was not my year. Between QB, the payroll updates, and ProSeries, I give Intuit a lot of money every year and really do not appreciate being left hanging like this while they and Microsoft point fingers. At this point, I will have to consider alternatives.

    • Charlie says:

      Sonn, if you contact me directly at the email address in the blog “about” page, and mention this problem (not getting the DLL), I’ll see if I can forward the info to someone who can help. I can’t promise it will work for you, but we can try. You might check your junk mail folder as the email message might get stuck in there…

  71. Zach says:

    I followed all the instructions here without any luck at first. I am running QB 2009 R10 on Win 7 x64. Finally, I just tried uninstalling, rebooting, and re-installing. To my surprise QB had no issues with PDF printer afterwards. When I uninstalled I made sure to remove all the PDF printers as well before rebooting.

    • Charlie says:

      Zach, we’ll all cross our fingers for you. Many people find that the fix works for awhile but then fails again later, in the situation you describe. Good luck!

  72. Mike Lemons says:

    I found this site and this thread very helpful in resolving a cleint’s problem that seemed to relate. They run SBS 2008 (64-bit) and QB Premier Contractor Edition 2010 Release R5P. Their server runs the QB Database and there are 4 or 5 office QB users. The Office Manager has been unable to e-mail pay stubs recently, getting “Your forms were not sent because QuickBooks could not create the necessary PDF files.” We first tried deleting and letting QB recreate the Quickbooks PDF Converter 3.0 virtual printer, but that did not work. Then, based on Charlie’s instructions, I noticed that all 3 QB-related PDF converter virtual printers were set to use Port LPT1. I changed them to use the “NUL” port and the problem was resolved. Did not attempt the DLL update, since all clients are running XP Pro 32-bit.

    • Charlie says:

      Mike, if the clients are 32 bit, the DLL update wouldn’t have any effect. You have a problem (that you fixed) that is unrelated to this particular issue, in my estimation.

  73. Huey says:

    Why can’t Intuit just make a patch release that reverts everyone back to the version before R10? Wouldn’t that stop the issues that we are having. By the way Charlie, tried the new work around that you put up about reinstalling the driver from Amunyi, still didn’t work. Getting pretty mad here.

  74. Lynn Glessner says:

    Just to add to how random this is, for a while it started working on my W7 laptop, and I didn’t care why, I was just happy. I created and sent a few invoices successfully. Today I created an invoice and sent it via email. Then I tried to email an old invoice and it failed – repeatedly. I restarted Quickbooks, and send it successfully from the “you have forms to send” screen.

    The strategies of reinstalling printer drivers and dll files seems to be mostly coincidence but not actually addressing the real bug — nothing about my system changed during this 15 minute period when it worked, stopped working, and started working again.

    • Charlie says:

      Lynn, in some situations QuickBooks tries to “repair” itself. If you totally delete the PDF driver, for example, the next time you try something that uses it QB will reinstall it (or try to). So for some reason, QB is trying to “fix” things, and of course it is trying to fix it to the point where the problem exists. At least that is what it looks like to me. The funny thing is, on MY test system, I don’t have any troubles after doing the DLL update. Every system is different, and the fault there isn’t entirely with Intuit. But they did make a big mistake here…

  75. Geoff says:

    Charlie: Thanks for the info. My problem is a bit different and I don’t know if it’s one you’re seeing. I run XP-SP2 and have used QB Pro for several years. Last year I also loaded Quicken & Turbo Tax to help a relative with their books, both of which have since been removed via the standard removal routine. My issue is this: I have four (4) QB printers installed: QB PDF [Amyuni Document Converter 2.50d-4], QB PDF Converter [Amyuni Document Converter 2.50d-4], QB Intuit Internal [Amyuni PDF Converter 2.07c], and QuickBooks PDF Converter [Amyuni Document Converter 3.03]. ALL of these are set to the LPT-1 port. I just cannot fathom why (a) these are all here and not cleaned up by Intuit in their install/remove routines; and (b) why I would need more than one?

    • Charlie says:

      Geoff: I can’t answer why Intuit does anything the way they do. It can be a complete mystery. Sometimes they are very clever, sometimes they are very sloppy. Uninstalling drivers can sometimes be a bit tricky. From my experience with a QB-only system you can delete all the old drivers and just reinstall the one that matches your version of QB – assuming you only have one version of QB installed. I don’t want to tell you to do that, though, because you have Quicken and Turbo Tax, and I don’t know which drivers are used by which versions.

  76. Sonn says:

    I agree with Lynn, the biggest problem seems to be the randomness of it all. After trying all the fixes, I uninstalled and reinstalled, updated, and things seemed to work…for a short time. My port has always been “NUL”, even “NUL:” as it said somewhere. The only thing I never did try was the dll replacement, and that is only because I could never get the file from Intuit. The final thing I got working before I gave up was to run it in Windows XP mode (service pack 2, not 3), which again worked like twice, then stopped. I think at some point one you have tried so many fixes you have to uninstall/reinstall to clean up.

  77. Eric Long says:

    Update 1/27/10: SOLUTION!!!!

    After easily spending 8 hours on my own researching and trying all the hoops (repair, reinstall, replace qbwpr32.DLL, delete Quickbooks PDF printer and re-create, etc.), and an hour on the phone with Intuit, Charlie, the Customer Service Representative FINALLY got this resolved:

    There is an updated PDF convertor. It’s called “PDF V 3.03” and the direct download link is https://www.quickbase.com/up/ba8uqfzbq/g/ref/eg/va/QBDPDF_303.exe.

    In any event, I can now save as PDF and email items on the computer and through Windows Server 2008 R2’s RemoteApp using EasyPrint.

    Hope this saves someone the hassle I went through!

  78. Eric Long says:

    I should mention that I am amazed that it took Charlie about an hour to find that solution. In light of all the problems with this, the updated PDF converter should have been the first solution that popped up on his support tools. He really had to dig and of course first suggested, then tried all the things I had previously done.

  79. Charlie says:

    Eric, I’m not sure what exactly you are trying to say about your “amazement”, but I would like to clarify a few things.

    The 303 driver you refer to won’t always work. It might, it might not.

    That is the Amyuni 300 driver, which I talked about in 2008 when we first had the 64 bit problem in QuickBooks PDF drivers, as I talk about in my article at http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2008/10/solving-quickbooks-problems-on-64-bit-vista/ – that article has a link to that driver also.

    That was the first thing I tried on my Windows 7 x64 system because it had worked earlier on my Vista x64 system. It didn’t resolve the problem for me on a permanent basis. When I rebooted my system and ran QB, it stopped working. Note that the latest driver Intuit is providing with this update is the Amyuni 400 driver.

    I will note, as you have seen, that this solution may work for some people. It is another approach to try. In MY particular system the DLL solution worked, and it continues to work. Obviously others have found that it works, AND yet others have found that it does NOT work.

    There are a lot of variables involved with Vista and Windows 7 x64 systems, and I’m not sure we have a permanent, universal solution yet. I’ve asked for an update from my contact in Intuit, but I haven’t gotten a response for awhile.

    In any case, Eric, thanks for pointing out yet another option that may work for some people – we need all the options we can get…

  80. Same kind of problem with Windows 7 and 2010. You would think a company with this kind of money and reputation would have a fix out in 2 days but instead they post “try to fix” articles to make their software work. It’s truly ridiculous that they would release the 2010 version that isn’t compatible with an Operating System that they mark as compatible.

    My company will have all the paper work ready Monday morning to file the claim against Intuit for this type of irresponsibility to the consumer. I’ve tried EVERY fix for this suggested, ANYWHERE, including the company’s website. I’ve probably close to 25 hours in trying to make this function so we can email the invoices to our 5,331 clients and I successfully got it to send and create one PDF invoice.

