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FAQ:Why Can’t I Enter A Value in the QuickBooks “Project” Field?

When editing an invoice (etc.) template in QuickBooks you will see a project field, but you cannot add it to the screen. A common question is “why not?” – as people would like to use that field. 

In QuickBooks, the that isn’t a separate field that you can enter directly. The project field is the job name from the job you are billing.

 In the customer center, when you add a customer, you have the option of adding a customer or a job. The job is attached to a customer.

When you select a customer from the dropdown list when adding an invoice, if there are jobs attached to customers you will see the customer name followed by the job name, separated by a colon. For example, if you have customer “Vanelec” and a job for Vanelec named “Bldg”, in the drop down list you will see both “Vanelec” and “Vanelec:Bldg”.

When you add the “project” box to the printed form, it will be blank if you select “Vanelec”, it will have “Bldg” if you select “Vanelect:Bldg”. You can’t override it.

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  • That explains that – thank you.
    The problem I have is:-

    On up-grading from Quickbooks 2006 to 2015, all the (old) existing Project data has dissapeared – on some sites thats dozens and dozens of Projects. Do you know how to get that data back.

    I suppose what I am asking is,is there a data field that will pick up the old Project data and display it, or was that one data field that is irrevocably lost when you upgrade.

    • John, I assume you are using the UK version of QuickBooks? Unfortunately, I can’t really answer anything about that conversion, as I’ve never had access to that old of a version of the UK product. I know that the database back then was different than the US version that I used. I don’t know if this is a result of that change.

  • Thank-you so much. I’ve been troubled with the same problem, and this finally has cleared this up.