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Problem: Can’t Start QuickBooks 2008

Some users of QuickBooks 2008 (and Enterprise 8.0) have been reporting that all of a sudden they cannot start QuickBooks – usually the next time they start after getting an automatic Windows Update from Microsoft. Typically what you see is that the QuickBooks “splash screen” shows for a moment, but the program doesn’t start. In some cases you may get an error message that says the Web Connector has failed to initialize.

Intuit is saying that this is due to some damage to the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, and are implying (but not clearly stating) that the Windows Update from Microsoft has caused this problem.

You can see Intuit’s description of the problem, and the remedy, at knowledge base article 1009275.

I know that my own systems (Vista and XP) all went through a fairly big set of updates over the past few days, including having to reboot the system (which doesn’t happen often with Microsoft Updates these days), so there is some credence to Intuit’s theory. I’ve not seen this problem on our systems BUT that doesn’t necessarily mean anything – the problem doesn’t happen to everyone, and every computer tends to be different when it comes to these things.

This is limited to the 2008 US editions (and probably the Canadian 2008 single currency edition) because those are the first ones that are based on the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (older versions use the 1.1 version), which is where the problem lies.

If you have Windows XP you can uninstall the .NET Framework 2.0, and then reinstall it (you need it to run QuickBooks, and possibly other programs).

If you have Vista it is a bit tougher, because the .NET Framework 2.0 is built in to Vista. You have to use a more complicated repair using a tool that is build into Vista (as described in this Microsoft article).

IF YOU AREN’T SEEING THIS PROBLEM then there isn’t anything that you need to do. IF YOU AREN’T SURE HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS then let us know – we can either discuss it further in this blog if you post a comment, or we can work with you directly (but we would have to charge for direct support). If you have a local computer expert, show them the Intuit article, they should be able to handle things for you.

Post a comment here if you have seen the problem, and how the fix worked!

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  • Hello: This problem is happening to me and my QB 2007 Professional Services Premier software. I can trace each QB problem to a just-prior Windows automatic update to my Vista Home version operating system. For months, my QB worked just fine, but then a series of Windows Updates occured, and mysteriously, now QB can not open one (just one, not all) of my QB company files. I have spent days on the phone with various QB Tech staffers, as well as the QB Data Services techies. Result: Zero assistance! They are clueless. The last QB techie told me to upgrade to QB 2008, because “your 2007 version is not compatible with Vista”. But upon reading the lead message (and other similar ones) it seems that it is especially QB 2008 that is susceptible to the Windows Update menace! I want some help. I even pay for QB support, but QB is unable to help. I would spend big money to find a fix. All I want (need) is to access my one suddenly unopenable QB company file. Is there no one on this planet who can solve the riddle of how to keep my QB running in the face of the relentless Windows update attacks?

  • Vista compatibility issues are really complicated, because there are so many variables involved. It’s hard to work these out remotely, even harder through a forum or a blog. My article here related to QB 2008 – most likely that isn’t the same issue with your QB 2007 because it uses a different feature than 2008.

    2007 is compatible with Vista, but it has some issues.

    It is really odd that one file can be opened and not the others – that makes me think that there is a problem with that file itself and not the programs. But the normal way to fix problems in a file only work if you can actually open that file.

    You can always try getting a trial copy of QB 2008 and installing it, and seeing if that resolves the problem. If not, you still have your 2007 version. Or, you can try contracting with a ProAdvisor, but there is a huge variation of abilities there. Where are you located?

  • I have a Quickbooks 2008 version that I need to install in a new Windows 7 machine. Are there any suggestions about a compatibility fix?

  • Please help. I can not open my QkBk2008 file. I have to do my taxes for the year. I am a one person shop and can not afford to buy there update for $300.00.

    • Ruth, it is hard to give you an answer without more info. What happens when you try to open your company file? Is your copy of QB up to date, with the latest revision for 2008? Is it the US edition? What operating system are you running?

  • I have quickbook 2006 , I just reformat my hard, & reinstaii my quickbook, after installtion is done, when I click on desktop Icon start to loading quickbook but it dosn’t open, if u have solution please let me know. thanks to all.

  • When i click on the QB icon, i get an error that reads c:\ProgramData\CommonFiles\Intuit\QuickBooks\qbregistration.dat Then it wont load. I tried to do a system restore (Vista user) and it didn’t fix the issue. It would only let me go back 16 days and when it came back up, it said system restore failed. What gives? Thanks!

  • I use the Quickbooks 2008 Simple Start version. I have just purchased a laptop and wanted to use the QB2008 Simple Start on it. I have it copied to a flash drive, but cannot open it. I am not sure on what to do next and whatever information you have would be helpful. Thank you

  • Linda, you can’t run the program from a removeable drive, so if you have put the program THERE, you need to move it to the hard drive and install it on that.

  • Had a new hard drive installed. When I Installed QB 2008 and tried to run, I got a message that QB needs Microsoft IE 6 or higher. I have the latest version of IE. I cannot get past this window, QB won’t open. Is there a fix?

    • Paul, I’d have to have hands on your system to be able to figure that out. QB is just not recognizing that you have IE installed. Sounds like a registry problem, where QB can’t detect IE exists.

  • Hello sir,
    i have a big problem with quick book 2008 installation. After proceed it’s asking about net.framework 8.0 i do trying to download this setup from internet or Google. But, i couldn’t Fined it in Google And Different Website too.

    So, Kindly sir, if u have any solution send it me back in my email address which i mentioned in your leave a reply.