    Did they even run a beta for this on Windows 7? If so, what was the lifespan of the beta run? What? 2 days so they could release and pull the profits?

    I could understand if this was an isolated problem with a few consumer’s machines but this has been affecting everyone with W7. I got it to create a PDF invoice one time is this is what I did if I recall the steps correctly:

    1. Close the app.
    2. Reboot.
    3. Remove all printer devices.
    4. Unplug Laser printer.
    5. Reboot.
    6. Start the app.
    7. Receive the error again.
    8. Close the app
    9. Remove PDF converter again.
    10. Start app.
    11. Open invoice.
    12. Select send email.
    13. Successful once
    13. Error received again on next try.

    Maybe someone can tell me why I’m getting the error from what I had to do to have it send an invoice via email 1 time.



  81. Debbie says:

    I found this post (after several hours of attempting various other fixes) but unfortunately none of the suggested methods worked for me.

    I just spent an hour on the phone with Intuit tech support to be told that 2009 R10 is incompatible with Windows 7 and that I needed to upgrade to 2010.

    I would be happy to do that, had I not purchased 2009 Pro less than 8 months ago for the very same price that Intuit wants to sell me 2010 for now. Why is the price for the upgrade the same as for the full product?

    For now I will live with having to delete the PDF converter every time I need to send an email, and hope that Intuit decides to support long-time users who happen to be using a new OS. I’m not paying for this software again this soon.

  82. Charlie says:

    Here is another thought for those of you who are having difficulties. I don’t like this, but if you are desperate…

    Try uninstalling QuickBooks and deleting the PDF driver.

    Reinstall QB from your original CD if you have it. You should be back to R1, and you won’t have the problem supposedly. It was introduced in R4 (2010) and R10 (2009).

    The problem is that you will get warnings when you open your company file that you are using an older version. For 2009 users you won’t be able to open the file at all. In addition, you get all of the bugs back that were fixed in later revisions.

    BEFORE you try this feel free to contact me directly and I can get you a copy of the update program that would take you to R2 (2010) or R9 (2009). Please note that I won’t provide free direct support, I’ll just be providing the updates. AND be aware of what bugs you are reintroducing (you can see the list of bugs that are fixed in R4/5 and R10). This may cause major problems if you are using Payroll, and possibly cause problems with sales tax, as other articles in the blog talk about.

    Again, I don’t recommend this unless you are desperate and all other solutions have failed, and if you understand the problems that might be created.

  83. Sonn says:

    Although I have not been able to get back to my own Win7/64-bit and QB 2009 R10 problem, I ran into another interesting problem when helping a friend/client print W-2’s and other payroll reports. I saw some of the exact same messages on her Win7/64-bit system running QB 2010 as I am seeing on my own system. Literally the exact same messages, that all add up to the pdf function not working. This supports the statements made by others that there are also problems with 2010, even though it is supposedly compatible. She got 2010 at the insistence of Intuit since she was still running 2007, needless to say, she is kind of mad there is this problem, and she can’t go back as her data files have been updated to 2010. What a mess!

  84. Barry K says:

    THANK YOU ANNETTE! I tried your advice and I created the virtual PC in Windows XP mode. Reinstalled QB9 in the XP mode. Like you said…it isn’t really a fix but at least for now I can invoice my customers without all the hassles at least until Intuit comes up with something.

  85. Virna M says:

    I know how to fix the ‘contact the administrator’ problem… it’s the permissions on the file folder. You have to set them to allow users to modify. That worked for me with that problem.

    Unfortunately, the emailing invoices still won’t. I got it to work one time and then it’s erroring out again everytime after that. I’m going to try the NUL thing now.

  86. Virna M says:

    SCORE on the NUL thing! I have emailed 2 invoices so far, without the glitch. Fingers crossed it stays!

  87. Ashley F says:

    hi there. i have had all the same problems trying to email a statement from qb2009. i have version 19 of 2009 running on Vista/64.

    i tried all the fixes and none of them worked, but here’s the deal…i CAN email a statement if i use the simple (ugly) Quickbooks template with no customizations.

    if i try to modify (personalize) the template, it will not email and i get the “thunking spooler” stuff.

    for those of you who are desperate, you might try using the basic templates that come with QB and see if you are able to at least get your information out to customers.

  88. Ashley F says:

    PS – after trying out lots of variables with the Quickbooks statement forms, it appears pretty much any form will email as a .pdf as long as you don’t use a custom color in the statement. I was able to use my logo and reformat the standard template and send my statement. Only when I added a custom color was I denied with a “thunking spooler.” poo.

  89. Annette says:

    You’re welcome Barry! This is the only work around that has been successful for me thus far. Until there is a final fix from Intuit, I’m going to stick with the virtual PC in XP mode. I’ve been using it for three weeks without a hitch. Just emailed all my February Invoices, printed my quarterly and end of year stuff.

    I’m keeping an eye here for any other suggestions, but so far this is working for me. Thanks to everyone here for their efforts. Despite the extreme frustration that everyone is going through, everyone is very civil and helpful here. A sign of true professionals. Kudos to everyone for hanging in there. Shame on you Intuit!

  90. David says:

    Thanks Soooo Much! After 3 hours with “Tech support” they couldn’t solve. But your detailed info and pic’s made it easy. Thanks again!

  91. Tim says:


    Thanks for leading this discussion. You are an invaluable resource.

    Could you publish what drivers, settings, and other variables you have on your machine(s) that work? Perhaps if there were more detail, we might be able to identify differences on our systems that aren’t working. And maybe even fix/adjust them so we could get more consistent operation.

    Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

    PC is HP Pavilion 6347c with 6 Gig RAM and Athlon 630 quad CPU, running Windows 7 Home Premium. (Considering upgrade to Business or Ultimate to get XP mode)

    Office network is router based with NetGear WRG614 (no wireless)

    QuickBooks is 2009 R10 in multi-user mode. (All other networked QuickBooks PCs are XP SP3 running QB2009 R10 and work fine.)

    Using the latest DLL, we can rarely email invoices, after repeating the install steps, etc.

    What other drivers, setups, or configurations might be relevant? I’m particularly interested to hear about stable, working systems.

    Thanks again for yours and everyone else’s help.

    • Charlie says:

      Tim, unfortunately, I don’t think that will help. I only have one 64 bit system and I don’t have a way of doing extensive testing like I can on 32 bit systems. If I had a system here that did NOT work after trying the DLL, then I would be able to work on pinning down the variables involved.

      Also, in my system, I have both the 2009 and 2010 versions installed.

      My past experience with Vista on this system (also an HP system) showed me that if I had system drivers that were not the latest 64 bit versions, odd things happened. I had many problems with printing in the system at that time until I found that one of my laser printer drivers was not a 64 bit driver. Problems went away when I got all system drivers updated. And, with HP, I’ll note that the did NOT supply all 64 bit drivers in the system “out of the box” – I had to locate and install the proper drivers myself.

      When I set up this Windows 7 system (clean install) I made sure that all drivers were 64 bit versions. I’ve had little trouble with the system since then.

      But, without the ability to see a particular problem and work on it myself, I’ve not been able to pin down anything for anyone beyond what I have here.

      And for some reason, the engineering contact I was working with at Intuit has not been responding to queries the past few weeks…

  92. Kevin says:

    Charlie can you confirm that on Quickbooks Enterprise 10.0, PDF functions are working correctly on 64 bit Windows 7 machines?

