FAQ:Why Won’t OTHER 1 or OTHER 2 Show In QuickBooks Reports?

When you customize an invoice template you can add a variety of columns to the detail section. Two columns that are available are the “other 1” and “other 2” columns. You can add these easily, and then enter data in them when you create an invoice. However, if you do, you cannot see the data in reports that otherwise can show data from the invoice (such as the Sales by Customer Detail).

It is better to use a custom field to add columns when possible. These fields ARE available for many reports. See this article for information on custom fields: https://qbblog.ccrsoftware.info/2008/07/custom-fields-in-quickbooks/

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  • Hi- I was wondering if an outside program or report write can interface with QB data to pull these fields and the “Service Date” information, which is also not reportable.

    I have a substantial amount of historical data in “Service Date” and do not want to lose it.

    Thank you,

    • Sure, these fields are available in the programming interface (the SDK, I don’t think they are in the IPP interface). You could use a reporting tool like QQube, or XpandedReports (check to see if they have those fields – they should). Or you can use the QODBC driver to get the info into Excel or Access.