FAQ:How Do I Get Those QuickBooks Warnings Back?

QuickBooks has a large number of warning messages that pop up when you do certain operations. You can check a box that will prevent the message from showing again. There are times, though, when you accidentally “turn off” one of these messages when you don’t want to. How do you get them back?

These are called “one time messages”.  Click Edit in the main menu, then Preferences.  Select General preferences and the My Preferences tab. In the upper right is a box titled “Bring back all one time messages”. Put a check in that and click “OK”. That brings back all of these messages. There isn’t a way to turn an individual message back on.

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  • I read the response as to how to turn back on one time messages. I understand that the check box doesn’t stay checked for “Bring back all one time messages” but it also doesn’t turn the messages back on. I want the pop up that enters a journal entry for me when I need to void a check from a prior period.


    • The “one time messages” are those that have a check box on them that say something like “always do this”. You check that box, it will remember what your answer was, and always do that without asking.

      The message that you are referring to is NOT a “one time message”, it doesn’t have a box that lets you turn it off, so the feature I’m talking about here doesn’t apply.

      Note that the message you are talking about will only show up if the check is from a prior accounting period, AND it only has “expenses”. If you have any “items” then it won’t let you choose to do a journal entry.