  93. Charlie says:

    Kevin, on MY Windows 7 x64 system, with the DLL patch, the PDF functions work correctly with Enterprise 10. This might not be true for ALL installations like this, but on mine it is working.

  94. Bob says:

    I’m running Windows 7 and QB2009. The fix solved the email issue and everything seems to work just fine, except for one small issue: When I go to print a single Invoice, Purchase Order or Report the box that opens up no longer has the fields that allow me to choose how many copies I want to print. I end up just printing multiple copies one at a time. Anyone else have this issue?

  95. Aaron says:

    Charlie, thanks for taking all these points and trying to disseminate them all.

    I have QB2010 on Windows 7E 64bit, updated to REv5

    I did the dll fix and reinstalled the printer and assigned it to port nul:, now when I try to email i get the same error inside quickbooks that it “Cannot Print to printer, etc…” but the Print driver host for 32bit applications crash error is no longer there, it just errors out in QB. I guess I should wait for Inuit to address this? No runtime error, btw.

  96. Keith says:

    Thanks!!!! QB2010 Windows 7 64 updated to latest. Deleted QB PDF Converter, downloaded dll, renamed existing dll, copied downloaded dll, opened QB. Sending PDF invoices again.

  97. Medical says:

    As expectet and like all intuit products, they hardly do what they are supposed to.
    We called the support and went through this exact steps and still cannot generate a PDF.
    Intuit blamed our hardware, we tried it on 12 different PCs, and to prove them they are wrong, we purchase 2 more with only the OS and Quickbooks on them and the same problem still happening. As of now Intuit did not provide any solution and our frustration with this incompetent company is growing by the minute.
    Can anyone recommend another software that is compatible with Quickbooks?

  98. charles857 says:

    I downloaded the new file qbwpr32.dll and replaced the old one. It works fine now to email documents. However, a new problem occured. Anytime you try to print any documents (invoice, purchase order), the printing window now is mostly blank, only right side buttons are showing. No drop-down window for you to choose different printer any more.

  99. Charlie says:

    If you are using QuickBooks 2009, the R11 release has just come out, and it should fix the 64 bit PDF problem. See this article: http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2010/02/quickbooks-2009-r11-update-fixes-pdf-printer-problems-with-64-bit-systems/

    For QuickBooks 2010 users, Intuit says that they are still working on this issue. I’m hoping that something will come out soon…

  100. Mary Johnson says:

    I have Windows 7 64-bit, running QuickBooks Premier 2010. I have narrowed down my .pdf print problem to the NUL: port. It gets setup properly when I reinstall the amyuni driver to recreate the QuickBooks PDF Converter 3.0, and printing works UNTIL I reboot. Then I find that the NUL: port is no longer there. How do I get this NUL: port to not get deleted when I reboot? This is very repeatable. I am convinced this is my problem.

  101. Jason says:

    Does this most current update in any way address the winmail.dat issue that occurs when you click SEND FORMS>EMAIL to send many invoices or statements to customers?

  102. Charlie says:

    Jason, I’m not familiar with that problem, but the article I wrote lists all of the bug fixes that they acknowledge in this release. I don’t see anything specifically addressing your comment unless it is an outgrowth of the PDF driver problem.

  103. Jason says:

    Charlie, Ive been doing net research and its a fairly common problem it seems but seems to be somewhat illogical. When we make invoices, and click the ‘To Be E-mailed’ box and at the end of the day, we go to SEND FORMS and send all of the invoices we made via email. Some of the recipients do not receive a PDF as expected. Instead they get a winmail.dat file. It appears if we send via email from inside the invoice itself, at the time of creation, we dont have this problem. It has something to do with the mass email send.

  104. Charlie says:

    Jason, I’ve not come across that myself, and none of my direct support clients have reported that, so I have no experience with that. It isn’t mentioned by Intuit in the list of bug fixes in the 2009 R11 release. However, sometimes they don’t always tell us all of the things that are fixed or changed in a release…

  105. Vanda says:

    Thanks so much!! I’m using QB2009 Premier on a new laptop with Windows 7. I too was getting errors just tring to save a QB report as a PDF file to print or email later. Windows troubleshooting for the QB PDF Converter priner didn’t work. But your link to the QB site and their update patch worked perfectly for me! Was getting pretty frustrated but you’ve made my day better now!! Thanks.

  106. Vanda says:

    You also saved me lots of time with QB talking to support. My last conversation was over an hour! You’re site is now saved in my “favorites”!!

  107. Annette says:

    Charlie, I just updated my QB2009 64 Bit (using window 7 Professional) to the R11 update. I can print invoices but STILL CAN’T EMAIL! Arrrgh!

    Still using the Virtual PC in XP mode with no problems and looks like it’s going to stay that way!

    Thanks for all your help!

  108. Charlie says:

    Annette, with R11 (not in XP Mode), can you try reconciling a bank account? See if that works.

  109. Aaron says:

    Just updated to R11, and it fixed everything, I can reconcile, send emails, print to PDF, the whole kaboodle. Some of you people are a little impatient, I knew Inuit would fix it soon because their customer base is enormous, Not to say they are an amazing company or anything, but they’re not inept.

  110. John says:

    Charlie, I just downloaded R11 for my QB Premier 2009 and all remaining 64-bit pdf issues seem to be resolved. Thanks so much for all your help and patience. You were a huge help in keeping me up and running during this ordeal. I heartily agree with the “shame on you, Intuit” comments above for putting us through such hassles for so long with no clear fixes. Thank heavens you were there for us!

  111. Barry K says:

    Well Aaron…some of us are a little impatient. We have businesses to operate. Some of us feel that Intuit could have communicated with us during this ordeal. Thanks again to Charlie for at least trying to help us through this (alot more than Intuit did for us). So far, R11 has worked.

  112. Keely says:

    Charlie, I have followed this entire thread & want to thank you for taking the time to do something that Intuit should be doing, namely offering support to its’ users.

    I am so totally totally frustrated with my QB Pro 2010. I was on Pro 2008 but upgraded last month to Windows 7 64 bit, only to find it incompatible with Windows 7. So I upgraded & forked out for QB Pro 2010, only to start having issues e-mailing monthly bills & statements to my clients. None of the fixes published worked. I tried the dll fix, only to end up with worse problems so reverted back. Tried all the other fixes published in the knowledge articles, including the NUL port, spooling etc. None of these fixed the issues.

    I am now at the point where it is end of the month, I need to send out multiple statements to customers on their monthly accounts & simply cannot. Nor can I save a statement as a PDF & send it via outlook as you cannot save statements as PDF attachments. Nor can I e-mail it to myself (as recommended in the Help section of Intuit on how to e-mail a statement as PDF) as I can’t e-mail via QB!

    I cannot begin to express how disappointed I am in Intuit for not sorting this out nor can you call them without them charging me for their problem. If any senior Intuit employees are reading this you should be ashamed of yourselves for offering such shabby customer service.

  113. Charlie says:

    Keely: I won’t comment on their support policies other than to say that isn’t how I run my software company.

    I will say that they ARE sorting this out, they fixed it in the 2009 product and are working on the 2010 product. I don’t know why it is taking so long (although I have some guesses). I do know that it is of concern to them and they are working on it.

    For the interim, you can get a PDF printer driver and print any statement or report to a PDF file, then attach it to an email manually. I use Adobe Acrobat myself. I’ve heard people talk about CutePDF, but I don’t have experience with that nor do I know if it works on 64 bit systems. I’m quite happy with Adobe.

