FAQ:QuickBooks Won’t Export to Excel

Sometimes you will find that QuickBooks won’t let you export information to Excel – it won’t recognize that you have Excel installed. The usual resolution to this is to do a “repair” of the installation of Microsoft Office. This will re-register all the registry keys with Windows, and generally that lets QuickBooks recognize that Excel exists.

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  • Charlie,

    I have QB 2008 and run on Vista-64. I was having problems with my system freezing up while trying to run reports or reconciling until I read your earlier blogs. Your help is greatly appreciated. I am now having problems excel not responding when trying to save my exported report. I can see my updates to my existing workbook, therefore thinking the export worked correctly. I’m able to adjust the layout of the report, make corrected entries, etc. but when I try to save the file the system freezes up completely. Any suggestion? Thank you!

  • While running Quickbooks Premier 2008, the option of exporting to Excel 2003 is unavailable. Have tried the solution of repairing Excel with no result. Frustrating as sometimes exporting is possible, and other times not, with no noticable change in action. Any other suggestions?