FAQ:Delete A QuickBooks Company

To delete a QuickBooks Company file you no longer need (make sure you do NOT need it, because you can’t get it back):

  • Select File then Open or Restore Company.
  • Select Open a company file.
  • In the “file open” window, right click on the company QBW file, then select “delete”. Then cancel the “open”.

The company will still show on the “recently used” list, but  you can’t open it. To get rid of it from the list:

  • Open any other company file. Select File then Open Previous Company
  • At the bottom of the list select “set number of previous companies”.
  • Set the number to “1” and click “OK”. That clears the list.
  • You can go back and set the number to 10 or 20 if you wish, so you can keep a list of company files, but the list has been cleared.
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  • Hi I have tried to delete a company as instructed above. However, ‘set number of companies’ is grey and cannot be selected. Do the instructions apply to qb pro2006?

  • Hello,
    I want to delete a current company with all its files and the set it up again like a new company but using the same name. Can I reuse the same company name?

  • I just deleted a compnoany I was no longer using. I had 4 companies, instead of choosing show 3 in previously viewed, I entered 1. I cannot find 2 missing companies now. Help! Thank you.

    • If you delete them from the list of recently used companies, the file still exists in the original location. You just have to find it and open it.

      If you deleted the actual QBW file itself, then it is gone unless you have a backup copy somewhere.

  • Thank you for your instructions. Simple and it worked. You’d think Quickbooks would include a way to delete a company in the program. Oh well, gone, and again, thank you!

  • I want to delete 1 Company from a list of 4 companies whereas what you are suggesting seems to be deleting all except 1. How do I just delete the one. I have deleted it from the files – I just cant get the name of the list.
    I am using 2010 by the way which has no Edit List facility.

  • I deleted all transaction from a file company and I want to opening checking and saving bank account. How can I do?

  • Hello,
    I am recently taking over the “books” that a small Lawn service company has used. It is really really done incorrectly. I do have bank statements and invoices for the past 3 years. Can I put this account on some kind of freeze and open a second company on my account? I really would like to keep the information from the account I am wanting to delete but want to start fresh with the bank balances and bank rec.

  • I am using QuickBooks Online for a college course and I am in the textbook on page 90 where it says to put in a balance for the accounts in Chart of Accounts. It does not give me an option to edit the balance, all it says is $0.00. Please help, I feel like I wasted my money…

    • Is this a textbook for QuickBooks Online, or QuickBooks desktop? Most college texts I’ve seen are for the desktop product, which is very different. And, what version of QuickBooks Online do you have? There are differences between the various versions. Also, is this a NEW account in the Chart of Accounts? You can’t edit existing ones, you can only add the balance in a new account you are creating. And, what type of account is this? Some account types don’t have a “balance” that you can add. Then, finally, there is a bug in QuickBooks Online today (could be fixed soon, you might not see it) where if you “add” an account, then “edit” another account, and go back to “add” another account, you can’t add a new one, instead it acts as if you are editing an existing account.

  • does this work for QB Desktop Pro 2018? I am a new user and in setting up the company something went wrong and I have the same company twice. I want to delete them both and start over from the beginning.

  • Hi,

    I noticed that a new company was set up in an existing QB company file (they each have different name and tax ID numbers). So, unfortunately the two companies are being tracked as one accounting. How can I remove the data from one, and set it up correctly, as it’s own entity in its own company file.