  114. Lisa says:

    I found this last night and read all of your experiences in growing anger. I have Windows 7 64 bit and QB Pro 2010.
    Since getting this system set up in early January (my hubby has one too, but mine is the host), we have had a multitude of conflict issues. And this is the latest and greatest. Can’t save a PDF file, can print somethings sometimes but not always, on and on. I have tried most of the above fixes to no avail. This cannot go on Intuit must come up with an immediate fix. We have businesses to run. We purchased this product in good faith and expect a superior product in kind…….I have been running QB 2008 and before that 2005 with no problem. This is inexcusable!

  115. Annette says:

    I uninstalled the extra PDF converters that I had previously installed while trying to fix the problem before I decided to do the Virtual PC in XP mode.

    After deleting the PDF converters and re-booting, QB on my maching (Windows 7 Professional64 bit) is now working smoothly. Thank goodness for being able to operate this in a Virtual PC mode during the three months of invoices and emailings I had to get through. Not to mention TAX FORMS!

    Thanks again to you Charlie and everyone here for Herculian efforts to try to resolve this.

    Again, shame on you Intuit for causing this mess up. Granted, everyone makes mistakes, but you added insult to injury by demanding payment from us for customer service to fix it when we called you for help!

  116. Mitch says:

    The winmail.dat issue seems to be related to a mapi send when using exchange or small business server as a mail server.

    I found an article on EE that notes the problem:

    Props to dave for the summary.

    When Exchange sends RTF it uses a “standard” attachment to contain the MS-TNEF formatted content. Outlook silently decodes this – anyone using another mailer sees an attachement they can’t open.

    Disallow RTF – it should fix the issue:

    Here is more information from Microsoft:

    Another writeup:

    • Charlie says:

      Mitch, I had to remove a couple of the links you had in your message. The first one, the article, was a link to a service where you have to pay to see the answer. The last one was an invalid link, it gave a 4040 “not found” message.

  117. Mitch says:

    For what it’s worth though, after a little more reading I’d blame Intuit… It looks like MS defaults to RTF if the mode is not specified. Intuit isn’t reading the users preference and using it – it isn’t offering the user the choice… so it’s either specifying RTF OR that is just the default. It seems to be an easy fix though. And will fix all programs showing this issue I think.

  118. Kevin says:

    I can confirm 4 machines are now working with PDF’s properly on Quickbooks Enterprise 10.0 R5 in Windows 7 64-bit environment.

    I was able to get it to work using a combo of steps found all over the place. Forgive me if I am being repetitive. Just trying to help everyone who has helped me.

    With Quickbooks closed…

    1. Delete any existing Quickbooks PDF converter printer.
    2. (Not sure if this is necessary but I did it on all my machines.) Check your other printers and delete any printer that is using the Nul: port to print. Check ports under properties. I had to delete a “One Note” printer that was using this port.
    3. Find your installed QB folder and run the install.exe file that reinstalls the PDF printer driver.
    4. In devices and printers, rename the new printer installed as “QuickBooks PDF Converter 3.0”.
    5. Under printer properties of this new printer change the port to the “Nul:” port. If you don’t have this port look for instructions to create it. On the advanced tab change to “spool print documents so program…”. Uncheck “enable advanced printing features.” Then change previous setting back to “Print directly to printer.”
    6. Download the updated .dll file from the links above.
    7. Find your installed QB file folder again and change “qbwpr32.dll” to “qbwpr32.old”
    6. Drop new .dll into the installed QB folder.
    7. Reboot computer.
    8. Open QB and try to email or create pdf. The FIRST TIME you will get the activated error. However, after that things should be back to normal.

    Sorry if this appears to be a rip off of what’s above or elsewhere. I tried the above steps with no luck. I then tired various combos of Intuit suggestions, Charlie’s and others. Just wanted to help if I could.

    Thanks Charlie!!

    • Charlie says:

      Kevin, there is a tremendous amount of variability in x64 systems. I’m seeing this in my own software on my own systems. It isn’t as steady or as stable as 32 bit systems yet. Because of this, everyone seems to have a slightly different experience. It isn’t entirely Intuit’s fault, although they did mess things up quite a bit with the R5 release. I didn’t have to go through all the steps you did to get it to work, but my system is different than yours. Thanks for posting what you found…

  119. Keely says:

    Okay; I’ve got another one for ya! Now all of a sudden my payroll function has stoppped working. Worked fine last week when I cut the checks. I have 4 employess so subscribe to standard payroll service which has just been jacked up to $275 for the year. It’s now stopped working & by the looks of it I can’t call anyone unless I pay for it. This is disgraceful. By the way I have just run a manual update in case I was missing something & re-booted twice to no avail. In your opinion is this all to do with QB 2010 & windows 7 being incompatible Charlie?

    • Charlie says:

      Keely, I don’t work with Payroll at all, so I can’t help much there. I thought that if you had a Payroll subscription you could get help from the Payroll support staff without having to pay for support? I think that you have to go through the Payroll support lines, although I’m not sure on that. That is the way it used to work a year or so ago, last time I had to deal with Payroll. Also – the payroll updates are a separate thing from the QuickBooks update. Updating your QB revision doesn’t address getting the latest payroll updates.

  120. Keely says:

    Sorry Charlie; I’ve managed to resolve by Payroll issue but I’m still wondering if it’s a bug. My updates are turned on automatically. When my payroll function suddenly stopped working I went & did a total system update through the help window in case it was my issue. When I had Pro 2008 my auto updates would not happen for some reason so I had to manually go & do them from time to time. This update I just did included payroll. The update downloaded okay & system got green light as updated. It didn’t fix the issue & still had problems with no deductions being calculated on payroll for employees.

    I manually went in & created a paycheck with with-holding I separately calculated. When I tried to create the check QB told me that it could not create the check as my payroll data was not up to date. It suggested getting a payroll update via employees or renewing an expired payroll subscription (my payroll subscription is up to date). So I updated the payroll again through the employee function. It now works. Why? Why did it not work through the updates window? Any ideas anyone.

  121. Keely says:

    Thanks for the feedback Charlie. I’m afraid payroll subscription only offers help if you pay extra for enhanced or total payroll. Standard subscription comes with no help. I did not realize that updates are separate on the help & payroll window. I figured, obviously stupidly, that if the updates on help window says it gets payroll updates it gets all the payroll updates. Obviously not! You live & learn. Wished they hurry up & fix this pdf problem. It’s making me paranoid!

  122. Lisa says:

    I have learned to work around the fact that I cannot save to a PDF file in my QB Pro 2010 with my Windows 7 64 bit system. I export my report to Excel and then save the Excel. Don’t like it but at least it is something.
    TODAY’S problem is that we cannot print checks. I have a call in to my QB consultant. Want her to contact her sources in AZ (not some foreign land that wants to charge you). See what answers they come up with. So absolutely inexcusable and frustrating. We should all get our $$$ back. But then what?

  123. michael says:

    How about this folks i don,t do pdf stuff just print invoices Here,s what pop,s up out of the blue and the only fix is to shut down computer and restart then thell print, win vista qb2010 R5P so I get Error has occured in the script on this page line 7 char 0 error object expected code 0 url file://c:/ program data/lexmark%207600%20series/job%20status/scripts/jswxml How about that I wonder if I upgrade to Win7 afraid make it worse. put me down for a class action law sute

  124. Joe says:

    Charlie, I have Win 7 Pro 64 & QB Pro 2010 R5. I have the e-mail .pdf problem and tried all the work arounds you have mentioned and the program behaves the same way. Still with the “Print driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working” and then “could not print to printer, check your printer selection. Printing may have been cancelled from another program”. As stated above it is very frustrating. I have been printing out report then scanning them to .pdf files and attaching them to e-mails; very time consuming and a real pain. From your contacts at Intuit are they still trying to resolve this problem? (fingers crossed)

  125. Charlie says:

    Michael: What you are describing is something different than what we are talking about here. That sounds like a faulty printer driver in Vista, or something similar.

