FAQ:Rebuild QuickBooks Data Without Backing Up

On occasion you may find that you need to run the Rebuild Datafunction of QuickBooks (File / Utitlities/Rebuild Data) to correct a problem. This straightens out a number of odd problems that can occur over time. The first thing that QuickBooks will do is to have you make a backup, which is a good thing.

Unfortunately, sometimes the backup procedure will fail due to an error in the data (which is probably why you were doing the rebuild in the first place). What can you do?

First, make a physical backup of your company file – the QBW file. Put it in a safe place.

Next, when you select the File/Utilities/Rebuild Data command, hold the control key downwhen you click on that menu option. QuickBooks will then skip the backup step, and proceed on to the rebuild.

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  • I love you Charlie for your insite and help to Quickbooks users!!! I have recently after the payroll update 21011 had the message Problem can’t back up the data, Solution Rebuild. Did it twice. Worked after that. However, most recently I had a run time error visual C++ Redistributable with a reference to Quickbooks qb the exe file. It was I believe a R6205 error. I posted it on the community site for quickbooks. I was editing an Estimate when it occurred. I found something wherein if you had in an Item Description an apostrophe ‘ or an open bracked [ or a double quote “, which we did contractor business 4′ x 4’ – so I eliminated that and we will see. Funny I had no problems with QB for about 4 years until the new software, new pc…hope they work together (the software) soon!!!!

    Again, thanks for being there for us. Faye

  • We are experiencing a problem with our payroll 2011/2012 ,the tax amounts were not calculating correctly so we run a rebuild and now YTD figures are not on payslips.
    Do you have any solutions please

  • Sorry, Carol, you must be using the Australian version, and I don’t have any connections with Reckon (the people who distribute QB down your way). They make their own changes to the product, so they have a unique version.

  • I was really worried when this error came up. I never thought about the physical backup. Had to shut QB down to do so, started it back up, and the backup ran fine; no error – no need to run the rebuild data at this time either.

    Thanks for the tip!