FAQ:Resorting the QuickBooks Vendor and Other Name List

There are times when you need to “re-sort” lists in QuickBooks.  Sometimes this helps get around errors that occur when you are converting from an older version of QuickBooks. You might also be having problems in finding items in a dropdown box even though you can see it in the item list. I often see odd problems go away just by sorting a list.

QuickBooks doesn’t have a consistent way of finding the re-sort list function for different lists. For the item  list, you click the Item button at the bottom of the list. For the customer list you can right click on the list and the menu shows the option. But what about the other name, vendor and employee lists? Re-sort doesn’t show if you right click on the list, and there is no option in a button at the bottom.

Here is the trick – open the write checks window, click on the pay to the order of field, and press ctrl-L. This will open a window titled Name List, which will show you the customers, vendors, employees and other names. Click on the Name button at the bottom of the list, and you will find the option to re-sort list.

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  • Is there a way to re-sort the list in Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand Activity? Mine used to be in item # order but is now all mixed up which makes it difficult to adjust inventory as needed. Thank You!

  • Roberta, you can sort the item list itself, and that may have an effect in that window. BUT, you don’t have total control over that window. Note that it will sort automatically be “type” first, so the inventory parts are separate from the inventory assemblies.

    This screen is one of the most painful to use in QuickBooks. No searching ability, no control. I’m writing a utility program that will replace this and that should be much easier to use. See http://www.ccrsoftware.com/ccrqinventory/ccrqinventory.htm