    Joe: Yes, definately they are working on the fix for QB 2010. At this point I’m under a non-disclosure agreement that concerns what is being done, all I can say is that things look very positive at this moment. More on this later.

  126. michael says:

    Thanks Charlie I,ll screw around with your suggestions

  127. Lisa says:

    Charlie, I wrote in on March 2, 2010 telling how I could not print checks to vendors. Well out of the blue, I can print my checks again. Still unable to save a report to PDF but I am ok for NOW to save to an Excel and use as I need. But this is the start of our companies busy season. Have not yet had to cut payroll checks or a variety of other functions we require out of Quick Books.
    It has been sometime since you indicated a fix from Intuit was coming…………..Do you have any updates??

    • Charlie says:

      The 2009 patch is out, the 2010 patch is being developed. I can’t predict when they will get it out, I never know until it is being released. I do know that a fix is on the way.

  128. Nusbaum Mark says:

    After reading through questions and answers, I would not be inclined to trust or impliment anything Intuit suggest. Before I go through the steps you list for my Q-Books Pro 2010,on Windows 7….. Could I re-install Quickbook Pro 2009 since from what I understand from above they already have a fix for? I’m not a computer tech, only a Painting Contractor(though Intuit seems to think I should be) and I don’t want to make things worse than they are. As far as the printing and emailing here,we’ve been shut down since last Friday. I’ve had this installed since October 2009,why did it start just now?

    • Charlie says:

      Nusbaum, I can’t answer fully because I don’t know what revision you have or how long you’ve used things. If you have been working with your company file with QB 2010, you can’t convert it (easily) back to QB 2009. The file isn’t compatible. Why did it start just now? Are you on a 64 bit system, did you just update to R5? If you have R5 and you can’t afford to go back to a 2009 backup file, try the DLL download outlined here. It works for some people. It won’t hurt (it can be reversed easily). An update to 2010 R5 is in the works so a fix will be coming.

  129. Mark Nusbaum says:

    I tried the suggestion from Michael S posted on Jan20. Seems to be working for me,so far. I can print and I can email again. His suggestion is pasted below:

    I am running Windows 7, 64 bit, QB 2010 rel R5P. I tried the fix replacing the DLL file but that created other print errors so I went back to the old DLL version.

    Have you tried this fix: Right click on the Quickbooks software icon, select Properties, select the Compatibility tab and then check Compatibility Mode running as Windows XP (Service Park 3). (oh and also select “Run this program as an administrator” in the same tab.)

  130. Nanaj says:

    Has anyone tried logging as the QuickBooks User that was created when you installed QB? Switch user and log in as “QBDataServiceUser20”. Logging in there and opening Quickbooks has solved most of my printing problems. Since I am a different “user” when my computer boots up, it’s a pain to switch users just to print something, but it works for me. I’ll be grateful when QB finally gets this print fixed… By the way, anyone know WHY a computer user called “QBDataServiceUser20” was created when QB Pro 2010 was installed?

  131. Charlie says:

    Nanaj: That is a novel approach – I’m not sure why it would work in relation to the PDF issue. I suspect when you say “printing problems” you may have had some other unrelated issues.

    That user account is set up to manage the QuickBooks database server. This is a very common procedure when working with database systems. It is a limited account that has limitations, but that allows the server to be automatically started when you boot your system. It isn’t typically intended to be used as a login account for an actual user.

  132. Lisa says:

    Charlie, Thanks for the update. I do forget to say that I am on Windows 7 64 bit and QB 2010 Pro Rel 5. SO you say this fix is in the works? Do you think we will be able to trust this? I have tried many of the fixes that have been listed here, sometimes tho the cure has been worse than the sickness. So, I am finding temporary alternatives but I am afraid those may run out soon as our busy season takes way and I will need access to more of QB.
    I really did want to say, thanks to this forum, I know now that I am not absolutely crazy as my QB advisor would like me to believe rather than Intuit being messed up. Seriously though, when the patch for these problems comes, do you think it will make all these messes better or ?!?!?!

  133. Charlie says:

    Lisa, sometimes I am lucky enough to be involved in the beta testing of new products or new releases of products from Intuit. When I’m involved with those, I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that puts some restrictions on what I can say.

    I can say that the problem you are seeing in Pro 2010 R5 is the exactly the same as in Pro 2009 R10. With the 2009 product, they released R11, and that fixed the problem on my system without introducing any new issues.

    An intuit employee left a comment in the Intuit Community Forum referring to a 2010 R6 release (but that was in answer to a different question) so it has been announced that there IS an R6 on the way. I am VERY VERY confident that it will fix the PDF issue. I expect that it will address a number of other issues. As far as predicting when it would be released, about all I can say is that Intuit rarely makes release dates public until a few days before it happens (and sometimes they don’t announce it at all). As soon as they announce it (assuming I hear about it) I’ll post an article about what it changes.

    I am always cautious when a new release comes out, I often tell people that they might want to wait a few days before they use it to see if there are new issues being introduced. Let everyone else be a tester. However, if this PDF issue is having a negative impact on your business, most likely it will be safe to install this update. But we’ll see.

    Sorry for being so vague at this time, but…

  134. Lisa says:

    Charlie, I understand the limitations of what you can say. I am just greatful that I found this site which validates that I am not the only one having issues with Intuit and Windows 7. Thanks for your reassuring words. I stopped wasting my time and patience trying to fix these issues myself. I (and am sure many others) will be anxiously waiting. Do you know how they will announce this release or will it just download with automatic updates?

    • Charlie says:

      Lisa, nobody knows how they will announce or roll it out, they don’t provide that kind of info until the time comes that it is out. Sometimes I get a notice a day or two before if I’m lucky.

      USUALLY they roll it out as a manual update for a few days (or more) before they make it an automatic update, but that doesn’t always happen.

      Subscribe to this blog – as soon as I find that it has been released, I’ll write an article…

  135. bernice says:


    • Charlie says:

      That is hard to say, because you don’t say what “printer problems” you are having, or what revision of Pro 2010 you are using. However, I can say that one main issue will probably NOT be solved because the issue is not the version of Windows, but the fact that you have a 64 bit system. Pro 2010 R5 has problems with 64 bit systems regardless of the version of Windows, as described in this article. The next release should resolve those. I don’t know if that will cover ALL of your printer issues…

  136. Andreas says:

    Any news on the R6 release for 2010? I really need to email my payroll pdfs out. I would even be willing to try out an unofficial beta release (if Intuit is listening)…


    • Charlie says:

      Andreas, I know that there is an R6 underway, but I’ve not seen any announcement of when it will be available.

      You can always go to https://beta.intuit.com/signup/index.cfm to look into being a beta test site, but I believe that if you do get signed in you will find that they aren’t accepting new beta test sites for the 2010 product. But you can try…

  137. Keely says:

    Hi Charlie, Thought I’d update the blog with more issues I seem to be having. This morning I got an auto update on my Kodak AIO ESP 9 printer. Since downloading it I now cannot even launch statements in QB Pro 2010. I click to generate a monthly statement for a customer, the ‘working’ window briefly flashes up & disappears. The system does nothing. Same for printing. Tried to print a pay stub off this morning for an employee. Now will not print anything either. It’s as if I am not even clicking the ‘print’ button with my mouse! Tried uninstalling the PDF converter, no resolve. When i try to check printer set up in file, I click it to check, the menu disappears off the screen & I do not go into the printer set up area. Just back to the screen underneath (does this make sense?). Just completed live chat with Kodak who basically washed their hands of it & said it’s Intuit’s problem. I can print anything else off on my computer from various programs. The issue is just with QB Pro 2010 docs. At the moment I could cheerfully smash my computer into pieces. Any ideas anyone?

