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QuickBooks 2016 Discontinuation Scheduled

| January 1, 2019 | 0 Comments

As is their policy, Intuit has announced that they are discontinuing an older version of QuickBooks. If you are using QuickBooks 2016 (Windows and Mac) then you won’t be able to use certain services and features after May 31, 2019.  Let’s see what the impact will be on your business. For details beyond what I provide here see […]

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QuickBooks 2011 Quick Startup and Multiple Instances

| September 20, 2010

Two significant changes in QuickBooks 2011 are the Quick Startup feature (which improves the startup speed for QuickBooks) and the Multiple Instances feature (allowing two company files to be open at the same time). I’m recommending that you be cautious with these features until you understand the impact they will have on your use of […]

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QuickBooks 2010 R6 Update – 64 Bit QuickBooks PDF Fix and More!

| April 20, 2010 | 49 Comments

At long last Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2010 R6 update to Manual update. This update has a long list of fixes, many that have been VERY anxiously awaited. I’ll review the major changes as I see them (there are more than I list here). Automatic update usually follows a few days later.

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Multiple Invoice Number Sequence in QuickBooks

| December 17, 2008

QuickBooks will automatically generate the next sequential invoice number when you are creating invoices. In some cases, though, you may want to have more than one sequence of numbers. Perhaps you have two divisions of your company, each with its own invoice numbering. Or you want to track classes of sales – with one sequence […]

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New Features in QuickBooks 2009

| September 29, 2008 | 20 Comments

Intuit has started shipping QuickBooks 2009 today, and there are many new features. Today I’ll briefly describe some of the features that I feel are very important. An in-depth treatment of some of these features will be coming soon. Multi-Currency Support Support for Larger Numbers Company Snapshot Multi-User Enhancements

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Currency Symbols and QuickBooks

| April 8, 2008 | 62 Comments

The US editions of QuickBooks prior to the 2009 release don’t provide support for multiple currencies. One common question I see from non-US businesses using these versions is “How do we change the currency symbol on my invoices?”. Today I’ll give you a few pointers on how to handle this. I will not be talking […]

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