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QuickBooks Groups for Custom Manufacturers

| June 25, 2008 | 21 Comments

Most QuickBooks users think of Group and Inventory Assembly items as an “either-or” decision – use one or the other. There are times, however, when we can mix the two items to solve problems in QuickBooks. This is particularly useful for custom manufacturers – businesses that produce custom variations of their finished product for each […]

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Groups vs Assemblies in QuickBooks

| June 20, 2008 | 87 Comments

QuickBooks provides two item “types” that can have a list of component items – an Inventory Assembly and a Group. How do they differ, and when is it best to use one instead of the other? Today I’ll list the features of each and how you can use them.

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Voiding Invoices in QuickBooks

| June 10, 2008 | 30 Comments

Everyone has to void an invoice upon occasion, and QuickBooks makes it fairly simple. The annoying part is that big “PAID” stamp that QuickBooks pastes across the invoice when you void it. Today I’ll pass on a few tips on how to make this look a bit cleaner.

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