  138. Amber says:

    Thanks for all the comments. After spending four hours today thinking I was the problem, I realized it’s affecting all of you too. Charlie, please keep us updated on anything we can do to fix these problems. I appreciate your advice.

  139. Lisa Ritchie says:

    Good morning, Hope we all had a good Easter. Thought I was off to a bright start this beautiful spring morning only to find out that QB 2010 Pro would not let me print invoices to my customers. Imagine how they will feel when I cannot send them a “paid” invoice for their expensive purchase which they also need to validate their warranty from our corporate office. Wonder if anyone will actually believe it is because Intuit STILL CANNOT FIX THIS PROBLEM! Charly, know this is not your fault but still needed to vent. Thanks for being there!

  140. Chris says:

    We are running Quickbooks 2010 Pro R5. The dll fix has worked for us, but we have been fighting all manner of printing problems with Quickbooks on Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 that we never had on Quickbooks.

  141. Brian says:

    We are running Win7 x64 with QB2010 Ent R5 on 1 of the 2 machines that access our company file. The dll fix worked for us. Thank you.

  142. nogeeks.org says:

    The NUL port vanishes upon reboot. I’ve seen this on multiple client’s computers. Someone else mentioned this a few months back and did not receive an answer. QB support is absolutely worthless on this issue.

    This is a MS problem, not a Quickbooks issue anyway.

    • Charlie says:

      The NUL port won’t always disappear – on my test systems it never does. It is not clear to me what the circumstances are as far as when this will happen (since I don’t have my hands on a system that exhibits this). I won’t assume that it is a Microsoft issue – QuickBooks does have a tendency to try to correct itself (particularly when relating to the PDF driver).

      Note that Intuit has released the 2010 R6 update, which should resolve this issue. Unfortunately at this time it is not a manual or automatic update, it is just available as a regular download, and that creates some registration issues for people who already have an installation. In my test of R6, the PDF problem was resolved. However, I’m recommending that we wait until they release it as a manual/automatic update, because there are MULTIPLE changes in this release and they have not told us (yet) what exactly has been changed. I’m cautious, as there have been some problems with R6 that had held it back…

  143. Charlie says:

    Folks, QB 2010 R6 is released to manual update. This should resolve many of your problems with this feature. See the article at Folks, see my article about QB 2010 R6 at http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2010/04/quickbooks-2010-r6-update/


  144. Lisa says:

    Got your message about the patch release. Decided to heed your advice and wait till downloading. The while I was working on an invoice, I decided to try to save to PDF
    to see what would happen. Guess what? It worked!
    And I did NOTHING to download. Just proves my point that there are little green guys and gals on the planet Intuit that do things to your computer when you are not looking.
    I have not tried anything else as I have been out of the office lately, but I will keep you updated. Thanks for all your help.

  145. Lisa says:

    Ok, One day later, tried saving an invoice to PDF. It would not accomplish this goal as it did yesterday. Those little green people of planet Intuit are playing games again. They give you and then take away!!! Please let us know when you feel comfortable for us to down load the patch!

    • Charlie says:

      Lisa, that is one of the symptoms of the problem with R5 – works one day, then decides not to later. I’d go ahead and try R6, I’m not having any problems with it myself. But again, use caution, I’ve not used it that much myself and I don’t have any clients in the field using it (I don’t have many people on 64 bit systems).

  146. Lisa says:

    Ok, Charlie, Before I proceed, I am getting a new message I use to get and stopped and started again. Just wanted to know before I download if you think it may make this problem better or worse…..”File you specified cannot be opened. Make sure it is not currently being used by another program or a read – only file. The Windows error “The field exists” “, appears upon trying to open QB. It takes about 15 times to hit the “X” button before it lets me in. Then I get an error about the tax-table updates….”AB can;t read setup payroll files. Click ok ……….”

    It keeps going in that loop until I click on cancel. Then it tells me to update again before 6/7/2010………

    Will the patch download make this better or worse. After you answer this, I will try the download.

    • Charlie says:

      Lisa, I’ve not run into that, and I can’t say if the new update has anything to do with that issue. If you are using an Intuit Payroll service of some kind, you probably should contact Intuit about this. Sounds like an issue with payroll updates…

  147. Aaron says:

    Resolved (for me anyway) by the following combination of the above steps on a Win 7 64 bit w/QB2010 Pro w/Payroll:
    -I went to the Intuit site to d/l the .dll file, but Intuit has pulled it; they say instead to d/l the latest ver (6 for 2010) and that should correct the issue.
    -Deleted the PDF converter ‘printer’; followed the steps to manually reinstall; didn’t correct issue; reboot
    -Went to Intuit, d/l the ver 6 update, installed, and has corrected the print issue

  148. Agent Gardner says:

    I am in need of the .dll file but can not find it anywhere. Any help would be great.


    • Charlie says:

      Agent Gardner, you don’t need that dll any more, you can update to the most current release of QuickBooks to resolve the problem (hopefully – it works for me, as you see some others are having problems).

  149. Steve Gill says:

    I downloaded R6 but still have problems with PDFs. Namely, immediately after I email an invoice I get the dreaded “QuickBooks is not responding and must close…” message and QB shuts down. Pain in the neck!

    • Charlie says:

      Steve, there are a bunch of issues with 64 bit systems, and the PDF driver issue might not be your only problem. The update works for me on Windows 7 64 bit. Unfortunately, without access to your system, I can’t say what else might be going on. It can be tough to figure out issues on 64 bit systems.

  150. Fred says:

    I have also run into the problem that Jason had mentioned a while back and it still doesn’t appear that a solution has come up since he last posted. Again, the issue is when pay stubs are emailed to employees, some of them are unable to open the files as they are saved as a winmail.dat extension. This only happens to a couple employees, the rest are sent as .pdf extensions. If you have any ideas or may have come across this issue possibly, your knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

  151. Charlie says:

    Fred, you are persistent if you read through all these comments!

    I’ve not had the “winmail.dat” problem show up on my system, so I don’t have a direct answer for that. You can find a lot of discussions about winmail.dat if you use Google. Essentially, it relates to an issue with your email program if you are using Outlook or a related program. Set your default outgoing email format to be plain text, not RTF. See if that works. Some users found that they had to do other changes in addition. But again, I’ve not tried this myself, as I haven’t run into the problem.

  152. Pat says:

    I had a conflict with the 2010 R6 release and Office 2010.

    I installed Win 7 x64, the Office 2010 x32 (recommended by MS unless you have huge spread sheets). The Office 2010 install included OneNote. I then installed the QuickBooks. When I tried to email a PO I received the “Could not Print” error.

    After a some trouble shooting I discovered the “Send to OneNote” virtual printer was using the nul: port and the QuickBooks printer was on LPT1.

    I removed the OneNote printer and directed the QuickBooks printer to use the NUL: port. After restarting QuickBooks and the PC, I was able to send my PO.

    Next I’m going to do a repair on the Office install to see if I can restore the OneNote printer without breaking QuickBooks.

  153. Mike Larke says:

    I am absolutely livid with these people. They disabled my ability to email invoices in QB 2007 I spend $150 to “upgrade” to 2010 and the very feature that forced me to upgrade is not operational. I cannot send forms and cannot send my invoices.

    This to me is sharp practice at best and in my view criminal stuff; and in any event completely beyond the pale. Why don’t they simply re-allow emails from QB 2007. OH yes, of course the master file is not in QB 2010 format (I did back it up of course).

    ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. I have emailed my CPA for alternative suggestions and I plan to stop payment with my credit card company.

  154. Kerby says:

    Hello Charlie,

    I’ve read through most of this string — what a wild ride!! When I installed QB 2009 Pro on W7x64, it worked fine. When I recently fired it up to e-mail some invoices, I was prompted to update to R11 and I immediately had the Printer not Activated problem. This string seemed to die out about a month ago — are you aware of a clean fix that I can use?

  155. Charlie says:

    Kerby, all I can say is that for ME, the 2009 R11 fix worked and continues to work: http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2010/02/quickbooks-2009-r11-update-fixes-pdf-printer-problems-with-64-bit-systems/

    There are many people who seem to have ongoing problems, but it is not clear what exactly the issue is for those systems. There are a lot of issues with 64 bit Windows systems that are not directly related to QuickBooks, but that can cause the printer driver to go haywire.

    I can’t say much about this, and it isn’t an answer that everyone will want, but I have high expectations that the 2011 product will resolve this once and forall, with a different approach.

  156. Dale says:

    I’m using Quickbooks Pro 2010 on a Windows 7 system. Checks printed fine until today. The check feeds through my printer, the printer sounds like it’s working, but nothing prints on the check. The Quickbooks support folks told me it was caused because I didn’t order my checks from Quicken! This can’t be the reason – my checks printed just fine until today? Any ideas?

  157. Charlie says:

    Dale, that isn’t a PDF issue, so that is off-topic. Diagnosing problems like that is hard to do through comments in a blog like this.

    I would first try printing to a different printer just to see if it is related to that one printer. The steps after that depend on the answer.

    You may be better of posting this in the Intuit Community Forums, where you would have a wide variety of people who would see the question…

  158. Bill R says:

    The R11 release seems to have solved this for my QB2009 installation.

  159. Dave Brown says:

    @ Pat | May 24, 2010 above’s posting was the fix for our system as well. It would appear that OneNote used the Nul printer port needed by the Quickbooks PDF printer (system running Win 7 Enterprise 64 Bit/Office 2010 Professional- 32 Bit). Thanks, Pat!

  160. Charlie says:

    Interesting, Dave – I notice that on my test system the OneNote driver isn’t installed (I don’t “print” to it so I never use it). Perhaps that is why I wasn’t running into trouble there.

    Big news – if you consider upgrading to QuickBooks 2011, ALL THIS GOES AWAY – as they finally have moved away from the Amyuni printer driver. See http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2010/09/quickbooks-2011-and-pdf-printing-finally-fixed/

  161. Barb says:

    I have Windows 7 64 bit and quickbooks 2010 I can’t email from quickbooks what can i do?

  162. Charlie says:

    Barb, you are probably better off asking that in the Intuit Community Forum so that you can get multiple people helping. Comments in a blog like this are a bit complicated to work out individual problems.

    You don’t give us anything to work on – what “revision” are you on, what method of emailing have you selected in your preferences, possibly what version of Office (if you are emailing with Outlook), and what happens when you try to email (just saying “can’t” doesn’t tell me much).

  163. Lisa says:

    It is so interesting to see all these updates that are available in QB 2011. I just think it is a shame us 2010 users had to be the test monkey for all the good in 2011. I am with another reader who says Intuit should consider these fixes and upgrades to our 2010 versions. It is raping us to expect us to pay for new versions every year……..what do the rest of you think?

  164. Charlie says:

    Lisa, I don’t know if they can easily port this change back into older versions. I don’t have access to that level of technical detail. Some kinds of changes can be easily moved to older versions, some kinds cannot. Since the PDF driver is used in many places, it wouldn’t surprise me if it is technically difficult to do.

    That doesn’t say that they CAN’T do it if they wanted to, but that it may take a lot of time for them to do it IF they decide to.

    I don’t see the old way as being an experiment (that is how I take your “test monkey” comment?). I see this as an admission that the licensed product that they were using in the past (Amyuni) just wasn’t the right approach, and finally they are moving on to something different rather than trying to keep on working on the old method, which was not successful.

    No comment on pricing of upgrades or their upgrade/support policy…

  165. Nicole says:

    I am having no luck printing using Quickbooks Pro 2006 once I installed it on my new machine that uses Windows 7. What do I do???

  166. Charlie says:

    Nicole, QB 2006 is not compatible with Windows 7. You may have a hard time with this. You may be able to get it to work if you use Windows XP Mode – see this article for more details: http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2009/10/quickbooks-and-windows-7/

  167. John says:

    I just upgraded from XP to a windows 7 machine and installed our copy of quickbooks Pro 2009. I cannot open our existing file, it says the my QB pro is only R7 and the file is R10 so I ran update many times and still no luck. I talked to QB and they told me I just have to buy 2010 or 2011 but that seems to always be their reply about any problem “give us more money”. Is there a known fix????

  168. Charlie says:

    John, they have to tell you that, because Intuit doesn’t officially support the 2009 product on Windows 7. So they can’t tell you about any fixes other than to update to a supported version on that operating system.

    The first thing I’d try would be to go to the Intuit support web site and locate the update, download the “manual” update file, run that. Rather than trying to use “automatic” or manual updates from within QuickBooks.

  169. Ryan says:

    I have quickbooks simple start 2010, it looks as if intuit has removed the DLL from thier website. I was wondering if there was another source for it?

  170. Diane Kanerva says:

    Hi, Charlie.

    I have QB2010 R7, was running fine on WindowsXP. Now I have a new computer with Windows 7. Works fine except I can’t save report to a PDF files, QB locks up.
    Spent more than 7 hours on the phonw with Intuit Help desk, they say problem is with “my computer”. This is the note they posted to my desktop:

    Unable to create a new local port.
    Steps to reproduce :
    1) Create new local port with name ( example, NUL:)
    2) Aftrer creating port close printer setup.
    3) Reopen Printer set up and view the ports list – the new port is no longer available.
    In attempt to fix added registry key :
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT created the DWORD-32 bit key
    Named the key EnabledProtocols and the key data equal 6.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Diane

  171. Charlie says:

    Diane, there isn’t a lot that I can do for you without having access to your system. And even then I can’t say if I would have a resolution. Sometimes things get out of whack in the registry – I would never leave a note for a user to start mucking around in the registry. Too easy to make problems worse.

    I can’t give specific advice in your case. Possibly a registry cleaning tool (I don’t have a recommendation, there are several out there but watch out for bogus products), possibly the steps I outline in “method 1” in my older article at http://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2008/10/solving-quickbooks-problems-on-64-bit-vista/. Another option that would PROBABLY fix this is an upgrade to QB 2011, but I hate to recommend that as there is a cost involved. QB 2011 uses a different driver, it should get around this problem (but again, no guarantees).

  172. Doug Sleeter says:

    This problem keeps coming back. It’s been more than a year, and we have all new hardware and new versions of QB, but the problem came back.

    Win 7 64bit, Installed QB Prem 2009 (R12) and 2010 (R10).

    As soon as we updated 2010 to R10, we stopped being able to send invoices. I assume reconcilation also doesn’t work, but haven’t tried it. Also tried launching 2009, and then updated it to R12. No difference.

    I went through the processes in your article above, but still have no success. There is a new driver (Amyuni Document Converter 400) so I tried that one too. Still getting the same error message when trying to email invoices.

    The printer icon wants to call itself “QuickBooks PDF Converer 2.0” so that’s a clue that it’s still somehow the old version. I tried the “Install.exe” in the QuickBooks folder, but it fails with “Error Code: 2” just after “Copying xmllite.dll file”.

  173. Charlie says:

    Doug, I don’t know if you are going to have an issue due to running QB 2009 on Windows 7 – if that is going to interfere. Since QB 2009 isn’t officially supported on Windows 7. I don’t have that kind of setup.

    In my Win 7 x64 system I have QB 2010 R10 and QB 2011 R3 installed, and I don’t have any problem with saving to PDF with QB 2010. Different situation than yours, but it makes me believe that there could be some other issue in your particular system. Hard to say.

    If you right click on the “QuickBooks PDF Converter 2.0” icon you may find that there is a list of multiple drivers there, and that the later converter is just hidden. You may have both there but it might not be obvious. They can both exist in one system.

    Ain’t it fun? I’m trying to find time to write a more comprehensive and up to date check list for PDF issues, but haven’t gotten to it yet. I was kind of waiting on some other blog issues that are kind of up in the air at this time…

  174. Recofa says:

    I’ve been struggling with the pdf and reconciliation issues with QB2010 and Windows 7 64-bit for quite some time. None of the Intuit solutions worked. I thank you for your assistance on this…your solution was quick, easy to follow, and immediately fixed the problem.

  175. LarryL says:

    The problem of QB making printers disappear has NOT been resolved in QB Pro 2011. I’m running it on a Windows 7 (64) machine which had been printing reports, checks, etc. just fine up until today. It just will NOT print W-2’s. Or, to be more accurate, it prints the first one, then stops after which all the installed printers have disappeared.

    I have had the disappearing printer problem in, at least, the past 2 releases and under both Vista and XP. Intuit seems incapable of solving the problem by adhereing to MS standards for printing. Instead they seem to think they are smarter than everyone else and can invent their own standards. It applies to way more than printing and it continues to get users in trouble. I think this is my last try with Intuit. I’ll start looking for another accounting system.

  176. Charlie says:

    LarryL, that issue is a tough one to pin down. I’llnote that on my Windows 7 x64 system with QuickBooks 2011, I’ve never had that problem. And none of my direct support clients do. I know that some people have the problem, but I’ve never had my hands on a system that exhibits it so I can’t comment on what is going on. Often in the past with similar kinds of things I’ve found issues with interactions with other software that combine to create issues, or (with x64 systems) system drivers that aren’t 64 bit. Hard to figure out.

  177. Jamez says:

    Just went through all known fixes to send e-mail invoices on a new Win 7 64 bit system (My old Win7 x64 laptop died and QB ’09 worked fine). Was about to use XP Mode but decided to give the uninstall/re-install a shot first. And that worked just great. I downloaded the full QB 2009 Pro R12 off the website so there was no upgrade to do. A wasted afternoon in terms of having to deal with this problem.

    The only reason I have 2009 is because Intuit dropped support of sending invoices with 2006… It’s like MS Word, how much crap can they add? I don’t need it to wipe for me… but at the same time they have to do something to keep the support people employed!

  178. Dan says:

    For me this problem started are the R10 update but Charlie’s fix corrected the PDF Converter issue.

    Now that R11 has been released, the problem reappears. I spent about 4 hours researching and applying various fixes/patches and nothing worked. FINALLY, I deleted QB and ALL Intuit folders and files, and reinstalled version R10 downloaded from Intuit. Even this did not fix the problem. Last resort is to call Intuit tech support and see what’s going on.

    QuickBooks Pro 2010
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
    Experienced QB user for 17 years.

  179. Ed S. says:

    After installing a new printer I was unable to print paychecks. This PDF Diagnostic Tool download from Intuit fixed the problem for me: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Articles/SLN40733
    (using QB2010 on 64 bit Windows 7)

  180. Rich Yang says:

    Wow, thank YOU so much for the details description PLUS the wonderful pictures step-to-step instruction, Charlie.

    You have no idea how much frustration and QB sudden death plus force closure you have saved me.

    Super Appreciated ^0^

  181. Theresa says:

    THANK YOU – after experimenting with a lot of other “Answers” to this problem, I followed your instructions of just updating to the latest revision and everything works.

  182. Jeff says:

    This just started happening to me on Windows 7 64 after updating to R19 today. Any ideas?

  183. Charlie says:

    R19? What QB product do you have?

  184. Jeff2 says:

    Same problem here. The same problem appears to have started back up after installing R19 on QB 2009 Pro.

  185. matt says:

    i’m running win7 64 bit with QB 2009 R13.

    I poked around with some of the suggestions here but couldn’t find the dll mentioned in the article and it seems that isn’t necessary after R11 anyways.

    what ultimately worked for me was simply deleting my OneNote printer.
    no compatibility mode.
    no run as administrator.

    sending an invoice as pdf – the email pops up right away – no delay. beautiful thing.

    • Charlie says:

      Matt, this article is a bit old now. The DLL is gone, it isn’t necessary as you mention.

      The OneNote issue is a problem for some people, not for others. It is a very odd situation.

      I need to get an updated article out, if I can find the time…

  186. Naomi says:


    We are running Win 7 64bit with QB 2010. We have one main computer with quickbooks running that cannot email PDF’s to Outlook. The 2nd computer which accesses quickbooks through the first on the network can print using this function. So one works and one does not. Can you advise?


    • Charlie says:

      Naomi, your email address is a UK address, so I assume you are using the UK version? I can’t say if any of the fixes I list here will work with the UK version or not, as it differs from the US version in many ways. Have you tried any of the fixes that we talked about here?

  187. Michael says:

    try the following. I had the same issue and it ended up being that QB was running in Compatibility Mode and it didnt need to be.


  188. Pablo Honey says:

    You may also find this article helpful:

  189. Jeannette says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! I have spent hours/days trying to fix this on my new computer.

    >Fortunately, Intuit discovered the problem and posted a temporary fix in Support Article 898690 .

    >The solution involves obtaining a DLL file (a program component file) from Intuit and installing it in the appropriate place. I can’t provide you with the DLL – you have to go to that support article and click on the download link.

    SOOOOOO easy. 🙂 🙂

  190. elan says:

    What link do you mean in step 8?

    8. Download the dll file from the link Intuit provides and place it in this folder

    • Charlie says:

      Elan, that DLL is no longer available. Intuit removed it when they released the more up-to-date versions, as it is no longer needed. The Intuit KB article has a different process to address this in the 2010 version of QB. The 2009 version is no longer supported by Intuit.

  191. Mickey Metcalf says:

    Had problem creating pdfs of invoices and estimates (all I use) into e-mail using Outlook in QB Pro 2011 running on Windows 7 x64 SP1 Pro. Easy fix once it was figured out: Go to shortcut (easiest way) from QB on Desktop Right click chose Properties click “Change setting for all users” and check “Run this program as an administrator” and Apply or OK. Worked fine from then on.

  192. Mel Hellman says:

    I have the 32 bit version of 2010. I had BitDefender in my computer as an anti-virus program and because of their lousy customer service I received the removal key and did it. But before that I was able to print any of my reports in QuickBooks, and now I hit print and it does nothing. Would love to know the fix for this is putting into Xcell files for emailing is a lot more work than printing it and putting a package together for my accountant.

    • Charlie says:

      Mel, it isn’t clear if you are just talking about printing in general, or something to do with PDF drivers (which is what this article is about). If you just can’t print at all, there are a few things that you can try. First would be to do a “repair” of your QuickBooks installation, as something may have been lost or removed when you removed BitDefender.

  193. Robert M. Bade says:

    Can’t see where I am to download the file QBWPR32.dll. Help

    Cleburne, Texas near Ft. Worth

    Running on Windows 98